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Self-Assessment Worksheet

Self-Assessment Worksheet

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Published by DPrestonRider

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Published by: DPrestonRider on Feb 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Self-Assessment Worksheet: Year 12 Film Opening Sequence Production
Please complete the worksheet by answering each of the following questions in full after you have viewed the latest edit of your opening sequence.
Question 1:
Which film genre is your opening sequence appropriate for? Is this the samefilm genre that you intended to produce an opening sequence for? Explain.
My film opening sequence is appropriate for genre of dance. This is the original genre I intended to produce an opening sequence for. It s suitable because it usessome of the typical conventions, but we have changed this as we have twisted it sothe characters do not get on.
Question 2:
Which conventions of the genre do you think you have applied effectively,why?
I think we have applied the type of music as it is a very up beat song with a strong beat. This is needed as the dancers keep in time with the beat of the song. I havealso applied the use of costume. Most dance films have the characters wearing thebaggy shorts, trainers and t-shirts/vests. We used this as well as check shirts tostand out. Our settings were also applied effectively as we used outdoor locationswhich are used in most dance films; we also used a hall where most typical danceshows take place.
Question 3:
Which conventions have you challenged? How have you done this?
We have challenged the typical convention that all the characters get on well and all help each other to do well in their lives because or characters are all backstabbersand fight against each other to succeed in life. We have also challenge theconvention that the two main characters fall in love at the end of the film. This isbecause we didn’t want a typical dance film with a lovey-dovey romance going thewhole way through.
Question 4:
Who are the target audience? Do you think your opening sequence wouldappeal to your target audience? Why?
Our main target audience is young teenage girls who enjoy dance, but it can alsoappeal to males. I believe the opening sequence is appropriate because some of theaudience could probably relate to the storyline of back stabbing and abuse and how they have to ignore the hard times do well in life. It also appeals to the target audience as we have adjusted the conventions which will make the teen girlshooked in the film. The dance and music will also appeal to the target audience as it is up beat and modern.
Question 5:
What do you need to improve about your opening sequence? Explain your reasoning.
To improve the opening sequence, I still need to adjust the music of which wedance to. This is because we have cut and moved it around when we edited thefootage and the music has been distorted. We also need to adjust the transitions assome of them don’t quite fit in with the flow of the opening.
Question 6:
How long is your opening sequence precisely?
 At the minute our opening sequence is at 1minute 56seconds. However, we still need to edit a few parts so this time may go up or down depending on the rest of the editing.

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