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Crownicle Fall 2008

Crownicle Fall 2008

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Published by evwayne

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Published by: evwayne on Aug 20, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 As members of the StanfordUniversity and Law Schoolcommunities you have ac-cess to hundreds of data- bases on innumerable top-ics. At the law library alone,the past twelve months haveseen many new additionscomplement the already substantial offerings of Lexis/Nexis, Westlaw, andHeinOnline. All of our data- bases are available from the"Online Resources" link onthe library's web page.Our most recent acquisition,
,allows you to search the fulltexts of WTO and GATTagreements, reports, andarbitration decisions. Themost outstanding feature isthe set of dispute settlementcommentaries that go along with the decisions and casereports.
Knowledge Mosaic
is adatabase and web portal forindustries subject to heavy regulation. You can use it tofind court cases, SEC filings,law firm memos, regulatory announcements, statutes,and forms in the securities,energy, and communica-tions industries.To augment
,our most popular databasethat doesn't have "West" or"Lexis" in the title, we haveadded the
Kluwer Law International JournalLibrary 
. This set of jour-nals on international andEuropean law covers topicsin business, trade, foreignaffairs, and economic inte-gration, in addition to publicand private law. You canfind the Kluwer journals inthe list of "Subscribed Li- braries" when you visit Hei-nOnline.Other significant additionsover the past year includenew titles within our onlineBNA and Making of ModernLaw collections.To BNA's library of onlinereporters we have added the"Core Plus" package, whichnow includes
EnvironmentReporter, Health Law Re-porter, Bankruptcy Law Reporter,
 White CollarCrime Report.
BNA alsofeatures the IntellectualProperty Library, consistingpartly of the
Patent, Trade-mark and Copyright Jour-nal
. If you would like to re-ceive weekly updates fromany of the BNA reporters,send an e-mail to refer-ence@ law.stanford.edu,specifying to which titles you would like to subscribe.The
Making of ModernLaw, Trials
database is thelatest arrival to our MoMLdatabases that already in-cluded the legal treatisesand Supreme Court Recordsand Briefs collections. The
database alone con-tains more than 10,000 ti-tles - and almost two millionpages of fully searchablecontent – derived from theholdings of the law librariesof Harvard and Yale, as wellas The Library of the Bar of the City of New York. His-tory enthusiasts can readabout courtroom dramas between 1600 and 1926 thatrocked society in America,England and the British Em-pire. The texts give insightsinto familial relations andgender conventions, andmay be the best source avail-able for nineteenth-century divorce and marriage. Many trials engage important his-torical issues, including theDred Scott case and theScopes Monkey Trial.The law library also sub-scribes to a number of sin-gle-user databases. If youare interested in conductingresearch with any of these,please come see us at thereference desk.
 Art Newspaper
-- Coversall aspects of the art marketand the issues affecting it.
-- The largestdatabase for legal researchin India.
LexisNexis Recht
— A new German legal researchtool, which has about 8,000federal rules of law, a wideselection of EU laws, andmost of the laws of the 16federal states.
-- A full library of academic e-books on all top-ics, including law. As always, should you haveany questions about re-searching with or accessingany online resource, drop usa line at
,or, even better, stop by andpay us a visit.
FALL 2008
The occasional newsletter of the Robert Crown Law Library
Looking for a movie to watch? We have lots of films available, includ-ing the ones picturedabove. Just stop by theloan desk and makesome popcorn. Takethem home for a week!
 We are proud to continue our series of authors holding readings/discussions/signings of their works. These readingsare open to anyone. The authors’ books will be available for purchase. All readings are held in the 2nd floorof the Library in the ReferenceLounge.Home-baked sweets will be served!Feel free to bring a brown bag lunch.Upcoming Reference LoungeReadings:
Paul Goldstein,
 A Patent Lie
September 4, 200812:45 pmCo-hosted by Stanford Law and Tech-nology Association (SLATA).
 A Patent Lie
, the new novel by PaulGoldstein, trumps John Grisham's work in every way—character, setting,plot and the prose—and gives readersinterested in the drama of a high-valuelegal case a great reward for their at-tention.” — Alan Cheuse, NPR's
 AllThings Considered
Richard Ford,
The Race Card 
November 20, 200812:45 pm"Richard Ford has come along and donethe impossible: He's rendered a book about the relationship between Blacksand Whites in America in Technicolor.Engagingly written and urgently argued,Ford's take on how identity politics in America have gone horribly  wrong manages to be both provocativeand fair.” — Dahlia Lithwick,
col-umnistCome hear Professor Ford talk about his book and his appearance on the ColbertReport
( www.comedycentral.com/colbertreport/videos.jhtml?videoId=156553
 Past Reference Lounge Readings:
Barbara Olshansky 
 Democracy Detained 
 November 20, 2007
 Yifat Holzman-Gazit
 Land Expropriation in Israel
  April 10, 2008Suggestions for future Reference LoungeReadings? Please share your ideas withany library staffer or by emailingreference@law.stanford.edu. Studentauthors—this means you too!
Bloomberg, the provider of busi-ness and financial news data has been expanding into the legalarena as well. Its 'Bloomberg Law'service is described as an “all inclu-sive tool providing in-depth legalanalysis, filings, opinions, real-time and archival news, indexes,rankings, company and biographi-cal information, research andstreaming live trial coverage on asingle, integrated desktop plat-form.” We are very pleased withthe free docket information avail-able on Bloomberg. Access is via either of the two dedi-cated Bloomberg terminals on thefirst floor of the law library or,more conveniently, using'Bloomberg Anywhere' together with a biometric device (called the'B-Unit') on any com-puter connected to the Internet.Bloomberg representatives visit thelaw school periodically throughoutthe year.Library staff and newly arrivingadvanced degree students will re-ceive training August 13-15, 2008.Later,
during the week of Mon-day, September 29
, Bloombergrepresentatives will return to regis-ter/distribute B-Units to and train2Ls and 3Ls (as well as any 1Ls who indicate special interest inBloomberg services).If you have any questions, pleasestop by the reference desk or sendan e-mail toreference@law.stanford.edu.
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The library maintains online Digital Reserves, which include lots of materials, including past exams (with some model answers).For more information, please visit the library's main page at: www.law.stanford.edu/library 
 CourseWork is Stanford's onlinecourse management system and very easy to use.Each of your law school classeshas a course site. Instructorsuse CourseWork (some morethan others) to email you classannouncements, post coursesyllabi and reading assign-ments.
Can’t find your course sites?
 After logging into CourseWork, you will see a row of individualtabs along the top of the page,starting with My Workspace. All course sites are ordered by term in ascending order, thenalphabetically by department(e.g., F08-LAW-222-01). Note,additional course sites may befound in the "
" drop-down menu to the far right.By the way, you can add your-self to most Law School coursesites without signing up for theclass in Axess – this is really helpful during the “shoppingperiod.” But, please note that“registering” for a class inCourseWork is not the same asregistering for it via Axess.The library helps facilitateCourseWork development andcan assist you with any Course- Work course site.If you have any questionsabout CourseWork, just stop by the reference desk or sendan e-mail toreference@law.stanford.edu.
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On the main floor of the library there is a new exhibit featuring the documentary photogra-phy of Geoffrey King (‘09).The exhibit features 36 black and white photo-graphs of political demonstrations rangingfrom a sit-in at UC Berkeley on the first day of the Iraq War in 2003, to the Republican Na-tional Convention protests in New York, to agrassroots POW/MIA commemoration at the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, DC, toCamp Casey in Texas. Included in the exhibitare photographs of presidential candidatesBarack Obama and John McCain, famed whis-tleblower Daniel Ellsberg and his wife Patricia,and British peace activist Brian Haw, amongothers. Many more photographs are compiledin a pre-production copy of Geoffrey’s forth-coming book,
Liberty Portrait Studio
, which will also be on display.
Geoffrey will talk about the people andevents behind these compelling photosat the exhibit opening on Friday, Sep-tember 5th at 12:45pm on the first floorof the library.
Examples & Explanations
If you are in need of some extra study aids duringexams, look no further than the library’s com-plete collection of 
Examples & Explanations
  books from Aspen Publishers.Our set resides in the Eyles Aisle (leading to theelevator in the 2nd floor stacks), courtesy of Tho-mas Eyles (SLS, ‘61) and Kay Eyles.

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