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101 Quotes from Earn1K Students

101 Quotes from Earn1K Students

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Published by ramitsethi

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Published by: ramitsethi on Feb 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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101 Q
1K s
The Best Course I Have Ever Taken
"I have 15 years o sales experience and have taken all the courses, gone toall the conerences. Earn1k is the best course I have ever taken...even betterthan my college business classes.”—Chris H.
By The Third Client I Got My Price Up To $1,000 Per Site
"I joined Earn1k as a means o reelancing as a web designer. By the thirdclient I got my price up to $1k per site. I am never araid o losing my job,because at the end o the day I know my side business is always a sourceo income."—Steven C.
Just Signed With A Client for $8,000
"Prior to Earn1K I was at a loss about the best way to get new clients...more importantly how to get RELIABLE clients. I just signed with a clientor $8,000. From a personal perspective I would say that Earn1K is a smallpersonal investment in unlimited earning potential. It gives a no-bullshit pro-gram rom planning to deployment that applies to virtually any business."—Hilary G.
Amazing Psychological Tactics
"The psychology in this course is o the chain. Ramit, you are helping me tellmysel I am capable -- and helping me visualize who I can be. As I write downmy aspirations, my mind internalizes and starts to believe that I am who I wishto be 6 months rom now. That's your magic, Ramit."—Sheena A.
My students get real results and can’t wait to share them with me. Here’s what theysaid about their Earn1K experience.
“I’ve already sealed the deal with 1 clients or3 months o service at $1800!
Not bad.”—Maryann M.2) Alicia K.Marketing consultant...
Total earned since joining Earn1K: $66,000
3) “I’ve tried to startup so many things withoutand clear way how to get my customers. Aterreading other sites and books with no luck.
Iwas scared to sign up or another course. ButI tried one technique (the briecase technique)and it worked or me. It was a technique I eltcomortable doing and I want more o it so Iknew that this was the course or me.
—Nasreen I.4)
Long story short we walked away with himpaying me $800
 to do a break-even analysison his business (something he’s never thoughtabout doing) and get Google Analytics up andrunning on his e-commerence site.
Not bad oris basically 2-3 hour o my time.
One there isa couple months o data or the analytics I planon coming back with some analysis on his tracand suggestions or improving his conversionrate.”
—Zan T.
“I have just got two more blocks o work or April, totaling €3,000
and we are just at thestart o the month.”—William6) “I you have made / saved enough rom Ramit’sree material to pay or the class, you should buyit b/c you already know you will get the value.
I  you haven’t made / saved enough money romRamit’s ree material to pay or the class, walkaway b/c you are an idiot.”
 —David A.7) “The value o this course is going to be higherthan the price I paid. Otherwise, I’d keep mymoney.”—Alexey B.8) Randall B.Sotware test automation...
Total earned since joining Earn1K: $20,000
“I got my rst reelance gig immediately aterI nished lesson 2!
Earn 1K has given me thecondence to dive in and get started. I had donea lot o planning already so lessons 1 & 2 helpedme clearly dene what I wanted to do - and mostimportantly I got it on paper.
I’m actually on my way to my $1,000 in the next 6 months!”
 —Ashley W.
101 Q
1K s
“No one teaches you how to run yourbusiness as eectively and in as targeted away as this.
“In the last 4 weeks I’ve closed 3 deals worth$6,685- and these are projects I’m doing onthe side.
I do web development, mainly usingWordPress and again, I do this on the side. Iused one technique that I read about”.—Jason V.12) “Since you graduated college, you’ve workeda string o jobs that have gotten you nowhere.Screw the job market—you have skills way morevaluable than using a cash register or makingpizzas. Use the skills you already have to earnmoney on side. You’ll be working or yoursel and you’ll have way higher job satisaction.***It’s not an impossible dream*** There is a wayto earn money with out sacricing your sel-respect.
Earn 1k isn’t a scammy SEO, it’s yourticket out o shitty-job-hell.”
 —Johanna S.13) Lori C.Wedding and portrait photography
Total earned since joining Earn1K: $20,000
“For the past 6 months, I’ve been earning$500-$1000 a month rom my photography business, thanks to your kick in the ass to getit started.
It’s kind o amazing how little workwas required to get to where I am today.”— Thomas15)
“I no longer see earning more as somethingonly other people can do.
I had hesitationsbeore joining, I wondered i it would be a cheesycourse, but the quality o the sample materialand blog in general was enough that I waswilling to try it… When my client asked me howmuch I charge per hour and or a specic projectI ALMOST said, “Oh no, I’ll do it or ree, youdon’t have to pay me...” and instead I blurted out$100/hour and she said great. I almost arguedagainst being paid because I didn’t believethat my skill could be worth money until I gotslapped in the ace with the opportunity. I wasreally lucky that this person assumed I wouldcharge but i I hadn’t taken the class, I probablywould have argued her back to zero. And no,the client wasn’t my mother or related to me.– MP16) “Why wouldn’t you want to learn how to marketyour skills. Not just because you want moremoney, but knowing that you have somethingthat you can share with others and make therelives more enjoyable.”—Lee A.17)
“I just signed with a client or $8k.
From apersonal perspective I would say that Earn1K isa small personal investment in unlimited earningpotential. It gives a no bullshit program romplanning to deployment that applies to virtuallyany business.”— Hilary G.18)
“The rst two lessons were so basic, butabsolutely essential or me.
Unlike many otherpeople in the course, I had no idea what marketI wanted to approach or what skills I would evenuse.”— Eugene Y.

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