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Personal Interview

Personal Interview

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Published by: SHUBHAM MENDEVELL on Aug 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Success in interview can be positively and readily ensured by clearly understanding its technique whichincludes its nature, scope, methodology,application and essentials. You canmaster the technique by purposeful,systematic and dedicated training. Theaim of the employment interview is toassess the suitability of the candidatefor the job for which he is beingconsidered and interviewed. Therefore, when you are appearing for an interview  you must make it a point to know asmuch as possible about the job for which you are being considered. As regardsthe personality test or interview, youmust know what a professional isrequired to do, what qualifications andqualities are expected of him, to whatextent you feel you could fill the billand how best you could convey yourconviction about your suitability to theInterview Board while answering orresponding to their questions.
During the interview, the Boardevaluates your personality traits fromthe answers you give to the questionsposed to you and also the manner in which you present your answers. Thus,to begin with, a lot depends on yourability to grasp and understand thequestion and your capacity to speak,express your ideas lucidly and convincethe Board with the logic, rationality andcredibility of your arguments. Theimportant thing to bear in mind is thatthis personality test interview is not amere question and answer session. TheBoard is not interested only in theanswers but all the time it is on the watch out to take note of the personality traits you often unconsciously exhibit while giving those answers. In fact, formost of the questions there may be nosuch thing as the correct answer. TheBoard may simply ask for your views,comments, opinion, conclusions and soon, and observe how you present thesame. By asking you a question they create a situation and then watch yourresponse and reaction. You will succeedif you react with confidence and sincerity in a positive and purposeful manner.
In a nutshell, during the interview,the level of your leadership ability isbeing evaluated. You must, therefore,be clear in your mind as to whatprecisely constitute the ingredients orattributes of the leadership factor. Forthe purpose of the personality test/interview, the leadership factor coversthe following important aspects :(a)Intelligence, ideas, grasp, under-standing, knowledge, power of expression, clarity of thought,imagination.(b)Organising ability, resourceful-ness,planning, determination of priorities,selection of goals.(c)Dynamic qualities – enthusiasm,interest, keenness, urge,involvement, dash, determination,courage, enterprise, initiative,stability, perseverance, flair foraction, stamina, speed of action,availing of the opportunities and soon.(d)Character – loyalty, integrity,sincerity, dependability, patriotism,commitment to human and social values, respect for law, etc.(e)Social attributes – friendship,cheerfulness, courtesy, cooperation,adaptability, team spirit,
 esprit de corps
, ability to mix freely withothers, sense of belonging, readinessto sacrifice for the cause and forothers, etc.(f)Influencing or motivating factor –capacity to convince, impress,energise, coordinate and carry othersto accomplish the common task,creating a firm and favourable impacton others by example, tact,adjustment, persuasion, logicalreasoning and bind the team into aharmonious one, selling one’s ideassuccessfully and winning others tohis way.
To illustrate how these personality traits are observed and evaluated duringthe interview, we are happy to present toour readers the tape-recorded version of a ‘live’ interview 
In order to spotlightthe moot points and salient features,comments of the expert examiners havebeen provided at appropriate stages. Werequest the aspirants to note carefully the important facts, learn the secrets andthen undergo several practice interview sessions with friends, seniors or collegeprofessors. Knowledge plus application will crown you with positive and brilliantsuccess.
When the going is tough, the toughgets going. How true in the case of those whose aim in life is toachieve the best and this is possibleonly if you care to slough off yoursloth and make it a point topersevere.
Raj Kumar Bhatia is a young man of medium height and lean build, appearingfor the personality test. He is of faircomplexion with abundant growth of hairon his head which is closely cropped inthe conventional or military style. Hesports a thin moustache which goes well with his general smart appearance. Hehas taken care to dress himself appropriately to meet the requirementsof the formal occasion. He wears dark-blue trousers, light-blue shirt and stripedbeautifully knotted tie, all of which show him to advantage as a well-dressedindividual of taste and distinction. Hishigh-heeled shoes are well polished andshine without any speck. The socks arepulled up and stay in position. Fingernails are trimmed and clean. In brief, with well-tailored, fitting dress, proper
hygiene and proper care to details likehaircut, combing of hair, tie-knot,polishing of shoes and so on, he lookselegant and impressive. His uprightbearing matches with his dress andturnout. He holds himself erect, headand shoulders high and walks with firm,confident steps. Before approaching forthe interview, he remains calm, collected,cool and composed. His measured stepsand purposeful movements indicate self-confidence and resoluteness. His eyesreflect enthusiasm, interest and warmth.He enjoys a cheerful disposition with afriendly smile playing on his lips. He isfully at ease in meeting, mixing andmaking friends with the other candidates who are all strangers to him. There are acouple of lady candidates present and hehas no inhibition or hesitation in greetingthem, introducing himself and carryingon a pleasant conversation with them.His deep voice conveys friendship andsincerity. He makes others feel importantand wanted by his special, individualattention. When his turn for the interview comes, he bids good-bye to all with whomhe was engaged in lively discussions andbriskly walks towards the interview room.Before walking in, he gently knocks atthe door, waits for a few seconds toobserve the formality of obtainingpermission to proceed inside. Aftergetting in he closes the door gently, turnson his heels noiselessly and walks uptowards the desk behind which theChairman and Members are seated. Onapproaching the chair meant for thecandidate he comes to a smart halt, clickshis heels to attention and greets theBoard in a clear, audible and cheerfulmanner.
Bhatia :
(With a pleasant smile on his lips and radiating warmth and interest in his eyes, he looks up to the Chairman and Members and proceeds to greet them.)Good morning to you all, Sirs. (He continues to remain in attention position awaiting the response from the Board.)
3rd Member :
(A retired General from the Army) (Observing and  appreciating the correct and smart way in which the candidate has been standing at attention position)
Please stand at ease,Mr. Bhatia. Your records do not show that you underwent any NCC or othermilitary training. Nevertheless, youseem to have had fairly good exposureto it. How did you manage it?
Bhatia :
(Obeying the orders and  changing to ‘at ease’ position)
Thank you,Sir. My training is rather informal anda by-product of my sports activities. I was an active and keen sportsman bothat school and college and the sportsmenare also required to do the march past.Thus one of the instructors from NCCtaught us the foot drill.
3rd Member :
That is very good. By the way, please be seated.
Bhatia :
Thank you, Sir.
(He sits down smartly without any unnecessary movements. The 3rd Member continues with his questions).
3rd Member :
 You have indicatedthat your hobby is amateur dramas. How could you find time for dramaticactivities when you are tied up withsports all the time?
Bhatia :
We have the rehearsalsmostly at night. This suits the othermembers of our local dramatic club alsoas most of them are office-goers. In any case, I act only in two or three dramasin a year.
3rd Member :
Can you give somemore details about your hobby, I mean what roles you play in the dramas? Whereand by whom they are organised andput on board? Who finances them? Do you follow my question?
Bhatia :
(With a pleasant smile)
 Wehave a recreation club in our locality, Sir,and it has a dramatic wing along withother club activities like tennis,swimming, library, etc. At the moment Ihappen to be the Secretary of thedramatic set-up. The club provides somefunds and bulk of the expenses are metthrough sale of tickets when we stagethe dramas. We also bring out a brochureon the occasion of staging a play and theadvertisements in the brochure areanother source of revenue. The membersof the dramatic wing also pay a nominalmonthly subscription.
3rd Member :
What is the mostexpensive item in staging an amateurdrama?
Bhatia :
I would say the rent wehave to pay for the hall which incidentally includes electricity, furniture, etc. If itis a historical play, the costumes,settings, etc., may also turn out to beexpensive.
3rd Member :
In your experience, what is the most difficult thing inorganising an amateur drama?
Bhatia :
Looking backnothing seems to be easy. But two thingsare really difficult. The first is the sale of tickets for the drama. The cooperationof the lady members is most essential forthis purpose. The second, I would say, isorganising the rehearsals. It involves somuch work, coordination and cooperationof everybody.
2nd Member :
(Who intervenes atthis stage)
don’t you think that thedramas are rather outdated in these daysof colour TV and films?
Bhatia :
I do agree with you, Sir, that TV and films have certainadvantages. But dramas have their ownappeal. You find dramas subtly 
One cannot succeed in life unless one is totally involved in the project one undertakes. Success cannot elude one who mentally and physically associates oneself with the project in hand. For him who has chosen the goal, one ideaafter another will troop into his mind day and night as he becomes totally committed to attaining the goal. Totalinvolvement or commitment encompasses such qualities as sincerity, confidence, perseverance, planning and fiery zeal. As one progresses towards attaining one’s goal one would feel that circumstances too converge in such a way thatboosts his optimism.One might get the right advice from experienced persons in the field or secure access to theright type of guidance material. It is the Providential way of helping those who help themselves and who mean businessin their ventures.
incorporated in TV as well as in thecinema. Secondly, for those who areinterested in a hobby, the amateur dramaprovides an excellent outlet. Thoseengaged in professional theatre know how to fight the cinema and TV andensure their survival. Even in advancedcountries, where TV, film and video arefar more in evidence, the theatre isholding its own. Hence, I won’t say thatdramas are out-dated, either as abusiness or as a pastime.
Comments :
This candidate has created a very favourable initial impact.The first plus point has been his smartturnout and bearing. His dress, grooming and posture have been very good. Secondly, his cheerful disposition and keenness havebeen major assets. Next, he speaks clearly, crisply, fluently and audibly with poise and  self-assurance. He understands thequestions correctly and his replies are relevant and to the point besides being informative, complete and interesting. He makes good use of the opportunities to talk about his special assets. Thus he explains his distinction in sports and involvement in amateur drama in a natural and logical way though no direct questions were asked  about his interest or achievement in sports.The 3rd Member probes him fairly deeply in regard to his hobby. The 2nd Member  provokes and challenges him. The candidate confirms that his interests in dramatics are real and genuine by speaking about it with knowledge, enthusiasm and  interest He meets the challenge posed with courage and drives his point home with facts and conviction.
Chairman :
I am ready to concede your point that the theatre could stillbe relevant despite the growingdominance of TV and cinema. However,I am sure you should have done betterin your studies or, for that matter, evenin sports if you had directed your timeand energy towards them instead of dramas. Do you agree?
Bhatia :
(Smiling pleasantly)
Well,Sir, with your kind permission I agreeto disagree. We all know that all workand no play makes Jack a dull boy. We doneed diversions and hobbies so that wecan have rest and relaxation after which we can tackle the work more vigorously.I haven’t done badly either in studies orin sports. Certainly, there is room forimprovement and it will be my endeavour to do better and excel. But I would like to submit that involvementin my hobby helps me to do better. It isa help and not hindrance, Sir. In any case that is my personal experience.
Chairman :
What do you think of Indian film censorship? How could youreconcile it with the freedom of expression as a fundamental rightguaranteed by the Constitution?
Bhatia :
Cinema is a powerfulmedium which has a great appeal andready accessibility to the masses. Twoprominent film stars were Chief Ministers in two important States in ourcountry and the previous President of the USA Mr. Ronald Reagan is an ex-film hero. Cinema influences the conductand behaviour of our youth in a very big way. Hence, we should not permit theabuse of cinema in India. Thirty-fivepercent people in India are still illiterate.The film industry is mainly interested inmaking profits by any means. It has yet toevolve a code of conduct and apply self-restraint. Hence we have to live with filmcensorship for some more time. Asregards freedom of expression, ourConstitution permits reasonablerestrictions. Freedom does not meanlicence. Every right has a duty to respectsuch a right on the part of others. Till welearn to observe our responsibilities onour own, such legal restrictions areessential.
Comments :
The candidate has come out with flying colours in his encounter withthe Chairman. He shows originality, moral courage and high sense of responsibility. He displays a selective and positive approach. He does not hesitate to cross swords withthe Chairman but he does so with tact, restraint and wisdom. His arguments arelogical, rational and convincing. He goes by facts than by opinions and dogma. He hasthe courage and confidence to stand on his own and face the challenge with determination and overcome the obstacles with resourcefulness.
4th Member:
The recent bombblasts in Hyderabad once again highlightthe grave threats to human security inIndia. What would be your response toterrorism?
Try to update your knowledge onIndia and the world, the Indianeconomy, globalisation,organisations like UN andagencies like the World Bank,IMF, WTO which are all topical.
Questions will invariably beasked on your Optionals, yourhobbies, your State and otherminute things in your bio data.
Keep cool and smiling.
Sir, given the frequency of terrorist attacks in India and elsewhere,there is an urgent need to understandthe problem in order to formulateeffective responses. First I would suggestthat there is a need to strengthen thelaw-enforcement machinery and civilsociety. An effective law-enforcementmachinery will be able to respond toterrorism in an appropriate manner. Itcan also provide proper training toofficials in formulating counter-terrorism policies. The development of asound legal framework relating to anti-terror law is also necessary. Second, Ithink it is essential to reduce social andeconomic inequalities. This will help indealing with discontent andmarginalisation in society. The states’capacity to deal with poverty andimpoverishment has to be strengthenedalong with efforts to promote peace andharmony among different communities.My third response to combat terrorism would be one that does not deviate fromthe universal values of human rights andfundamental freedom for all. The anti-terrorism laws should be compatible withnational and international human rightsframework and in consonance with therule of law. Terrorism poses seriousthreat to national and human security. Itis important to recognise that theresponse to curb it must be effective andlegitimate.
Comments :
The grasp of this candidate is excellent and he is able to visualise the moot points of a complex and  controversial question with intelligence and  imagination. He is able to take a firm and  original stand, argue his case logically and  rationally and drive home his point with conviction. He bases his argument on

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