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Midnight Sun Chapter 13 Treaty

Midnight Sun Chapter 13 Treaty

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Sean Phillip Alexander Harrison on Feb 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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13. Treaty 
Driving around the outskirts of folks alone had always been by favourite pastime, not for thespeed or the danger,
I ran faster and there was never any danger,
nor for the car’s they
were toys, it had always been for the silence, it was such a rare gift, too distant for the humof peoples internal ramberling to register.I seen it coming, another decision I needed to make, or did I? I ignored it, lost in my ownpersonal mindless chatter.
It had been twenty four minutes and sixteen seconds since I last breathed, I was travellingmy default pace over a hundred at least,
I had left Bella,
thrown her to the wolfs as it were.
The monster was quiet; cowering under my controlled rage, the complete injustice of myexistence came to attention.I was a vampire, my human life gone. Literarily
Sucked from me at seventeen, I was amonster.
I no longer had a life that was taken from me; an existence thrust in its stead.
for all eternity.Eighty years resisting what I craved, yearned, longed for. Taming the monster inside myhead. Resisting it, battling it, enduring its mocking, socialising with my food,
 playing with it.
Hunting animals moving from place to place, being inconspicuous, hiding.I always had a sense of what I was doing throughout this existence, People I should neglect,People I could trust, places where I could go, places I should avoid, and weather I must
avoid. However everything in my current predicament was strangely like belle’s thinking,
backward.I was avoiding the places I could go, and going to places I should avoid, neglecting people Ishould trust, and trusting the people I should neglect.I knew I was either running toward Bella or running away from her now, never staying still, Iknew I would have to find some way to hold my ground, Which I wanted to so deeply, couldSaturday be the day I could hold my ground?As now I found that soon, I would be venturing into weather I usually must avoid, with aperson I should neglect.Why... was I doing this? Agenised all my better judgement, what for? What was I trying toprove? For love? No not the same thing as love, but tied up in it inextricably.I was compelled It was a problematic thing to contemplate. So many sides to it, so manydifferent meanings and levels.
 The dull ache was still there, the venom there, the tension there, I would need to breatheher scent if I am ever going to resist, I knew I would visit Bella tonight, later when she wouldbe sleeping. The monster liked that.I had not ventured to see her the other night; I wanted to, craved to, yearned to, ever sincemeeting her, keeping my distance was one of the countless problems with the situation.I closed my eyes as I took a deep breath, her the scent hit me the same way as the first day,the invisible force penetrating me, crippling my resolve, her scent was potent, the heat fromthe car melting her scent into the fabric of the seats, I inhaled again, and again forcing mymuscles to relax with each breath.Inhaling again, this time closing my mouth and widening it without opening my lips, forcingthe venom to be absorbed, beating back the fire crawling up my throat, trying to get used tothe feel of intentionally torching my throat.The scent was calming me, numbing me, taking away the monsters controlled anger,replacing it, calm and thirst, mild thirst.With each breath I felt calmer.The monster was all but contained now.I was approaching the intersection, the decision I was avoiding was approaching again. Do Icontinue to drive around Forks in a never ending circle, like my existence? Or do I hold myground?For the first time in my pastime, my
, I wished that someone; “
was with me, shealone could tell me the consciences of my decision, but never fully understanding thereasons behind it.I made the decision.heading north away from forks, the thirty minute drive took me less than ten, speeding pastthe odd car here and there, catching quick outraged thoughts as I over took them, turningright at the next intersection, this route like so many others was memorized.The road was coming to an end, as I knew it would eventually.Hitting the gas harder as the last few hundred yards crept closer; I jammed the steeringwheel hard right, as the car flung round to a perfect three hundred and sixty motion andslammed on the breaks, as the car parked itself on the narrow shoulder of the road.
The road had ended by the edge of ominous forest, there was a small neglected weatherbeaten wooden sign, this was pointing to the trail at the end of the road, the engravedlettering completely illegible I already knew where this led, my destination was on the leftopposite, through the forest.I walked to the boot of my car and took out my jacket, the jacket I had lent to Bella at PortAngeles, being away from her scent was not something I planned on doing this evening
 , If anyone was watching they would assume I was cold 
, I half smiled at the thought as I slid the jacket on and headed towards the forest.I walked in to the unwelcoming canopy of darkness,
unfazing my eyes, I wasn’t moving at
my normal pace, I knew where I was going and how long it would take to get there, but Inever imagined bringing anyone else with me. To me this had always been my place;
therefore I needed to make sure someone who didn’t possess my ability’s could reach it.
The journey was almost flat; there were a few obstacles however, there were fallen treetrunks in my way, boulders blocking the path, moss covering everywhere in sight, this
normally wouldn’t provide to be an obsta
cle, however Bella could slip on a flat surface,there were
one hundred and seventy one possible places she could slip. My mind waskeeping track 
, but nothing that I couldn’t assist with.
 It took me over an hour to reach my destination, I was travelling quicker now havingdiscovered that there were no serious complications with the planed route, it would takeseveral hours to travel the short distance, at human speed.I stepped out the forest through the ferns into my Meadow; it was a small place completelysymmetrical, the sound of that river in the distance, it was covered with flowers.I inhaled the scent off my jacket as I cast my mind back, running through the Visions Alicehad given me, Bella with me in my meadow, the sun light on my face sending rainbowsparkles of light on to hers, dancing across her hair, my head on her chest. Hearing her heartbeat.It was perfect; I would remember this moment, even if this ends badly, I had to pull theimages from my head; this was painful to do.However this was not the reason I came here. The reason was not pleasant.I could recall every memory perfectly as if it was happening right in front of me, as long as itwas under ninety years or so, after which they start degrading, piece by piece sliding awaytill I could only catch glimpses and whispers, the rest of my family however, couldremember every detail of their existence, there life however was subjective.I somehow could not retain the memories, this was due to the fact that I was constantly,unwill
ingly, hearing other people’s thoughts as well as their
memories, at least this wasCarlisle theory.

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