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Chelsea in America Vol3 Issue1

Chelsea in America Vol3 Issue1

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Published by: crowtrobot on Feb 16, 2011
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Notes from the Chairwoman
First of all, I hope all of you had awonderful holiday full of family, friends,love and joy. And I hope that the NewYear brings you peace, abundance andall things good. And excuse the delay onthe first newsletter of the new year, lotsgoing on!What a di
erence a month can make. Myoriginal letter spoke to the drought thatwas our results, and now the skys areBlue, new signings and a possibleregaining of form that has us allpinching ourselves. So how about thosetwo new signings? That brings to mindmany old sayings: It is always darkestbefore the dawn, every cloud has a silverlining, when the going gets tough thetough get going... you know them all Iam sure. But what it really makes methink is that you can’t win every match,and that Chelsea is really about morethan just winning games. When I thinkback on this year, and I think about allthe other things that have happened forCIA, there isn’t one memory that iswinning a match. I hope win, lose ordraw this serves to remind us all that, asChris Axon wrote in a recent matchreport: “Chelsea isn’t really a footballclub at all – it’s a social club and wemeet up every weekend at a footballground.” I suspect that most of us are amember of CIA not just because of Chelsea, but because of the folks weinteract with in the club - the social partof the club, whether it is meeting up fora match, posting on the board orFacebook, texting or chatting tosomeone about a match, or meeting upwith someone from the club forwhatever reason. Chelsea is so muchmore than the first team, it is our youthteam (and they are tearing up the FAYouth Cup again!), our reserve team, butmost of all, the biggest part of Chelseais the 40,000 supporters that fill thestands every week, and the hundreds of thousands of supporters across theworld that give our club its character, itsheart, its history and its passion.It is the same with CIA; we are a part of that huge family. But if you feel you arenot getting enough out of yourmembership, what are you doing toinvolve yourself in what is going on?There is always someone “around” thatis there to share the joy and the pain, tocelebrate and worry with, so takeadvantage of it. There is loads that canhappen, so if you want to get involvedall you have to do is... get involved!That leads me to what has beenhappening in CIA... and it is A LOT!Around the holidays saw the unveiling of our banners at the Bridge! http://www.dropbox.com/gallery/16606210/1/Banner%20Folders?h=7626a0 (more photos will be postedas I get them). These banners representthe first batch and reflect nine chaptersof CIA that met the challenge of recruiting a minimum number of members to qualify. If they had a certainnumber of True Blue members then theycould opt for a bigger banner - a certainnumber more and an even biggerbanner. CIA, of course, has the largestsize banner. The nine clubs so far areBeltway, Boston, Charm City, Chicago,Orange County, North Texas, San Diego,Southeast and Texas. There are sevenmore to come as well. This is a HUGEproject, and your chapters heads havedone a wonderful job pulling it alltogether. Each club had to design theirbanner, keeping in mind the rules andregulations Chelsea has for the banners.I know most of the chapters made this avery community project and gotmembers involved. Behind the scenesCIA had to find a banner maker we coulda
ord and make sure that the fabric they
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Above: Our banners make it on TV! Screencap by Andy Wray.
Deep From theHeartKnow YourChelseaTales from theCPO LuncheonThe History ofBoxing Day
CONTRIBUTORS:A big thanks to everyone who helpsmake the CIA Bluesletter possible!Editor: Jamie EdwardsChairwoman: Beth WildAssistant Ed: Allison KasicLogo and Graphics: Raciel DiazCIA Crest done in collaborationwith Who Are Ya Designs -www.whoareyadesigns.comWant to contribute or make asuggestion? Send Jamie an email atnewsletter@chelseainamerica.com!
were using would meet the fire retardantrequirements Chelsea has to have.Thanks to Andy Wray, we found awonderful supplier that worked with usand made it pretty easy. Then thedesigns had to be made into electronicfiles that would work, and any finedesign work had to be done... Raciel andChris to the rescue! They have put incountless hours designing, working withchapters and putting together ourproposal to Chelsea and then workingwith the banner supplier - what a great job they did! Once the banners wereapproved by the chapters, we sent theproposal to Chelsea and waited for thefinal approval. While I was in London Igot that approval. But during thatprocess the chapters had to make surethat they had the money to pay for thebanners, and again that goes back toyou the members, proving once againthat together we can all chip in a little tomake things happen. Funds weresecured, the banners were paid for andthen thanks to Andy Wray they werepicked up and put in UPS to jet to PaulPeltz to make his flight to London.Thanks to Paul and MaryAnne formaking room in their luggage andsqueezing all ten banners in and handcarrying them to Stamford Bridge! Withtheir help, just a few hours before amatch they were up and hanging andwaiting for the world to see! That is agreat example of what Chelsea/CIA is, agroup of people on a mission that worktogether, give of themselves for thegood of the group and make thingshappen. And as I sit here today we haveanother group of banners just approvedby Chelsea. They are in process to makenow and soon be on the lookout forbanners from Austin Blues, Bay AreaBlues, Georgia Blues, Midwest Blues,Motor City Blues, Pacific Coast Blues andSouth Bay Blues! SEVENTEEN BANNERSGRACING STAMFORD BRIDGE FROM CIA,BRILLIANT! All accomplished because of the active participation of members!That's not all! The workhorse Chris Blake(who worked on the banners) has madea dream come true for many of us. Thepast two months saw him take on aproject, something he wanted to have,and he made it happen. Chris wanted aCIA scarf, and when he came to me toask about it, I never realized how badlyhe did want one. I gave him all the stepsto make it happen, and he patiently andpassionately went through each one. Hehad to first find out who might beinterested so that we knew we couldmeet the minimums. Then he had todesign it and get consensus on thedesign as well as meet the requirementswe have to abide by. He had to get allthe details on what it would cost, freightand all of that. We came up with a cost,created a shopping cart and put theword out. One hundred and thirty-onescarves were ordered in less than amonth. Chris and Paul put it all togetherand sent the order in. And then wewaited, but being Christmas the timewent slow. The scarves did finally arrivethe Tuesday before Christmas, and witha help from my o
ce assistant, Patsyand I got all 131 scarves in the post thatday, and a vast majority of them made itto their new owners before Christmas.Again, see what happens when we worktogether and make a dream come true -that is what CIA is all about.And now the dawn of a new year meanseven more folks working together. Asyou all should know, membership forthis season is closed, both CIA and ourability to add True Blue members. WEENDED THE MEMBERSHIP DRIVE WITH595 MEMBERS OF WHICH 181 WERE TRUEBLUE! That is one heck of a Blue Army.We saw CIA break from one club into 21chapters! And now your board is startingto plan for the next membership drive.Yes, now is when we will meet to discussdues for next season, how it will work,what we might o
er for a member gift,and other things like that. We will alsobe discussing the chapters - which oneswill go forward and what new onesmight start up - and what new initiativeswe want to start to make CIA evenbetter.If that wasn’t enough, have you been onFacebook recently? Be sure and go findthe Chelsea in America Facebook pageand friend it, post on it - the numbersare growing daily and it is just anotherway you can keep in touch on all thelatest news, gossip and banter forChelsea and CIA. Thanks to Andy Wrayand Ian McNally for the face lift. Andspeaking of face lifts, the CIA website isalso in the midst of a redo, so keepchecking that out. Have you listened tothe podcast lately? A great way to sharea bit of banter and no reason why youshouldn’t be listening or calling in. Areyou following us on Twitter? You see, no
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In my long absence, I’ve been thinkinglong and hard on how to change this up,as there are so many fixtures in such ashort space of time. What I’ve decided todo is just pick a team, any team fromany division and take a look into ourhistory against them. First up is a teammost of us have a dislike for and that’sthe flat cap pigeon pie eaters fromYorkshire… dirty Leeds United.Chelsea fans have a dislike for Leedsthat probably dates back to the mid-to-late-60’s when then-Leeds managerDon Revie said that Chelsea werenothing but a bunch of long-hairedflamboyant overpaid southern sissies.He had to have something to moanabout as we actually had a decent recordagainst them; not great, but consideringthey had a pretty outfit we had doneokay.Our record against Leeds is as follows:Played 101 W 33 D 29 L 39. The oddamount of games was due to World WarII. Actually, we’ve played them 109 times- the first 8 they were known as LeedsCity. Our biggest win over “City” was a4-0 mauling in March 1906.Good Days:Apr 8th '33: W (H) 6-0, Goalscorers:Oakton, Mills, Gallagher, Gibson 2, ProutMar 16th '35: W (H) 7-1, Goalscorers:Spence 2, Bambrick 4, BurgessApr 28th '84: W (H) 5-0, Goalscorers:Dixon 3, Thomas, CanovilleAug 12th '72: W (H) 4-0, Goalscorers:Garland 2, Osgood, CookeMar 27th '71: W (H) 3-1, Goalscorers:Osgood, Houseman 2Highest Attendance against Leeds atHome: 58,452Bad Days:Dec 10th '27: L (A) 5-0Nov 3rd '34: L (A) 5-2, Goalscorers:Gallagher, MillsMar 28th '59: L (A) 4-0Oct 07th '67: L (A) 7-0 Jan 10th '70: L (H) 2-5, Goalscorers:Hollins, OsgoodPlayed for both: Tony Dorigo, Vinnie Jones, David Hopkin, Jimmy FloydHasselbaink
The 300-game-plus club
: The firstplayer I thought I would put in thissegment is our first captain to ever liftup a meaningful trophy: Roy Bentley. Heplayed a total of 367 games, scoring 150goals. He made his Chelsea debut athome on Jan 17th, 1948 againstHuddersfield Town. We lost 2-4 and Roydidn’t put the ball in the old onion bag -in fact, Roy’s first goal didn’t come untilMarch 26th in a 2-2 draw withManchester City.The following season Chelsea started tosee that their 12,500 pounds was wellspent as Roy banged in a total of 21goals in 40 games. Not bad consideringwe were nothing but a below mid-tableteam.The 1949-50 season didn’t see such agreat return for Roy. He scored just 17in the league, but he did hit 5 in our runto an FA Cup semifinal. Again wefinished just below mid-table. 1950-51turned into a bit of a disaster forChelsea and Roy; we finished 20th andRoy only scored 8 in 38 games. Two of those were in the last games of theseason. If you think '50-'51 one wasbad, '51-'52 wasn’t much better as thatseason we finished 19th. Roycontributed 12 goals in 32 starts andnotched another 5 FA Cup goals on ourway to yet another semifinal. In '52-'53we finished in the same spot as theprevious season, but this time ourcaptain scored 12 in 37 games and yetagain bagged another 5 in our run to theFA Cup 5th round.1953-54 saw us make a little progressup the league as we finished arespectable 8th, which was not badwhen you consider we were handed ourbiggest ever defeat, 8-1 away at Wolves.Roy managed to break the 20-goalbarrier for the first time since the'48-'49 season with 21 in 41 games.The 1954-55 season saw our captainraise our first League championship and,along with Parsons 11 and McNichol 14,Roy grabbed another 21 in 41 games tohelp us win that first elusive title.After winning the title the previousseason, 1955-56 was a bit of a letdown.We finished 16th, and even got beat bySpurs 4-0. Roy did get most of ourgoals, scoring 14 in 38 games. 1956-57started to see what was left of ourchampionship-winning team fade away.Roy only played in four games - his lastagainst She
eld Wednesday in a 0-0draw.After 367 games and 150 goals, apercentage of a goal every 2.43 games,Roy moved on to our little brothersdown the road, Fulham, for 8,600pounds.Roy was a very good header of the ball,could play with both feet and could beused as a winger at times. He laterended up playing as a center half. Hewas top scorer in 8 of 10 seasons andwas also capped 12 times (not enough!)by England. He played in seven FA Cupsemifinals and never won one.Today Roy is worshipped around theBridge as much today as he was when helifted up the Championship in the1950s .Useless information:- Joe Bambrick, Kerry Dixon, and MarkHughes are our only players to score hattricks against Leeds Utd.- Manchester City have scored the mosthat tricks against us (6) than any otherteam.
Five for Thought:
David Webb played in every shirtpossible for Chelsea except one; whatnumber was it?A) 1, B) 7, C) 4, D) 11Kerry Dixon scored 193 for Chelsea, butwho was his first hat trick against?A) Leeds, B) Derby, C) Brighton, D)GrimsbyFrank Leboeuf missed one penalty forChelsea. Who was it against?A) Arsenal, B) Blackburn, C) Charlton, D)DerbyWho was Chelsea’s sub in the 1970 FACup Final?A) Baldwin, B) Dempsey, C) Hinton, D)BoyleWho scored the last ever goal in the 20thcentury?A) Poyet, B) Morris, C) Terry, D) Jokanovic
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by Tel Stevens

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