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The Gospel COMPLETE in PDF

The Gospel COMPLETE in PDF

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Published by Joshua Tucker
This is a tool for teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others one-on-one.
This is a tool for teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others one-on-one.

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Published by: Joshua Tucker on Feb 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Table of Contents
verview & Creation
2. The Fall
3. Jesus
Life & Claims
Page 10
4. Jesus
Death & Resurrection
Page 14
Why Jesus Came
Page 18
6. Our Response
Page 22
Class Summary
Page 26
1. Overview &
For the Teacher
Purposes of Lesson:
To understand where the student is in their perspective.
To explain the gospel simply.
To explain where people came from.
To explain that the main question is whether we will trust God or ourselves.
1. Introduction
2. The Gospel
3. Creation
4. The Question
 Introduction to Study
Personal note
: Today we’re going to start a study of the greatest story ever told. I’mso excited to share with you what has been the greatest message I have ever heard,that has completely changed my life for the better.
 Q –
What have you heard about Christianity?
Overview of lessons –
We are going to begin a study together of the Gospel. “Gospel”literally means “good news,” and we’re going to look at what “good news” God hasfor all people, everywhere. In this first lesson I want to us to overview the gospel andget an idea of the skeleton so we can get the big picture. We’ll also start the story indepth a little bit today by looking at creation. Then, as we continue, we’ll look atJesus and what He has to do with you and me.
How we’ll study -
What we’re going to do is look at the Bible, and then I’ll commentsome based on what we read. Throughout I’ll ask some discussion questions so we cantalk about it together, and I also want you to feel welcome to ask me any questions atall as we’re going through. I can’t promise that I’ll have the answer, but I’ll try toresearch and answer any questions you have to the best of my ability.
 Q –
How can we know if we’re going to Heaven or not when we die?
The Gospel Overview
Introduction –
Before we get into an in-depth study of The Gospel, I want us to getthe basic story, the skeleton, in our minds so you can have an idea of where we’regoing.
1. God created us to be with Him.
The Bible teaches that God is good, and that Hecreated everything that exists. He made people so that we could enjoy an intimaterelationship with Him. He promised that if we lived His way, life would go well and Hewould fulfill all our needs.
2. We have rebelled against Him.
The first man, Adam, decided to break thatrelationship with God. God told him not to eat one piece of fruit, but Adam didn’ttrust God and ate it anyway. When he did that, he sinned. We all do that every day.When we lie, cheat, hurt other people, honor other things above God, and actselfishly we’re basically telling God that we don’t trust Him, and that our ways arebetter than His ways. Because we’ve rebelled against Him like this, the only thing leftfor us is eternal punishment.
3. Jesus paid our price of rebellion.
But the great news is that God loves us eventhough we continually rebel against Him. So He came to Earth as a person, Jesus, tosave us from ourselves. He paid our price of rebellion by being tortured and killed ona cross 2,000 years ago. He paid that price for all people, everywhere. He loves us somuch that He died to bring us back into a relationship with God so that not only willwe not be punished, but we’ll get to be His children again and experience life in thebest way possible.
4. We can reject His love.
But we can choose to reject that love. We can choose thatwe’d rather live whatever way we want to, or that we don’t believe it, or that we’vegot better things to do. If we do that, God will have to punish us. No matter if weever seek God out or not, doing nothing is still rejecting His free gift. He wants to bewith us, but there’s nothing He can do if we refuse His love.
5. We can accept His love.
But we can also choose that we do need God, and thatwe want to accept that sacrifice that Jesus made for us. We can choose to trust inthat sacrifice and trust that God knows what’s best for us. If we do that we can notonly be forgiven for our rebellion, but we can then experience life in the mostfulfilling way possible. This love is free for anyone who wants it, no matter what baddecisions they’ve made in their lives. It’s not about being a better person, butunderstanding that none of us are good people, and that only Jesus’ sacrifice canmake us into good people. God loves us so much that He desperately wants us toaccept His love, but we can also choose to reject it. He loves you very much, and Hewants to be with you. He desires for you to choose Him.
Q –
Is there any part of this that sounds different from what you’ve heard aboutChristianity?

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