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Calculating Antichrist Three

Calculating Antichrist Three

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Published by Phishna

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Published by: Phishna on Feb 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Calculating Antichrist Threehttp://antichristthree.blogspot.com/
This blog is about calculating the timeline of the third antichrist using fractalmath. I will be using my fractal time theory as published here:http://fractaltime.blogspot.com/
 Nostradamus named 3 antichrists. The first Napoleon and the second Hitler.The third is alive and well yet not identified. This has become such commonknowledge that even the History Channel has made Nostradamusdocumentaries about the antichrists. If you want to know more there arehundreds of books and websites.
According to Nostradamus, Napoleon was the first of three antichrists.
I have some original idea to share about what is going on. I will provide themath and reasoning behind the rise of antichrists and their real purpose based on my work. I will calculate a possible timeline of the final antichrist based on past energy flows.I will show that "antichrists" are leaders manifesting our thought patternsand necessary for the change in consciousness. Shocked? Antichrists may benecessary for our spiritual evolvment. But first let me discuss the philosophyof why we even have any antichrists.
What is Christianity Really About?
Christianity is many things but in one respect it is a huge black magic spell placed on the mass mind by the parasitic cult of Judaism. With Christianity,the Jews have made slaves of non Jews by the use of black magic. Doubtthis? Think that the Bible is holy and good? Think that Jesus is real or was areal historic character? Think the Bible is historically accurate? Think again.The Jew God of the Bible is the ultimate evil as perfectly illustrated by the politics of Christians United for Israel, modern Evangelical Christianitycompletely deluded by Old Testament (Torah) memes of dominance andcontrol, death and destruction, war and suffering, exactly the opposite of theteaching of Jesus in the New Testament.
Pastor John Hagee loves Jehovah and Israel
I have written numerous essays about this and my Death Cult Memes is agood read (see http://deathcultmemes.blogspot.com). In order to fullyunderstand what is going on you must first grasp that religion is a spell andthat beliefs are not real by definition, that's why they are called beLIEfs.Removing the memetic veil from one's mind is breaking the spell.
Modern Christianity deluded by "pious" warmongers, Jewish controlled media subvertsthe cultures religion that's part of the plan, it's all a big psyop, the war is on you too!
The simple rational observation is that there can be no judging god in aloving Universe. If there is no hell or devil and no judging god there would be no need for salvation. With greater awareness, the entire construct becomes ridiculous. Without need of salvation then there is no need for Jesus. What a concept, when awareness replaces belief then the whole"blood atonement" for sins on a cross of torture becomes a disgusting myth.Beliefs form the basis off our reality. In one sense, the Bible is a documentto wage total war, the Jews are the ultimate warring tribe. Can you see thatwe make war because the outpicturing of the Bible myth forms war?This guy could be getting laid but because of his anger from religiousindoctrination he's killing women and children for god and America.Religious indoctrination turns ordinary loving humans into killing monsters.God of the Bible demands war, Jehovah is a war god, a reflection of theHebrew tribe. It is the Jewish holy books making things miserable on planetearth, those who believe in Biblical text are voting for and manifesting their version of reality. For instance belief in a torture atonement of Jesus on thecross justifies torture in war, if god can put his son to death, parents can send

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