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cats facts

cats facts

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Published by andywzn9ba

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Published by: andywzn9ba on Feb 15, 2011
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Important details about cats
Cats prefer foods at body temperature--the temperature of freshly killed prey. Theyalso prefer their food cut into ¼ inch chunks (specifically once they are sick and haveto be tempted.) And did you realize that 60% of all cats like cold tomato juice? I'veattempted V-8 and it doesn't seem to be at all tempting. We use this trick to enticekidney-failure cats to drink much more liquids.Cats are either proper or left handed, showing a distinct preference for 1 paw morethan the other.A healthy domestic cat can reach speeds as much as 31 miles/hour, but can'tmaintain that sprinting speed for additional than a minute.A cat licks their fur to maintain cool in hot climate. Like dogs, they sweat only bymeans of the pads of their feet.The cat's whiskers are specially adapted to act as antennae. They're used tonavigate, to detect movement and to judge the width of an opening. Whiskers arealso an indicator of mood--when the whiskers are back, the cat is angry, so watchout. Some folks think obtaining a whisker is good luck. I know one woman who's amillionaire that has a cat whisker collection!Each and every cat ear is controlled by 32 muscles and can turn 180 degrees.Humans have only 6 muscles, so it is tougher to create our ears wiggle. Cat ears thatare facing back or folded down are really ticked off, so watch out.
A cat's fur has 60,000 hairs per square inch on the back and 120,000 hairs persquare inch on the underside--No wonder cat owner's need to empty their vacuumbags every time! Shedding is controlled by hormones and ambient temperature aswell as light--even artificial light. Nervous cats shed more--especially when they getstuffed into a carrier and hauled off to the vet's workplace.Cats are highly territorial. A domesticated cat's territory encompasses 150 acres.Apparently their acres intermingle as we see about eight cats in our backyard eachday as they make their rounds. Only one is ours--there's lots of neat catentertainment stuff in our yard.Jumpability: The human equivalent of the cat's capacity to leap will be jumping thewidth of a swimming pool.Sense of smell: Humans have 5 million odor-sensitive cells in their noses--cats have200 million. Naturally this implies they are able to smell whenever you do not cleanthe litter box every single day and will "inappropriately urinate" because of this.Sleep habits: A healthy mature cat spends about 15% of its life in deep sleep, 50%in light sleep, and 30% in awake time. I've noticed that portion of this wake timecoincides using the human's sleep time. This annoys the cat. This could possibly bewhy my cat, Dagney, wakes me up about 2 a.m. just about every morning bysticking her paw in my mouth. Bleck! Cats attain full alertness faster than any othercreature.Milk Drinking: Most adult cats lack the enzymes essential to digest milk, so in theevent you ought to give your cat milk, be sure to give them only a couple teaspoonsat a time. Yep--too significantly milk surely provides the cat gas and occasionallydiarrhea. It's very good to coordinate the milk-giving ceremony together with yourpartner to ensure that the cat does not double-dip.Dieting: Neutered and spayed cats call for fewer calories than intact cats do. Asuperb rule of thumb is ½-3/4 cups per cat per day for lower high quality foods and1/3 cup per cat per day for the higher quality foods such as IAM's, Max Cat, andNutranuggets. Putting fat cats on starvation diets can kill them mainly because theliver fat breaks down too quickly causing a condition called ketosis.Skin Illness: I've observed in my naturopathic practice that cat's with skin diseaselike fish flavors. Cats with liver and kidney condition like Chicken and Giblet or foodswith liver and kidney in them. Cat's with heart disease like heart-based foods. Whenthe situation is repaired, they cease consuming that certain flavor of food.Hearing: Human beings can hear sounds as much as 20,000 Hertz (cycles persecond), dogs can hear as much as 40,000 Hertz, and cats can hear as much as100,000 Hertz. Cats can even hear electrical currents in cords. Pretty wonderful,huh?Psychic: In China, cats have been applied successfully as earthquake predictors foryears.Cats are color blind, but only need to have 1/6th of the light that humans demand tosee.

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