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11 Home Decor

11 Home Decor

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Published by sylvaniaherald

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Published by: sylvaniaherald on Feb 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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February 2011
A SpecialSupplementto
• The Sylvania Herald • February 16, 2011
    i   n   g
     w   h  e  r  e
  f  a   b  r  i  c
    i   s   e   v   e   r   y    t    h    i   n   g
 i    s   e  v  e  r    y  t   h   i    n   g 
fabrics come 
fabrics come 
- --
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“No matter where Iserve my guests, itseems they like my kitchen best.”This saying has adorned wall plaques inmany people’s kitchens, and for most indi-viduals the sentiment is quite true. The kitch-en tends to be the gathering place for thefamily. When thinking about renovating thekitchen, it pays to have entertaining in mind.It is widely known that improvementsto kitchens and bathrooms often reap thegreatest return on investment. When mak-ing changes to the kitchen, paying atten-tion to the trend of kitchen entertaining canmake the room even more valuable -- shoulda homeowner choose to sell at a later pointin time. Gearing renovations around kitchenentertaining also can make the space desire-able for current homeowners.Here are some renovation decisions toconsider that can make the kitchen an idealgathering spot for family and friends.* Space: The best kitchens for entertain-
ing are roomy and feature an open oor plan.
For homeowners who have limited space, the
rst decision may be to expand the kitchen
by building an extension on the home or tak-
ing down a wall. Many homeowners nd that
spacious eat-in-kitchens are preferable overa small kitchen and formal dining area. So if a dining room abuts the kitchen, remove thewall to create a large kitchen space.* Multiple islands: Instead of one largeisland, consider two islands. They are lesscumbersome, making it easier for guests toeasily traverse the kitchen. One island canbe set up with a prep sink and wine cooler,while the other can feature a countertop-mounted induction stovetop for convenienceand safety. A few tall stools around the backof one island can provide seating while prep-ping, or for simple conversation.* Company cleanup: Think about largesinks that can accommodate tall pots andpans, such as a double-basin apron sink.Drawer-style dishwashers can be installedso that delicate china and glassware can bewashed separately from grimy pots. Thissegregated style means homeowners cansave money by washing smaller loads asneeded.* Gathering niche: A butler’s pantry or an-other alcove equipped with beverage centerenables guests to gather in an area away fromthe main cooking and preparation space.* Breakfast nook: Cozy banquette seatingnestled next to a picture window is a greatspot for early-morning coffee or when over-night guests trickle down for a hearty break-fast. Decorative brick or stone -- or even a
replace next to the nook -- completes the
warm and fuzzy feel of the area.
* Large table: Homeowners who do a lotof hosting can benet from a table that seats
many. Purchase a large table or one that canbe expanded with a drop-in leaf.* Hidden appliances: The kitchen shouldbe decorated according to homeowners’ pref-erences. Key appliances such as dishwashers,refrigerators and even ovens can be maskedwith cabinet facing, so they blend right intothe rest of the cabinetry. A larger refrigeratorwith features for entertaining, such as roomfor platters or bakery cakes, is ideal for thehost and hostess. A separate beverage drawereliminates the need to open the refrigeratorrepeatedly, plus it’s at a great height for kidslooking for juice boxes.
* Lighting: Homeowners should consider
many different lighting sources. Pendantlights over islands illuminate these work sta-tions. Recessed lighting under cabinets canbrighten countertop areas that tend to be
dark. A chandelier or bold xture over the
table shows off the amazing meal.Because the kitchen is such a gathering
spot, renovations to this room should reecthow much foot trafc and use the kitchen
A curved countertop serves as extra seating around the prep area, while a large table isperfect for serving big meals.
Make entertaining the focal point of kitchen design
Housing trends come and go. Justthink of those avocado-colored stovesfrom the 1970s or the formica bedroomsets of the 1980s. The woodburning
replace was a must-have home acces
-sory in the early 1990s, but now it is los-ing ground to pellet stoves and greeneroptions. Here are a few other housingtrends that are going out of style andmaking room for newer designs.1. Kitchen desks: What used to be allthe rage a few years back are now beingpassed over for larger desks in familyrooms or bedrooms. Kitchen desks tendto be small and are more likely to col-lect clutter than provide a viable work-ing space.2. Carpeting: Although a little overhalf of all homes still have carpeting,
wood oors, tiles and vinyl products
are gaining ground over the once stapleof interior design.3. Skylights: The once desired win-dows on roofs have continued to de-cline in popularity. Many new homemanufacturers have nixed skylightsfrom their designs. Improperly installedskylights tend to leak and can be main-tenance nightmares.
4. Living rooms: Homeowners who
do not desire a formal living space areeschewing living rooms for all-purposerooms that provide a better place for thefamily to gather. If a person prefers theTV be separate from a sitting area, thentwo distinct rooms still may be needed.
4 once popular trends losing favor among homeowners
Expires 3/31/11
February 16, 2011
• The Sylvania Herald -
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Roughly half of all homes have hard-
wood ooring, and industry profession
-als suspect more and more homeowners
are looking to hardwood ooring for
their homes.When surveyed, 90 percent of realestate agents have said that hardwood
ooring is a desirable feature in a home.
Those agents also say property with
hardwood ooring sells faster than onewith carpeting or another ooring op
With hardwood ooring so prevalent
in homes, protecting those beautiful
wood oors is a major priority for ho
meowners. Caring for hardwood oors
only takes some common sense precau-tions and minimal maintenance. Today’s
hardwood oors are often produced with
durable sealants that protect the woodunderneath or are comprised of com-posite or reclaimed wood products. Butthat doesn’t mean precautions should betaken to further protect against potential
damage to the ooring.
* Place area rugs or mats at the door-ways entering the home. This way sand,dirt and other debris can be wiped off at the entryway and not carried onto the
wood ooring where it can cause abra
-sions over time.* Pay careful attention to which types
of shoes are worn on the oors. High
heels or cleats can damage the wood.Removing shoes prior to walking on the
oor is a safer bet.
* Choose the right type of cleaner for
the oor. Do not assume just because a
particular cleaner is adequate for wood
cabinetry or furniture that it is also nefor wood ooring. Check the label.
* Use area rugs and carpet runners on
areas of the oor that tend to be high-trafc areas. This will prevent these
areas from being worn down unevenly
from other areas of the oor.
* Do not allow water or other liquids
to stand on the oor for a long duration.
This can cause degradation of the woodand staining.* Use felt or plastic protectors on the“feet” of dining room chairs or other
furniture to prevent against scufng or
Wood ooring can be an expensive
addition to any home, but one that issought after for its aesthetic appeal. To
ensure a oor remains in good condi
-tion over the long haul, take action to
protect hardwood oors as soon as pos
Protecting hardwood foors
Homeowners can take several steps to protect their investment in timeless
and attractive hardwood foors.
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The Sylvania Herald
When presented with an empty room ina new home or apartment, most people are abit apprehensive about where to start. It can
be difcult to picture where to place a sofa or
how to arrange a chaise lounge.Although interior decorators may seem tohave the knack for knowing where to placefurniture, arranging items that are alreadyowned or new furniture is something justabout anyone can master.Before furniture can be placed, certainquestions should be answered and room lay-outs examined. Consider the following:* Is the room used to travel through to an-other room? If so, a pathway will need to beleft so that walking unhindered is possible.* Where are the doors and windows lo-cated? Furniture should not be placed whereit can interfere with a door being opened fullyor block too much light.* How is the room used? For example,furniture shouldn’t be placed in a familyroom so that individuals constantly have towalk past the television and block watchers’views. If a room is used as a sitting space, fur-niture should be geared around bookshelves
or a replace.
* What space is available? Too much fur-niture in a room can create the appearance of clutter. It can also make maneuvering around
the room difcult. Keep furniture scale and
quantity in mind when decorating. It may bewise to remove some pieces if the room isoverrun with items.Once the general idea of where furniturewill be placed is decided, it helps to take
measurements to ensure everything will t.
There’s little point hefting around heavyfurniture only to move it back to its starting
position if something doesn’t t correctly.
Making a reduced-scale model of the roomand moving paper cut-outs of the furnitureis much easier on the back than moving thefurniture itself. There also is software thatcan be installed on the computer that enableshomeowners to see how furniture will lookonce arranged.Now that the time has come to place thefurniture, follow these guidelines.* Coffee tables or ottomans should be set14 to 18 inches away from the couch. Adjustaccordingly to meet the needs of homeown-ers.* Televisions should be placed at a dis-tance three-times the size of the screen. How-ever, some of the very-large televisions willsimply have to be placed closer. Otherwisethey could very well be in the next room.* The average adult requires 20 inches of breathing room for dining room chairs. Allowan additional 16 inches of room for pushingthe chairs out to get up from the seat.
Furniture arranging 101

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