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Bellingham Focus February 2011

Bellingham Focus February 2011

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Published by Rob Blackie
Bellingham Focus for February 2011, featuring Jenni Steele
Bellingham Focus for February 2011, featuring Jenni Steele

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Published by: Rob Blackie on Feb 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bellingham campaigner Jenni Steele hasfound out the hard way how difficult itcan be to make a difference locally. As amum of three teenagers, she’s worriedabout safety of children, but found allsorts of barriers when trying to getsomething done. “Getting people tolisten was easy; getting them to dosomething was the hard part.” says Jenni,“so I decided to do it myself.”Bringing local people together to workfor safer streets was the first step, butstanding for election to the council as aLib Dem candidate last May helped raiseher profile and rally support: “Peoplereally responded to this issue on thedoorstep, and it helped focus my work.”After the elections, Jenni became thechair of the police’s SaferNeighbourhoods Panel for Bellinghamward, where she has started to pushalong real changes. “It’s one street at atime stuff, but it’s happening!”Although safety is a big priority for Jenni,she’s involved in other local projects -from working with young children andtackling anti-social behaviour, through todeveloping the skills of mothers goingback work - and has raised thousands of pounds to support these schemes.There’s always more to do though, andshe’s glad that her chosen party, the LibDems, are still committed to improvingwhat the council does for Bellinghamafter 40 years of Labour failure. Buthasn’t it been a bad year for her party?“You don’t start supporting anotherfootball team just because it’s had a fewbad matches or an unpopular manager -you stick with them thick or thin becauseits your team,” comments Jenni.“Politics is the same - its your teambecause you share the same goals - andyou keep working together to get there,even if the games get more challenging!”“I’m sticking with them because they’vegot the right ideas and the right peopleto help fix some of our problems locally,and they’re doing their best as part of thegovernment in a difficult period. Andthere’s good stuff: finding extra moneyfor schools even while the governmenthas to make savings.“It’s easy to forget that it’s going to taketime to sort out the what Labour leftbehind: huge debts and poor publicservices. The Lib Dems were right lastMay to challenge Labour about thesethings and they’re still right now.”
Bellingham ward
February 2011
Cons & Green
 L i b  D e m s
How you voted in Bellingham ward in May last year...
... the Lib Dems arenow best placed totake on Labour here...
... and in theTown Hall, it’sthe Lib Dems whoarechallenginLabour to deliver better servicesfor you.
 Jenni: changing the world onestreet at a time
Extra funding forschools in Bellingham
   S  e  e  o  v  e  r   l  e  a   f   f  o  r  m  o  r  e
Bellingham campaigner Jenni Steele

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