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Panunuring Pelikula

Panunuring Pelikula



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Published by eihjay-bravo-8041

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Published by: eihjay-bravo-8041 on Feb 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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0! @ao `ad s`ad{a`gjad l`jvjs`a?
@ad b`l{h`z a` e{g`z aj Movk Uj}`h `z a`djad b`l`e{h{g`a {s`ad b`h`b`a a`yja l{ad s``aoajz` yjajyjada`a `ad hjs{a`a v` l`b`z ad Kvs`az` `y l{ad s``ao b`b{g`z `ad bd` Sjhjsjao v`jv`ad e`av`ad sja`b`b`g`h``a ad bd` Kvs`azoh! Jyo `z a`jh`g`i v` s`b`b`djy`a ad bd`
a` b`ds`s`ljy` ad je`$y je`ad `vskyo ad l`az`ad e{g`z ejh`ad jv`ad b`a{a{h`y( suos`d`aijvy`( b`adjadjejd( l`jejd`a( l`s`yji( iolyou( `y `ad y`oad a`dvjhejad jvsju`vzoa v`ukeoh{vzoa a` b`dt`t`l`v v` gjaij"b`l`y`oad s`b`b`g`h` ad bd` v`ljb a` b`a`a`los a`Kvs`azoh v` `yjad e`av`!
! Y{adloh v``a o gjaddjh v``a jyo?
@ad skhjl{h`ad Movk Uj}`h `z b`jy{y{ujad jv`ad `u`h v` l`v`zv`z`a ad Sjhjsja`v! Y{adloh jyo v`ltkayo ad e{g`z ad S`be`av`ad E`z`aj ad Sjhjsja`v a` vj Movk Uj}`h! Vja`v`lh`t ad skhjl{h``ad l`az`ad e{g`z b{h` s`dl`e`y` g`add`ad v` l`az`ad l`b`y`z`a v` l`b`z ad bd` Kvs`azoha` a`b`b`g`h` v` e`av`! A`v`lvjg`a ija a`yja `ad b{aio ad bd` aoekh`ad b`hjlg`jad jvja{h`yaj Movk Uj}`h( l{ad v``a a`y{adg`z`a a`yja l{ad s``ao ajz` yjajyjada`a `ad e`av` ejh`ad jv`adhjs{a`ad a`v` l`b`z ad Kvs`az`! V` bd` aoekh`ad jyo( h`z{aja ajz` b`jljay`h v` jvjs`a ad bd`y`o `ad l`h`d`z`a ad e`av`ad Sjhjsja`v `y b`dg`a`s ad b`e{yjad h{a`v s`u` v` h{b`h`h`ad v`ljyad hjs{a`a= `ad t`h`ad"`t`ad s`ds`s`l`v`ljy v` bd` Sjhjsjao!
6! @ad s`lv` e` `z y{a`z `y b`y`s`y?
B`jy{y{ujad a` jv`ad
`lh`y ad l`v`zv`z`a a` dja`t`ad skhjl{h`
`ad skhjl{h`ad Movk Uj}`h!B`y`sov s`a{ouja `ad skhjl{h`( b`v`v`ej load y{a`z `y y`s`y `ad s`lv` i`gjh `ad ltkayo `z{bjjloy v` bd` s`adz`z`ujad a`d`a`s v` uk`hji`i `y a`jy`h` v` l`v`zv`z`a! A`jh`g`i ad b`e{yj`ad bd` b`g`g`h`d`ad s`adz`z`uj v` l`v`zv`z`a v` s`b`b`djy`a ad s`d"d`bjy ad ijuklyou ad
 skhjl{h` ad bd` nh`vge`flv a` l{ad v``a b`ljljy` a`yja `ad skyv` `y h{d`u ad s`adz`z`uj< y{h`ia`h`ad ad jv`ad e`g`dj ad skhjl{h` l{ad v``a a`v`lvjg`a a`yja `ad s`ds`sh`ao ad bd` osjvz`hkvad s`b`g`h``ad Kvs`azoh aooad 07:> v` B`h`f`ð`ad S`h`fk ad jv`ad s`u``a l{ad s``ao ajh`b`s`s`e`dv`l vj Uj}`h i`gjh a`e`hjy``a ajh` a` vjz` `ad v`agj ad bd` a`d`d`a`s a` ukeoh{vzoa!
0! S``ao jvja``zov `ad s`adz`z`uj?
Jvja``zov `ad bd` s`adz`z`uj v` jv`ad
o s`jl{y"jloy a` e`h`adl`v! B`v`v`ej a`yjad v` s`u``a a` jyo {bjloy `ad e`h`adl`v ad skhjl{h` i`gjh v` bd` nh`vge`flv( s`ds`s`ljy` ad jh`ad e`g`dj b{h` v` bd` aoekh` aj Uj}`h( n`vynout`uiv( `y je` s`ad
a`uu`yj~k foafkjyv
! V` y{hoad adbd` y`{g`a a` vja` H{jv Y`~jkh ik @aiu`ik a` dja`bs`a`a aj M`jbk N`eukd`v `y jv`ady`d`s`dhjadloi v` l{h{ad`a a` dja`bs`a`a aj Mgoad Gjh`ujo( a`v`lvjg`a a`yja `ad bd` s`de`e`hjl"y`a`t aj Uj}`h v` l`az`ad e{g`z `y `ad l`az`ad bd` boyjeo s`u` v` `yjad e`av`!
! L`tjhj"tjhj e` `ad e`adg`z?
V` s`dg`loy s`h`ad ad bd` s`u`ad`h v` je`¾y je`ad bd` njhb nkvyj~`hv ° y{h`i ad Ekvy Vfukkash`z`y Ekvy Oujdja`h Vyouz v` 0::7 BBNN `y0::: N@B@V @t`uiv( b`v`v`ej bo a` l``d`i a` `ad skhjl{h`ad jyo `z l`tjhj"tjhj `y b`s{s{l`t ajyo `ad jzoad jaykukv! Gjaij ad` `lo a`dl`b`hj(a`djad l`tjhj"tjhj `ad e`adg`z i`gjh v` b`hjlg`jad s`dv`v``zov v` bd` s`adz`z`uj v` e{g`z ajMovk Uj}`h! V` y{hoad ad bd` nh`vge`flv( a`d`t` load s`di{dy{ad"i{dy{adja `ad bd`b`g`g`h`d`ad s`adz`z`uj a` a`djad b`l`e{h{g`a s`u` v` `lja ejh`ad jv`ad b`d"``u`h! A`s{l`tad skhjl{h` `ad `ljad jaykukv i`gjh a`djad b`{vjv` `load b`h`b`a `ad l`v`zv`z`a ad skhjl{h`!@ad bd` s`adz`z`uj `z y{a`z a` a`adz`uj v` uk`hji`i a` b`ds`s`ljy` l{ad s``ao a`b{g`z `adbd` Sjhjsjao v` jv`ad e`av`ad a`v` l`b`z ad je`ad e`av`! I`gjh a`d`t`ad b`s{l`t ad skhjl{h`ad jyo `ad `ljad jaykukv( ejajdz`a `lo ad ukvsoavjejhji`i ad skjhjl{h`ad jyo ejh`ad jv`ad
b`d"``u`h a` eoh{ay`uzo load yja`add`s a` jljay`h v` `ljad jvjs`a `ad b`v`hjb{oy ad{ajyb`l{h`z a` s`ljlje`l` ad l`v`zv`z`a ad `ljad e`av`! @ad vjbshkad a`jvja load b`y`sov `ad skhjl{h` `z jv`ad s`y{a`z a` `ad e`adg`z `z a`djad l`tjhj"tjhj!
6! L`s`aj"s`ajt`h` e` `ad e`adg`z?
V` e{oad s`d"jloy ad ltkayo( a`djad l`s`aj"s`ajt`h` `ad e`adg`z i`gjh `ad ltkayo `z {bjjloyv` bd` s`adz`z`ujad a`d`a`s v` uk`hji`i `y a`jy`h` v` l`v`zv`z`a! L{ad b`s`s`avja a`yja v`bd` nh`vge`flv( a` dja`t`ad b`v l``ljy"`ljy `ad s`dl`l`d`t` v` skhjl{h`( b`zuooad bd` skyv``y h{d`u a` b`ds`s`y{a`z a` jyo$z a`d`a`s v` uk`hji`i! V` y{hoad ad `ljad l``h`b`a v`l`v`zv`z`a ad Sjhjsja`v( y{a`z ad`ad `ad bd` s`adz`z`ujad a`s`a{oi lo v` skhjl{h` `zb`ljljy` v` bd` `lh`y ad l`v`zv`z`a! Ad{ajy( b`z jh`ad suoehkb` uja `ad b```uj a`yjad b`ljy` v` e`adg`z! V` klvka`ad gja`djv ajJv`d`aj `ad h`bs`u` `y jyo¾z v{b`eod v` h`e`v ad e`g`z( b`v`v`ej a`yjad b`hj jyo i`gjh `zoa v`aoekh`ad Kh Nhje{vykujvbo( v{b`eod `ad h`bs`u` v` jhod `y a`ljy` `ad s`d"v`eod v` jh`hjb ady{ejd!
9! Jyo e`¾z s`z`l o h{eg`ad b`v`hjb{oy?
@ad e`adg`z ad skhjl{h`ad Movk Uj}`h `z b`v`hjb{oy v`s`dl`y a`ds`ljy` jyo ad b`u`bjadv{hju`aja `y a`d"{d`y s` v` b`v b`u`bjad v{hju`aja! Jv`ad s`y{a`z `z `ad s`dv{v{h`y aj Iu! MovkUj}`h ad l`az`ad bd` aoekh`! @zoa v` skhjl{h`( a`dl`v{aio `ad b`dl`s`yji a` Movk `y S`fj`aoa` b`d"``u`h vj Movk Uj}`h v` K{uos` {s`ad b`dl`uooa vjz` ad b`d`ai`ad ki{l`vzoa {s`adb`jhjdy`v `ad v`ujhjad e`z`a b{h` v` gjaij"b`l`y`oad s`b`b`g`h` ad bd` i`z{g`a! @ad s`dv{v{h`y ad bd` aoekh` aj Iu! Movk Uj}`h `z a`g`h{`a ad bd` b`v`v`b`ad h`z{aja `y jajvjs adbd` osjvz`hkv ad s`b`g`h``a a` vjh`$z lja`l`h`e`a aj Uj}`h `y `ad hjiku ad b`h`ljg`adukeoh{vzoa a` b`d`d`a`s! Jyo `z y`hjt`v v` y{a`z a` h`z{aja aj Uj}`h a` h{b`e`a a`ad gjaij

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