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Published by Zafer Mat

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Published by: Zafer Mat on Feb 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Synthesia - Piano for EveryoneCopyright 2010 Nicholas PiegdonVisit http://www.synthesiagame.com/ for more information.The Synthesia Learning Pack is included in the game and doesn't require aseparate download. Click the Learning Pack button on the menu to try it out.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Synthesia has primarily been created by Nicholas Piegdon.The following people have also contributed:- David Scott: Instrument icons on the Track Selection screen- tommai78101 from the forums: top-of-keyboard percussion icons- Electrode from the forums: Movable Do and improved English note labels- L. Peter Deutsch: MD5 algorithm implementation- Dave Ray: STRING/WSTRING macro- NeHe Productions: OpenGL base code- Christian Auby: input octave shifting code- Luis Anton: early version of the MIDI input code- Daniel Lawrence: the name Synthesia- Many others with ideas in email and in the Synthesia Talk forums--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Synthesia uses the FreeImage image library. See freeimage.sourceforge.net fordetails. FreeImage is used under the FIPL, version 1.0.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------The user interface icons are licensed from the Fugue and Diagona Icon setsunder the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license:Copyright (c) Yusuke Kamiyamane. All rights reserved.http://p.yusukekamiyamane.com/--------------------------------------------------------------------------------The music in the "G Major Music" folder comes from Gilbert DeBenedetti'sG Major Music Theory website. Find more at www.gmajormusictheory.orgAll of the pieces were split into two-track MIDI files by Choul, Rickeeey,and TieDyeGuy from the Synthesia Talk forums.Quantization was then performed by TieDyeGuy and further cleanup by Nicholas.Keyboard Setup screen preview music is Fugue in G Minor KV 154/385k, composedby W. A. Mozart, courtesy of the Mutopia Project. www.mutopiaproject.org--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Change Log"(LP)" denotes features available in the Learning PackVersion 0.8.0 - 11/2010
-----------------------NEW: Profiles. Create from the title screen. Names are shown on scoreboards.NEW: Online Recital: plays song straight through at constant 100% speed (nofast-forward or rewind, either). Scores posted online!NEW: Keyboard zoom settings, key/note labels, and sheet progression mode havebeen moved to the play screen and can now be changed during the song.NEW: Buttons to look at scoreboards before playing. This replaces the old"Highest score for this configuration" on the track settings screen.NEW: If no tracks set to "Played by You", continue button skips right to play.NEW: The program window can now be minimized when running in windowed mode.NEW: Advanced config option (Gameplay.ShowFloatingText) to hide both the combocounter and praise text that shows on top of the falling notes.CHG: Mode renames: practice is melody practice. rhythm is rhythm practice.CHG: Play screen toolbar buttons are now more compact.CHG: Made track setting screen tooltips a little less verbose.CHG: New logo.CHG: Now that extra practice time is shown next to the current time (in green)it makes more sense for the current time to always show the absolutesong position instead of the position + extra practice time.FIX: Removed a few lingering "You Play" references in favor of "Played by You".FIX: User-played notes will no longer hang endlessly when playing two trackswith the same note at the same time.FIX: Loops will now jump back 50ms further than the beginning of the loop toavoid skipping notes starting right at the loop boundary.FIX: Using certain combinations of key/note labels could produce incorrector distorted labels on one or both.FIX: DirectX viewport was off by one pixel.FIX: A few rare zoom/track setting combos would make the keyboard disappear.Version 0.7.5 - 10/2010-----------------------NEW: In-game clock shows system time (just under the quit button).NEW: Mac version of SynthesiaConfig tool. Supports default full-screen, customfull-screen, and changing manual settings. Windowed mode will come later.NEW: The scoreboard a performance is mapped to now has nothing to do with theMIDI file the notes came from. You should be able to edit backgroundtracks or make other MIDI changes. So long as those changes don't impactthe timing, number, or pitch of "You Play" notes, your score shouldcontinue to show up on the same scoreboard it always has. NOTE: Thischange has caused a FULL SCOREBOARD WIPE from previous versions!NEW: Added missed note count to the bottom of the screen stats in rhythm mode.CHG: Song library list now uses a "paged" style (like an Internet search)instead of a list with scrollbar. It can now handle libraries of a muchgreater size now without slowing down.CHG: Setup Tracks screen is now laid out differently and has more options.CHG: Rhythm scoring changes in "held points" and timing accuracy.See: http://www.synthesiagame.com/wiki/index.php?title=ScoringCHG: Practice scoring no longer takes into account speed at all.CHG: Included music has now been quantized and cleaned up for scoreboard play.Errors in several songs were corrected.CHG: Loop timer will no longer start in practice mode until you hit a note.CHG: The bank-select fix option now affects all platforms (not just Vistaand OS X). Some keyboards were also affected by the problem, so this letsthem take advantage of the fix, even on something like Windows XP. Itshould also be able to filter bank select messages out more efficiently.CHG: Mac version now behaves a little differently with respect to the dock andsystem menu. Including support for custom full-screen modes has preventedboth from being available while running on the primary display. Whenwindowed support is added, the "windowed & maximized" setting will over-
come this limitation.cHG: Updated the main program icon for Synthesia and the config tool.FIX: Pedal input events are now sent out on all You Play channels instead ofjust the most recently matched You Play channel.FIX: In rare cases, certain MIDI songs wouldn't load with the "Use a uniquechannel for each track" option introduced in 0.7.4.FIX: Hide software keyboard key/note labels when "You Play" no tracks.FIX: Very long note blocks would incorrectly appear in specific, rare cases.FIX: Folder names with periods now display correctly in the song library.FIX: Try to catch another class of "Error document empty" problems.Version 0.7.4 - 09/2010-----------------------NEW: (LP) Movable 'Do Re Mi' key and note labels.NEW: (LP) English note label spellings will now be based on the song's currentkey signature instead of always showing sharps. This includes the use ofdouble flats (bb) and double sharps (x). E.g., In Gb Major, an A is Bbb.NEW: Added support for lighted keyboards. Notably, shows upcoming notes inpractice mode. Otherwise, mirrors behavior of spark effect.NEW: Windowed mode and ability to use a video mode that isn't your desktop'scurrent video mode. Use the new configuration tool start menu shortcut.NEW: Added --bookmark-count command line argument.NEW: Advanced option to disable MIDI device "hard resets".NEW: Stats are shown for the previous few loops on top of current/best.NEW: Button to enter loop editing mode to make it more discoverable.NEW: Loop score is now shown in rhythm mode (similar to practice loop stats).NEW: Fine-tune loop by dragging boundaries in play area.NEW: Tooltip showing song time/measure when navigating the timeline.CHG: Loops will now snap to the current song position during creation.CHG: Loops are much more visible in the song timeline.CHG: Holding notes will now generate 5x the points. (250/sec vs. 50/sec)CHG: Key and note labels are now larger and easier to read.CHG: All settings are now stored in either "shell:appdata\Synthesia" in Windowsor "~/Library/Application Support/Synthesia" in OS X. Data is no longerstored in the Windows registry or Mac plists.CHG: Pop-up loop statistics are now reset when the song speed is changed.CHG: A few more default track modes are now available on the options screen.CHG: Fixed-do "Sol" now appears as "So".CHG: Removed --windowed option in favor of new configuration settings.CHG: Removed renderer option from in-game options. Now in configuration tool.FIX: Uninstaller wasn't cleaning up Start Menu shortcuts on Vista or Win7.FIX: Multiple spaces in any of the game's XML files were being condensed intoone space when read back in. This could cause any variety of things togo wrong depending on the file name or MIDI device that had more than onespace in its name.FIX: Output device resets should be faster and more robust against crashes.FIX: Loops that start at the beginning of the song should no longer skip notes.FIX: Filtering the song library should no longer cause sorted items in the listthat are the same (as far as the currently sorted column is concerned) tojump around the list relative to one another. (Sorting is now "stable".)FIX: Non-rounded-to-10% speeds are now remembered correctly when loading a song.FIX: MIDI input no longer builds up on screens where it's not consumed only tocreate a burst of sound after switching to a screen where it is.FIX: In rare cases, instrument changes would affect other tracks.FIX: Learning Pack unlock keys should now be able to be pasted from any programon the OS X side... including the ones I broke during the last fix. :)

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