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Jean Closing, Parting Thoughts

Jean Closing, Parting Thoughts

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Published by Pieter B Roos

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Published by: Pieter B Roos on Feb 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ClosingClosingParting ThoughtsLecturer: Jean DubuisTranslator: Patrice MalézéCommentary by Russ House is indicated as [RH: ...]Warning: Safety in Practical Alchemy please read this notice from ThePhilosophers of NaturePatrice: To begin with we won't answer your questions. Jean just makes thelectures when he is inspired, with direct contact and when he cannotfollow the programs of earth. That's why he finds problems with allorganizations.Patrice: This morning he realized he had forgotten an important point andthis is very important, that everyone should understand.Jean: When you're in the unity, the beginning, there is no possibility offormation because when there is no space/time there is no experience.There is a global vision of the whole - then we go for an experience -which means that, from our conscious that was null - it becomes infinite -but it can only be done through the worlds of duality like here in thisone (here on earth). The only reason we are down here is to structure ourconsciousness. If we ever come back here, I will explain the concept thatthe work we have been doing here on our own consciousness, begins to betransferred to the inner worlds. And afterwards when everything has beendone we have started at like a zero, or unconscious being and in the endwe're the same being but we're entirely conscious and infinite. But wehave done it all by ourselves.I thought afterward that I had not insisted on the fact that all thecreation is the work of man's conscious, who creates all this in order toallow us to assume its becoming. We are the Elohim Creators. We createwhat we need to assume our becoming. There is no creating God in theuniverse apart from Man. The total creation is a work of Man (men).There's a problem I have not spoken of, on which you must be carefulbecause modern magic has spoken at random of this problem. But what issaid on the elementals, in fact the elementals are the human seeds thatstart growing, but known are the human seeds in the state of creation ofthe element earth. And so on for the four elements. So you will note thatthere are four kinds of elementals, that they are pictures, the fourjourneys of man in mineral, in vegetable, in animal. The elementals, thesalamander etc. are the experiences of man as he begins to know the divinelove through Fire.You must not get too involved in the numerous superstitions you will findin that. But through what we will say now or in another seminar, sinceyou're all very nice, you must find by yourself, everything that you arestudying in there. There are a lot of symbolic pictures that are true, usethem for your path. Do not believe through superstition. In all occultsciences as in alchemy - believe only your own experience.O.K. We sit a bit!Any Questions?Here Hans Nintzel tries to present a qabalistic book that he would likeeveryone to know about. Jean rejects this at this time etc.Q. Am I correct in saying that during the summer the energy is higher?A. Yes.Q. Would it be better for the deliquescing of the butter of antimony atthat time?A. First of all to explain this properly we would have to have at least 4seminars here. We have given the elements for people to work. O.K. But ofcourse we are aware that a lot of details are missing, but on the threedays we had it wasn't possible. We believe that elements have been givento walk on the path we know good through experience. And all what was saidwas what you need to start with, but for the elements afterwards it can'tbe given today. So we'll send you this when we will be 12 miles above theAtlantic. (Laughs.)Q. Viola Engel - "Could you explain the concept of a holographic universewith the subatomic particles and other dimensions influencing ourPage 1
Closingalchemical work?."A. Please stand up. Very dear lady, your question is very interesting. Idon't think we could answer it totally your problem today, because I knowthat to answer you there are lots of elements that I have not given andit's not by will or secret, but that you have to begin at the beginning.For instance, if you read the sum up of the actual European NuclearCenter, you will see that they come close to this question. Please excuseus that the answer cannot be given here, because it's impossible.Q. Would you explain further the qualities and the characteristics neededfor the Fire initiation?.A. Whew! Sssshhh! (rubs his head, laughs) Several systems of initiationexist. I think we have given you the keys to start with, and particularlywhat we gave in the vegetable kingdom - gives you the inner opening tostart with. But after that there is (are) a great number of paths - weexplained this problem a little and everybody little by little will beable to go his own way.Please repeat your question.During your alchemical work you must reach an inner initiatic contact.When it will be done, for every level we will have what's calledquintessence. Quintessence means that 4 elements are well awakened in onelevel. I know that from experiences, myself, and lots of other persons,that at that time the Invisible Order, - but not the Order of the earth -will confirm your initiation in this field. I don't think we can have anInvisible World initiation on an inner qabalistic level, as long as thisone (this level), is not in balance of the 4 elements. (Question again)From within.....The different alchemical paths correspond to different initiatic paths. Idon't know if I have been well understood, but, for instance a White Workmedicine gives the balance on one level, there everything is perfect, andthen the so-called fire or this level when the balance is perfect. And youget a certain amount of Divine Love once this is done. (Say it again) ....Catastrophe -In general when we speak about the qualities of the individual, accordingto social and religious conventions, moral thinking. The Grandfather, whojudges of the initiation doesn't care a cinch on that kind of problem. Heonly looks at your heart, if it's clear, pure, and generous. The rest ofit He doesn't give a damn! But I want to make fun. And when people tell meabout problems between men and women, I say that (these are) allconventions on the earth on this subject of fault, because if we believein man's conventions for all the irregular cases, then the Grandfatherwould have a notebook that would be bigger than the universe! (Laughs.)Excuse us.Any other questions?Q. Butter of antimony....A. To have a maximum of Fire in the butter of antimony it's during thespring equinox and during one or two months afterwards. For all theantimony problems Basil Valentine says - Basil says that you must operatewhen the weather is fine, that's what has happened during this seminar -and I think this is true.Q. What about astrological conjunctions?A. I don't believe in any value of classical astrology. For a lot ofoccult reasons that cannot be explained today because what's based onastrology here is false because of the actual conditions. But on the otherhand we know, is that the astrology of the planetary genius's is the onlyone that has not been modified. And aside from this you have to takenothing into account. Nothing for your alchemical work or evolution. Theregular astrology consists in waiting for everything to be well placed andwith the planetary genius's astrology you take a stick and hit theplanetary genius until he does the work! (Laughs.)Q. Bill van Doren "You said earlier that Cornelius Agrippa had written abook on the Planetary genii?"A. Cornelius Agrippa "The Occult Philosophy" has many things in it, butthe part that contains the planetary genius's is pretty good. These arePage 2

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