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Midnight Sun Chapter 12 Complete My Take on chapter 12 Hope you enjoy.

Midnight Sun Chapter 12 Complete My Take on chapter 12 Hope you enjoy.

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The finished 12 of Midnight Sun will start writing chapter 13 soon
The finished 12 of Midnight Sun will start writing chapter 13 soon

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Sean Phillip Alexander Harrison on Feb 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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12. Complications
Bella and I walked silently to biology.I was trying to focus myself on the moment, on the girl beside me, on what was real andsolid, on anything that would keep Alice's deceitful, meaningless visions out of my Head.We passed Angela Weber, lingering on the sidewalk, discussing an assignment with a boyfrom her Trigonometry class.I scanned her thoughts perfunctorily, expecting more disappointment, only to be surprisedby their wistful tenor.Ah, so there was something Angela wanted. Unfortunately, it wasn't something that couldbe easily gift wrapped.I felt strangely comforted for a moment, hearing Angela's hopeless yearning.A sense of kinship that Angela would never know about passed through me, and I was, inthat second, at one with the kind human girl.It was oddly consoling to know that I wasn't the only one living out a tragic love story.Heartbreak was- everywhere.In the next second, I was abruptly and thoroughly irritated.Because Angela's story, didn't have to be tragic.She was human and he was human and the difference that seemed so insurmountable inher head was ridiculous, truly ridiculous compared to my own situation.There was no point in her broken heart.What a wasteful sadness, when there was no valid reason for her not to be with the one shewanted. Why shouldn't she have what she wanted?Why shouldn't this one story have a happy ending?I wanted to give her a gift... Well, I would give her what she wanted. Knowing what I did of human nature, it probably wouldn't even be very difficult.I sifted through the consciousness of the boy beside her, the object of her affections, andhe did not seem unwilling, he was just stymied by the same difficulty she was.Hopeless and resigned, the way she was.All I would have to do was plant the suggestion...
The plan formed easily, the script wrote itself without effort on my part.I would need Emmett's help getting him to go along with this was the only real difficulty.Human nature was so much easier to manipulate than vampire nature. I was pleased withmy solution,With my gift for Angela. It was a nice diversion from my own problems. Would that minewere as easily fixed.My mood was slightly improved as Bella and I took our seats.Maybe I should be more positive.Maybe there was some solution out there for us that were escaping me, the way Angela'sobvious solution was so invisible to her.Not likely... But why waste time with hopelessness? I didn't have time to waste when itcame to Bella. Each second mattered.Mr. Banner entered pulling an ancient TV and VCR. He was skipping through a section hewasn't particularly interested in-genetic disorders-by showing a movie for the next threedays.Lorenzo's Oilwas not a very cheerful piece, but that didn't stop the excitement in the room.No notes, no test-able material. Three free days. The humans exulted.It didn't matter to me, either way. I hadn't been planning on paying any attention toanything but Bella.I did not pull my chair away from hers today, to give myself space to breathe.Instead, I sat close beside her like any normal human would. Closer than we sat inside mycar, close enough that the left side of my body felt submerged in the heat from her skin.It was a strange experience, both enjoyable and nerve-racking, but I preferred this to sittingacross the table from her. It was more than I was used to, and yet I quickly realized that itwas not enough.I was not satisfied. Being this close to her only made me want to be closer still. The pull wasstronger the closer I got.I had accused her of being a magnet for danger. Right now, it felt like that was the literaltruth. I was danger, and, with every inch I allowed myself nearer to her, her attraction grewin force.And then Mr. Banner turned the lights out.
It was odd how much of a difference this made, considering that the lack of light meant littleto my eyes.I could still see just as perfectly as before. Every detail of the room was clear.So why the sudden shock of electricity in the air, in this dark that was not dark to me? Was itbecause I knew that I was the only one who could see clearly? That both Bella and I wereinvisible to the others?Like we were alone, just the two of us, hidden in the dark room, sitting so close beside oneanother...My hand moved toward her without my permission. Just to touch her hand, to hold it in thedarkness.Would that be such a horrific mistake? If my skin bothered her, she only had to pull away...I yanked my hand back, folded my arms tightly across my chest and clenched my handsclosed.No mistakes. I'd promised myself that I would make no mistakes, no matter how minimalthey seemed. If I held her hand, I would only want more-another insignificant touch,another move closer to her.I could feel that. A new kind of desire was growing in me, working to override my self-control.No mistakes.Bella folded her arms securely across her own chest, and her hands balled up into fists, justlike mine.What are you thinking? I was dying to whisper the words to her, but the room was too quietto get away with even a whispered conversation.The movie began, lightening the darkness just a bit. Bella glanced up at me. She noted therigid way I held my body-just like hers-and smiled. Her lips parted slightly, and her eyesseemed full of warm invitations.Or perhaps I was seeing what I wanted to see.I smiled back; her breathing caught with a low gasp and she looked quickly away.That made it worse. I didn't know her thoughts, but I was suddenly positive that I had beenright before, and that she wanted me to touch her. She felt this dangerous desire just as Idid.Between her body and mine, the electricity hummed.

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Finished this about a hour ago! Please comment good or bad, all comments welcome This is my first attempt at writing!

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