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Published by: San Mateo Daily Journal on Feb 16, 2011
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By Michelle Durand
San Carlos officials,who hadhoped the county would considertaking over the city’s
re service,were instead told yesterday to savethe joint
re department it shareswith Belmont.“Roll your sleeves up and getback to work to try to save thismarriage. Try to work this out forat least a couple of years,saidCarole Groom,president of theBoard of Supervisors,and a mem-ber of its finance and operationssubcommittee.Less than an hour after the meet-ing,San CarlosMayor OmarAhmad acceptedSupervisorAdrienneTissier’s offer to“play marriagecounselor”andmediate,saidVice MayorAndy Klein.But while Belmont CouncilmanWarren Lieberman told the subcom-mittee he “stands ready to work withSan Carlos to discuss our options,”not everybody on his council agrees.“No way. Never,never,never,
Cities told towork out firepartnership
San Carlos doesn’tget county proposal,mediation offer with Belmont extended
By Michelle Durand
A Redwood City teenager caughton surveillance video setting threeblazes at an elementary school lastyear told authorities he has an“unhealthy liking for
re,accord-ing to the District Attorney’s Of 
ce.Despite the alleged self-descrip-tion,Jeremy James Shepherd,19,pleaded not guilty yesterday morn-ing to felony charges of arson andintentional van-dalism.Prosecutorssay Shepherddid not act alone.Two juvenilesalso arrested inthe March 27,2010 fires atRooseveltSchool have
Alleged teen firebug has‘unhealthy liking for fire’
By Bill Silverfarb
“Glee”star Lauren Potter is theface of a new nationwide “DisableBullying”campaign with local rootsthat aims to combat the widespreadbehavior against people with dis-abilities.Potter,20,plays Becky Jacksonon “Glee”andhas Down syn-drome. She willhead the cam-paign after areport by a localnonpro
t agencyindicates bully-ing is wide-spread againstpeople with disabilities and oftenunreported.Children with disabilities suffer asilent epidemic of bullying,accord-ing to a first-of-its-kind reportreleased by AbilityPath.org yester-day.“Bullying is every parent’s fear,”said Sheryl Young,chief executiveofficer at San Mateo-basedCommunity Gatepath,which over-sees AbilityPath.org. “For parentsof children with special needs,thatfear is exacerbated.”The “Walk a Mile in Their Shoes”report and guide was compiled bystaff at AbilityPath.org.,an onlinehub and special needs communityfor parents and professionals of chil-dren with disabilities established byCommunity Gatepath,the leadingnonpro
t provider for people withspecial needs on the Peninsula.Potter will represent the cam-paign as a celebrity spokespersonand be featured in its online publicservice announcements.“For kids with special needs Iencourage you to speak up and
Gleestar:Stop bullying kids with disabilities
San Mateo-based Community Gatepath issues first-of-its-kindreport ‘Walk a Mile in Their Shoes’
Lauren Potter
Adrienne Tissier JeremyShepherd
 The Burlingame Caltrain station is one of seven stations the transit agency is considering for suspension of weekday service to make up for a $30 million budget shortfall.The others are Bayshore,South San Francisco,SanBruno,Hayward Park,Belmont,San Antonio,Lawrence,Santa Clara and College Park.
By Bill Silverfarb
Caltrain must close at least sevenof its stations this year as it grappleswith a crippling $30 million de
citbut which stations will close andwhy has city of 
cials scrambling toprove their own station’s worth.Caltrain has identi
ed 10 possiblestations for closure but mayors from
ve cities told the Daily Journal yes-terday their station must remainopen.This week,the Peninsula CorridorJoint Powers Board is holding sev-eral public meetings up and downthe Peninsula to discuss drasticservice reductions,fare hikes andstation closures leading up to thedeclaration of a
scal emergencynext month by the JPB’s Board of Directors.Caltrain is considering the reduc-tion of weekday trains from 86 to just 48 to run during commute hoursonly and the suspension of weekdayservice at up to seven stationsincluding Bayshore,South SanFrancisco,San Bruno,Burlingame,Hayward Park,Belmont,SanAntonio,Lawrence,Santa Clara andCollege Park.The station in San Bruno is cur-rently undergoing a major upgradewith the construction of a newgrade-separated station that willease traf 
c in and out of downtown.“It is not practical. Especially inSan Bruno. It doesn’t make anysense to shut it down,said SanBruno Mayor Jim Ruane.The new Caltrain station in SanBruno will be a major hub in thecity that will eventually be ananchor for all of San Mateo Avenue,Ruane said.When looking at Caltrain’s
nan-cial crisis,Ruane said it may be timefor the California High-Speed RailAuthority to offer Caltrain a subsidyto keep it a
Mayors frustrated by Caltrain plan
Budget crisis may close up to seven train stations
Vol XI,Edition157
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eds. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22-27
PublisherEditor in Chie
Jerry LeeJon Mays jerry@smdailyjournal.comjon@smdailyjournal.comPhone:. . . . . . . . . . . . (650) 344-5200 Fax:(650) 344-5290To Advertise:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ads@smdailyjournal.comClassi
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Actor LeVar Burtonis 54.
This Day in HistoryInsideSnapshotThought for the Day
The nation’s
rst 911 emergency tele-phone system was inaugurated,inHaleyville,Ala.
In 1804
,Lt. Stephen Decatur led a successful raid into TripoliHarbor to burn the U.S. Navy frigate Philadelphia,which hadfallen into the hands of pirates.
In 1862,
during the Civil War,some 14,000 Confederate sol-diers surrendered at Fort Donelson,Tenn. (Union Gen. UlyssesS. Grant’s victory earned him the nickname “UnconditionalSurrender Grant.”)
In 1868
,the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks wasorganized in New York City.
In 1923
,the burial chamber of King Tutankhamen’s recentlyunearthed tomb was unsealed in Egypt by English archaeolo-gist Howard Carter.
In 1945,
American troops landed on the island of Corregidorin the Philippines during World War II.
In 1959,
Fidel Castro became premier of Cuba a month and a-half after the overthrow of Fulgencio Batista.
In 1960,
the nuclear-powered radar picket submarine USSTriton departed New London,Conn. on the
rst submerged cir-cumnavigation by a vessel.
In 1961,
the United States launched the Explorer 9 satellite.
In 1977,
Janani Luwum,the Anglican archbishop of Uganda,and two other men were killed in what Ugandan authoritiessaid was an automobile accident.“Anybody can make history.Only a great man can write it.”— Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
Kim Jong Il,thepresident of NorthKorea,is 69.Actor-rapper Ice-Tis 53.
A Patrick Dougherty original sculpture will be on display at the Palo Alto ArtsCenter at Embarcadero and Newell roads for the next two years.
The worldof maple
Sweetdoesn’t meanit’s bad for you
See pages17-19
Wall Street
Stocks fall aftersurprisinglyweak retail sales
See page 10
:Showers and isolated thunder-storms. Some thunderstorms may producesmall hail. Highs in the upper 40s.Southwest winds 15 to 20 mph.
Wednesday night:
Mostly cloudy. Achance of rain. Lows in the mid 30s. Westwinds 15 to 20 mph.
:Rain likely. Highs in the upper 40s. South winds10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.
Thursday night:
Rain likely. Lows in the upper 30s. Eastwinds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.
“This is not a matter of,‘you go first,I gofirst.’...It’s a matter of everybody having aserious conversation about where we want to go and then ultimately getting in that boat at the same time so it doesn’t tip over.” 
Barack Obama
“Obama defends his newbudget of ‘tough choices,’”see page 6
Local Weather ForecastLottoQuote of the Day
 The Daily Derby race winners are Lucky Star,No.2,in first place;Winning Spirit,No.9,in secondplace;and Eureka,No.7,in third place.The Racetime was clocked at 1:48.95.
Singer Patty Andrews is 93. Actor Jeremy Bulloch is 65.Actor William Katt is 60. Rhythm-and-blues singer JamesIngram is 59. Actress Lisa Loring is 53. International TennisHall of Famer John McEnroe is 52. Rock musician AndyTaylor is 50. Rock musician Dave Lombardo (Slayer) is 46.Rock musician Taylor Hawkins (Foo
ghters) is 39. Olympicgold medal runner Cathy Freeman is 38. Singer Sam Salter is36. Rapper Lupe Fiasco is 29. Actor Mike Weinberg is 18.Blood
ow to the brain increases whenyou think. Blood
ow increases more inthe left brain when thinking of analogiesand more in the right brain for spatialreasoning.***On “The Andy Grif 
th Show(1960-1968) the occasional prisoners at the jailhouse were fed meals home cookedby Sheriff Andy Taylor’s Aunt Bee.***Singer Perry Como (1912-2001) was theseventh son of a seventh son.***Psychologist Phil McGraw (born 1950)got his start in show business in 1998when he began appearing weekly on“The Oprah Winfrey Show”(1986-pres-ent) as a “relationship and life strategyexpert.”***New York’s
rst ticker-tape parade washeld in 1886 during the dedication of theStatue of Liberty. The most recent tick-er-tape parade was held in 2000 to cele-brate the victory of the New YorkYankees in the World Series.***Tweety Bird is owned by Granny,a littleold lady with glasses who wears hergray hair in a bun. Granny usually stopsher cat Sylvester from eating Tweety bywhacking the “puddy tat”with anumbrella.***Do you know who traveled toBrobdingnag,Lilliput,Houyhnhnmsand Glubdubdribb? See answer at end.***Joseph and Lyman Bloomingdaleopened the Bloomingdale BrothersGreat East Side Bazaar in Manhattan in1872. By 1929,the store covered anentire city block. It was the originalBloomingdale’s department store.***Singultus is the medical term for re
exspasms of the diaphragm,also called ahiccup.***Elvis Presley (1935-1977)owned a chimpanzeenamed Scatter. MichaelJackson (1958-2009) hada pet chimp namedBubbles.***In 2005,in celebrationof Disneyland’s 50thgolden anniversary,one car or vehiclefrom everyoriginal ridewas paintedgold. Forexample,Autopiahas agoldrace-car,theTeacupride hasa goldteacup,and the Dumboride has one gold ele-phant.***Queen Elizabeth of England (born 1926)has four children:Charles (born 1948),Anne (born 1950),Andrew (born 1960)and Edward (born 1964). She has sixgrandchildren:William (born 1982),Harry (born 1984),Beatrice (born1988),Eugenie (born 1990),Peter (born1977),Zara (born 1981) and Louise(born 2003).***Super Grover on“Sesame Street”(1969-present) is aparody of Superman.Super Grover’s secretidentity is GroverKent,a doorknobsalesman for Acme,Inc.***
:LemueGulliver in“Gulliver’sTravels,a 1726 novel by Jonathan Swift (1667-1745).The novel is atale of Gulliver’s fan-tastic voyages.Gulliver encoun-ters miniature Lilliputians,theresidents of  Lilliput. The inhabi-tants of Brobdingnagare giant people. Thecountry of Houyhnhnms isruled by horses.
Know It All is by Kerry McArdle. It runsin the weekend and Wednesday edi-tions of the Daily Journal.Questions? Comments? E-mailknowitall@smdailyjournal.com orcall 344-5200 x114.
(Answers tomorrow)MAUVE PAPER STRONG TYPINGYesterday’sJumbles:Answer:What the electrician discovered when hetraced his family tree — THE “GENERATORS”Now arrange the circled lettersto form the surprise answer, assuggested by the above cartoon.
by Mike Argirion and Jeff Knurek
Unscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.
©2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc.All Rights Reserved.
   N   E   W    B   I   B   L   E   J   u   m   b   l   e   B   o   o   k   s   G   o   T   o   :   h   t   t   p   :   /   /   w   w   w .   t   y   n   d   a   l   e .   c   o   m   /   j    u   m   b   l   e   /
11 30 31 33 42 8
Mega number
8 6 9
Feb.12 Super Lotto Plus
17 18 24 35 39 18
Mega number
Feb.15 Mega Millions
11 13 24 28 38
Fantasy FiveDaily three midday
295 0
Daily Four
6 8 8
Daily three evening
Stolen vehicle.
A motorcycle was stolen froma carport on the 100 block of West HillsdaleBoulevard before Sunday,Feb. 13.
. Five Coach handbags were stolen fromHillsdale Shopping Center before 3:13 p.m.Saturday,Feb. 12.
A bicycle was stolen from a storagelocker on the 2700 block of South NorfolkStreet before 6:08 p.m. Saturday,Feb. 12.
Hit and run.
A hit and run occurred on the2100 block of Shoreview Avenue before 8:03a.m. Thursday,Feb. 10.
. A storage unit was broken into onthe 2200 block of South Delaware Streetbefore 11:07 a.m. Thursday,Feb. 10.
. Items were stolen from a store on the1600 block of El Camino Real before 8:35p.m. Thursday,Feb. 10.
Suspicious circumstances
. A teenager wasshooting a pellet gun at birds on the 200 blockof Poinsettia Avenue before 3:15 p.m.Wednesday,Feb. 9.
Suspicious circumstances.
A woman wasshining a
ashlight into vehicles on BuckeyeStreet before 1:25 a.m. Sunday,Feb. 13.
Gun shots heard.
One gun shot was heard onEighth Avenue before 2:51 a.m. Sunday,Feb.13.
. A transient in a wheelchair wasasking customers for money on El CaminoReal before 1:29 p.m. Sunday,Feb. 13.
Stolen vehicle.
A vehicle was stolen fromJames Avenue before 6:58 p.m. Sunday,Feb.13.
Subject with gun
. Someone asked a womanto report a man with a gun on Second Avenuebefore 9:20 p.m. Sunday,Feb. 13.
Police reports
Addressing the problem
Someone was opening a man’s mail at theaddress where he used to live on the 1500block of Third Avenue in San Mateobefore 9:01 a.m. Tuesday,Feb. 8.
By Heather Murtagh
A parcel tax or bond measure could soon begoing before San Bruno residents as both ideaspolled well during a recent survey.One of two phone surveys were given toabout 800 likely voters in the San Bruno ParkElementary School District recently about apossible parcel tax or bond measure. Both gen-erated strong support,according to results byDale Scott from San Francisco-based DaleScott & Company that will be shared attonight’s meeting. Moving forward could bethe next step in a number of budget-relateddecisions as the district faces a de
cit over $1million in coming school years.About 70.3 percent of people polled sup-ported a parcel tax before receiving additionaldetails,which dropped to 69.5 percent at theend of the survey — still above the two-thirdspassage threshold required for the measurethat could support programs,according toScott’s report. A four-year annual tax polledfavorably at $49 and $75 levels. That wouldraise between $612,000 to $935,000 a year,depending on the level. A $96 per parcelamount would raise $1.2 million per year anda $115 per parcel would raise $1.435 millionper year,according to Scott.Voters also were supportive of a possiblebond measure at $18 or $25 per $100,000 of aproperty’s assessed value,Scott wrote. Itwould generate between $13.5 million and$18.75 million,respectively. Such a measure,normally used for capital improvements,requires a 55 percent passage rate.Although the survey covered a number of issues in the district,most of which were relat-ed to
nances,Scott’s report did not includeresults on topics like selling property,commu-nication preferences and quality of schools.Scott did not return a call or e-mail requests forfurther comment.Finances have been the focus of the many of the district’s recent conversations.It’s been relying on one-time money —$30.5 million from selling the formerSandburg site in 2005 — to cover capital proj-ects as well as gaps in funding.For the coming year,the district is estimat-ing a shortfall of $958,860 if six full-time-equivalent positions — including two elemen-tary school teachers,a reading interventionteacher and a library coach — are cut from thebudget. Without making those cuts,the districtis projecting a $1.25 million de
cit in the2011-12 school year and a negative fund bal-ance in 2012-13,according to a district stafreport. Both the budget and possible layoffswill also be discussed Wednesday.In recent history,the district has not sought alocal tax increase.An $87 annual parcel tax was considered in2008. In fact,the board voted to put it on theMarch 2009 ballot. But in November,due tofears that parents would not support the meas-ure,Trustee Jim Prescott brought the itemback. At the time,parents expressed an under-standing for the need,but did not think the tim-ing nor the approved ballot language was right.After hearing concerns,Trustee Russ Hanley,the measure’s biggest proponent,moved torescind the decision. That was approved 3-2with trustees Jennifer Blanco and KevinMartinez dissenting.San Bruno isn’t the only district consideringa tax. The San Carlos Elementary SchoolDistrict is going for a renewal of a $111 parceltax during a special May ballot and RedwoodCity Elementary School District officialsexpressed interest in pursuing a parcel taxshould the statewide tax extensions fail to passin June. Both the Millbrae and Burlingameelementary school districts have expressed aninterest in possible bond measures.
The board meets 7 p.m. Wednesday,Feb. 16 at the District Of 
ce,500 Acacia Ave. in San Bruno.
Poll shows support for school tax
San Bruno officials take steps toward ballot proposal
World Series trophymakes it to Peninsula
San Francisco Giants fans on the Peninsulawill have their chance to get close to theWorld Series trophy as it continues its tourthis week through the area.The trophy will be on display for fans toview to free and a photographer from theGiants will be taking pictures of fans with thetrophy for a cost. It is on a
rst-served basis.The trophy will be on display the followingdates and times:Wednesday,Feb. 16• 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the CourthouseSquare Plaza,2200 Broadway in RedwoodCity.Thursday,Feb. 17• 11 a.m. to 1 p.m at the Joseph A. FernekesRecreation Building,781 Tennis Drive inSouth San Francisco.• 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.,San Bruno VeteransMemorial Recreation Center,inside SanBruno City Park at the corner of CrystalSprings Road and Oak Avenue.Friday,Feb. 18• 11:30 a.m. to1:30 p.m.,Daly City Hall,330 90th St.Monday,Feb. 283:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.,San Mateo CityHall atrium,330 W. 20th Ave.
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