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King James Bible Defense

King James Bible Defense

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Published by jimrex66
This reference guide is formatted for easy online reading. A great source of information regarding textual criticism and support for the Authorized Version as the words of God in English, the text being Holy Scripture itself.

"king james bible" av1611 ruckman bible onlyism debate
This reference guide is formatted for easy online reading. A great source of information regarding textual criticism and support for the Authorized Version as the words of God in English, the text being Holy Scripture itself.

"king james bible" av1611 ruckman bible onlyism debate

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Published by: jimrex66 on Feb 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The AV Defense BookletPage 1
Contemporary scholars assure us that modern ver-sions of the Bible are far superior to the old KingJames Version of 1611. The main reason advanced bythese scholars for this modern superiority is that to-day’s translations have older and
morereliable sources at their disposal upon which to basetheir work. We are also assured that today’s scholarshave greatly benefited Bible students by cutting outor altering many of the familiar readings in the olderwork (AV1611) that are now deemed spurious. Are the modern bible translations, based on more an-cient and
more reliable sources, reallyauthentic bibles? If they are really so superior, whyhave
of them succeeded in even arresting thenation’s spiritual decline, let alone bless it with re-vival, in the way that the Old Book authorized byKing James has done time and again (see pp. 27-29)?Why is it that none of them are memorable in theway the Old Translation is? What words and phrasesfrom any modern bible translation have actuallypassed into common household usage like those fromthe Old King James Version (see pp. 31-32)? Could itbe that the scholars aren’t telling the truth? Could itbe that they have been deceived by the Devil intopassing off rubbish as the genuine article so that itwould cause whole generations to fall into apostasy?The aim of this booklet is to exhort each and everyreader to unreservedly get back to believing the OldBook (AV1611) from cover to cover and by it to getright with its Author, while there is still time.“Give glory to the LORD your God, before he causedarkness, and before your feet stumble upon the darkmountains and, while ye look for light, he turn it intothe shadow of death, and make it gross darkness.”Jer. 13:16
The AV Defense BookletPage 2
The night is fast approaching, the darkness is gath-ering, the cold wind from the desert wilderness is al-ready buffeting our faces with the bitter chill of thelast days. The hour is late, the need is so great and itis time for you Christian, to shine.
Rule #1: It is always to be remembered that the Bibleis a
book (Jn. 6:63b) which God exerted su-pernatural force to conceive, and it is reasonable toassume that He could exert that same supernaturalforce to preserve.
God’s WRITTEN words are “more sure” thanHis speaking from heaven; verbal statementsare not binding, they cannot be proven likewritten words; 2 Pet. 1:16-21
The writers of Scripture did not write undertheir own power but “holy men of God spake asthey were moved by the Holy Ghost”; the Bibleis not simply a collection of theories and opin-ions but rather inspired by God Himself; 2 Pet.1:21; 2 Tim. 3:16
To inspire the words written on the originalautographs perfect and then lose them overtime would have made their inspirationmeaningless – God promised to preserve Hiswords forever; Ps. 12:6,7
Is God capable of preserving His wordsperfectly?; Jer. 32:17,27
Where are the words which Jesus Christ Him-self spoke of in Matthew 24:35?
Have those precious and perfect words fromthe pens of Moses, David, Isaiah, Daniel, Mat-thew, Paul and others been lost? Have theybeen replaced by words not as pure, not as per-fect, not as reliable?
 Are we to believe that a God who could over-come man’s sinful nature in inspiring the Biblecould not overcome that same nature in pre-serving it?
The AV Defense BookletPage 3
Rule #2: Satan desires to be worshipped. He has theability to counterfeit God’s actions and definitely willbe involved actively in attempting to destroy God’sword and/or our confidence in that word while seek-ing to replace it with his own “version.”
In order to be worshipped as God (Is. 14:14;Matt. 4:8,9), Satan must imitate God (2 Cor.4:4; 11:14); Satan is the great counterfeiter
Satan has his own apostles; 2 Cor.11:13-15
Satan has his own prophets; 2 Pet. 2:1
Satan has his own messiah (Antichrist);Jn. 5:43
Satan has his own trinity; Rev. 13
Satan has his own bride; Rev. 17
Satan has his own ‘bibles’; 2 Cor. 2:17;4:2
Satan has tried to corrupt and counterfeitevery work of God; it is naïve to believe that hewould leave the Bible alone
“The Bible is God’s word, and when I see it, I seem tohear a voice saying, ‘I am the Book of God, man, readme; I am God’s writing: open my leaves, for I was penned by God’… I plead with you, I beg of you, re- spect your Bibles, and search them out. Go home andread your Bibles… O Book of books! And wast thouwritten by my God? Then I will bow before thee, thou Book of vast authority! For He has written this Book Himself… let us love it, let us count it more preciousthan fine gold!” Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Many Christians now believe that the popular, mod-ern ‘bible’ translations are superior to the Authorized Version (also known as the King James Version), be-cause they are based on a
superior Greektext. This belief no doubt stems in large part from theviews expressed in the Prefaces of the moderntranslations where sweeping allusions to “the bestGreek text” or “the best available Greek text” or “theearliest and best manuscripts” may be found. In fact,

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