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Country Labor Dialogue - November 2010

Country Labor Dialogue - November 2010

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Published by NSW Labor

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Published by: NSW Labor on Feb 14, 2011
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Country LabordiaLogue
COnnECtInG COuntrY COMMunItIES – nOvEMBEr 2010
Celebaig a gea Labo ma
Haold was ismeali he esablishme addeelopme o mayaciliies aod Alby.
Harold was the State Memberor Albury or 10 years aterserving 10 years on AlburyCouncil and is still widelyrespected as and eectiveadvocate or Albury.
Las moh Pemie Kisia Keeally washe ges speake a he Aal HaoldMai Die hosed by he Alby Bach ocelebae Haold’s may achieemes.
PremierKristina Keneally with HaroldMair, who washonouredat the  AnnualDinner inhis name.
PremierKristina Keneall y was the guestspeakeratthe  AnnualHarold MairDinner.She ispictured with Courtne y Roche,Countr y Organiser, Chris R yan, PresidentAlbur y SEC and Glenn Elliott-Rudder,President Wagga Wagga SEC.
Coy Ogaise Coeyroche epos…
 A wonderul night was had by allwho attended the Annual HaroldMair Dinner in Albury last month.
 Thank you to the Albury Branchor organising such a antasticnight. It was great to see somany Members come together tocelebrate Harold’s tireless work orthe Albury community. A special thanks to Sam Dastyari,the NSW General Secretary whomade time to attend the dinnerin Harold Mair’s honour, and allo the visiting Local Governmentdelegates who attended.
Coey roche
NSW Country Organiser
PremierKristina Keneally with  Albury BranchPresident,DarrenCameron andLaborcandidate orFarrer, ChristianEmmery.
upgadig heDbboo Cooamble ail lie
“The NSW Government, throughthe Country Rail Inrastructure Authority, will spend $18.5million on re-sleepering workand renewal o the major railbridge over CoolbaggieCreek at Eumungerie on theDubbo to Coonamble line.“This investment will providegreater efciency or themovement o grain and otheragricultural products along theline,” John Robertson said. The investment includes:$10 million or 42,000 steelsleepers between Gilgandraand Coonamble$6 million or 25,000 steelsleepers between Dubboand Gilgandra$2.5 million to renew theCoolbaggie Creek bridgeat EumungerieJohn Robertson said theupgrades are part o the NSWGovernment’s $155.3 million2010-11 budget commitmentto the regional rail network.“The NSW Government isserious about investing in ourlocal agricultural industry andensuring we support our localarmers,” said John Robertson.
 A addiioal $27.6 millio idig o ew beds ad medicaleqipme i 2010/11 has beeallocaed o 52 hospials i al adegioal nSW ollowig Asalia’shisoic healh eoms.
The new unding was announced byFederal Minister or Health and Ageing,Nicola Roxon and NSW Minister orHealth, Carmel Tebbutt, and ollowsthe $1.2 billion allocated over ouryears to NSW through the healthreorm agreement with the FederalGovernment.“We are committed to strengtheninghealth services in regionalcommunities” Nicola Roxon said.This investment includes more than$11 million in new medical equipmentor emergency departments andsurgery at 51 regional hospitals, and$9.9 million or 33 new beds acrossWagga Wagga, Cos Harbour andBallina Hospitals.“We recognise the particular healthneeds o communities in rural andregional NSW, and this new undingwill go a long way to enhancingservices or those communities,”Carmel Tebbutt said.
 The NS W Go vernmen t is  working hard  tosuppor tourlocal farmers.
$27.6 millioboos o alad egioalhospials
The NSWHealth Minister CarmelTebbutt opening the new health  acility atEugowra.
Miise o taspo Joh robesoisied Dbbo o poide a pdae o henSW Goeme’s $33 millio pgadeo he Dbbo o Cooamble rail Lie adhea om local people abo aspoisses i he egio.
new isio aciliyo Baigo tops
Big dy fally boke: Eie Sae o o dogh
Miise o toism ad Miise o he He Jodi McKay ofciallyopeed a ew isio aciliy a he Moai Maid Gold Mie ea Glocese.
nSW has boke ee om a hisoic  o dogh yeas. no a sigleich o he Sae is ow ofcially dogh declaed.
the Keeally Goeme hasiesed $820,000 io hepgade o he aciliies, pa oa ogoig eo o iceaseois mbes o he aea.
“This event sees the gold minesite in the Copeland Tops StateConservation Area, in Barrington Tops, re-open to the public or the frsttime in two years,” Jodi McKay said.Now that these works are complete,visitors can once again accessthe site, which not only containsremnants o the gold-miningera such as shats and miningstructures, but is also an importantwildlie habitat area. As part o the redevelopment o the site, the Government has beenworking with Gloucester Tourism todevelop a ‘Discovery’ program orthe general public and tour groups,which help attract even greaternumbers o visitors to the area. The NPWS will also now beoering ‘Hidden Treasures’ toursaround Mountain Maid Gold Mineon Wednesdays and Saturdays,explaining the history behind themine and introducing people to theauna and ora o the park. The Hunter region received thehighest number o overseas visitorsin a decade last fnancial year, with122,000 overseas visitors comingto the area – staying nearly 2 millionnights and injecting $130 million intothe Hunter economy.
TheNSWGovernmenthas invested$820,000 upgradingthefacilitiesat the MountainMaid GoldMine.
“October drought fgures painta bright picture or NSW. Fromwestern NSW, the north, andthrough the centre o our Statedown to the south-west cornerthe country looks magnifcent,”Minister or Primary Industries,Steve Whan said.“Not since June 2001 has NSWbeen ree o drought and now weare on the brink o a $2.85 billionwinter crop harvest. While we doneed to recognise that the droughtbreaking does not mean animmediate return or those armerswho will still need to go throughplanting and growing new crops,there is no denying this is greatnews,” Steve Whan said.Even as recently as December2009, 95% o the State was indrought or considered marginallyin drought.The NSW Government hascommitted $535 million in droughtassistance measures since thedrought began.
Primary IndustriesMinister Steve Whanannounced the o fcialend o thedrought.

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