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I Ching Divination Using a Mala

I Ching Divination Using a Mala

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Published by Dhammajoti Blakeman
A How to guide to Divination using only your Mala and this guide. Please share this on facebook if you enjoy it! Metta _/\_
A How to guide to Divination using only your Mala and this guide. Please share this on facebook if you enjoy it! Metta _/\_

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Published by: Dhammajoti Blakeman on Feb 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Courtesy of You-Buddha
I Ching Divination using a Mala
By: Acarya Dhammajoti Blakeman
Courtesy of You-Buddha
The term I-Ching is taken from the ancient Chinese "Book of Changes" and it is a form of divinatory practice involving 64 hexagrams (patterns of 6 broken and unbroken lines), which areused in a divinatory way by the throwing of yarrow stalks or coins. This manual will be showingyou how to do this form of divination with a mala (Also known as
.Begin by sitting quietly. Close your eyes and take nice slow deliberate deep breaths in and out.Notate the rising and falling of your navel. Let your mind become quiet. Begin one japa (1round of 108 beads), chanting in your mind. Any mantra is sufficient whether it be
or even
.Let the mala then rest in your lap. You then hold the mala in your lap, and with each hand graspa bead at random. If your hands are relatively close when you grasp the mala (figure 1-1), Byfingering the beads moving both hands at once towards the mid-point, counting off in ones(Symbolizing the Buddha). If your hands end up far apart when grasping the mala, then youcount off in threes (symbolizing the Triple Gem of the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha).You continue moving the hands toward each other, until one, or two beads remain. You do this atotal of 6 times.Figure 1-1The I Ching is made up if Triagrams and Hexagrams. Each set of three lines is called a
„triagram, and 2 triagrams (6 lines) one on top of t
he other make a hexagram. Thus, a triagram ora hexagram contains broken or unbroken lines. If you end with only 1 bead left, this is a solidline for the triagram. If you have 2 beads left, this is a broken line.
say the first threetimes you grasped and counted the mala, you end up with 1 bead, and then 2 beads, and then 1bead. This is interpreted as a solid line, and then a broken line, and then a solid line. Thetriagram is . You would then look at the chart on page 3 and find that triagram on the leftside (going vertical) of the graph.Repeat the process 3 more times for your second triagram.
say you ended up with 2 beads,and then 2 beads, and then 1 bead that translate as 2 broken lines and 1 solid line. The triagramlooks like . You would then find that triagram on the top horizontal line.
Courtesy of You-Buddha
Having those two triagrams will give you your hexagram by placing your finger on the firsttriagram you were given, which is found on the vertical line of triagrams. Then, you wouldmove your finger towards the left until you ended up directly under the top horizontal triagram.That would give you a Hexagram with a number. In this case the hexagram would be , witha number of 13. You then find number 13 in the explanations given in this booklet for yourspecific I-Ching divination. Your fortune for that hexagram, as stated in the manual, would thenbe the following;
 Hexagram 13 T'ung Jen - Companionship
 Fellowship with others Heaven over Fire A union with others coming together for a mutual goal. Make sure that there are no reservations, or a state of chaos might come about 
This is very simple
“fortune cookie” type method. One could
interpret the first 2 triagrams byalso reading the lines giving you insight into changes, old and new, energy patterns, life patterns,etc. This is much more detail than I would like to go into at this time. We will save it foranother divination series.

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