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Restaurant Success Tips

Restaurant Success Tips

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Published by Ninepax Mridli
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Published by: Ninepax Mridli on Feb 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mr. Idli
My 10 points to improve your restaurant business
1. RISK: REWARD2. Bad Planning = Bad Market Mix3. Where is your USP (Unique Selling Point)?4. Your menu is lengthy and confusing to your customers5. You are hardworking but not smart!6. Simpler, the better!7. Pricing is not strategized.8. You lack Marketing skills.9. SWOT Analysis will save you.10. How are your negotiation skills? Do you Bargain at all?
Risk: RewardIn a hotel business, risk is always our companion. If you do not like to risk then, you shouldnot get into restaurant business but, if you risk than, no looking back. Who knows you maycreate a fortune out of your business. Always be prepared for your risk that you are about to face. Never do things according to what you feel is right because, what you may like maynot be liked by others. Obviously, you cannot force your customers to visit your restaurant forcibly. So, please make sure that you plan well and be prepared for the risk. Therestaurant business is tough. Everyone in it knows it. Everyone looking to get in it ignoresit. Restaurant business is the worst business to get into and I feel horrible that this kind of statement is coming from my end, which helps restaurants to be successful. I cannot lie toyou, many restaurants shut down soon after they open. It’s just so quick that you will feelsorry that you could not even experience the restaurant which is shut down now!
Restaurants fail with years passing by with increased rates to shut down. But, still youwant to risk yourself because there is always a reward for your risk!You need to open your restaurant in the right location with right menu and with the right price. Your market will pay back all your investment in short period of time. There arebrands which have proved to have exceeded their monthly sales more than what they haveassumed to be. You see, the risk is anonymous yet, your reward is beyond expectations.You need a right brand, consultants, someone who has many years of experience in thisindustry and have seen the business in making and also business in destroying.Bad planning= Bad Market MixPlanning is everything about what you actually want. Never the less you must start planning if you have a dream. Proper planning will lead to proper execution and results willfollow up. You should never depend on the employees whom you hire to plan yourrestaurant concept. You must have a good product to have in the right place withcompetitive pricing.Where is your USP (unique selling point)?Your customers must visit your restaurant even though you have many competitors aroundyour restaurant. You think your food is good and you think you have a billion dollar idea oryou feel that customers will stand in queue to just to have your food than, it’s a big bigmistake which many restaurant owners have done and they have closed down theirbusiness.What is your unique selling point? I asked the same question to a 45 years experiencedrestaurant owner and he said “it’s our food and the service which makes it unique from theother”. I say what the heck! It is not about your food, your service or even your restaurant decoration. It is about how you get beyond those things! I guarantee you that yourcompetitor thinks the same thing, and they are telling everyone about their best serviceand foods. Please do not make this mistake. Start thinking differently, produce a concept which will make people like to dine at your restaurant. I am not advising you not to providegood food and service but, you need to provide good food and service and apart from that you need to have the word UNIQUE added to it.Hmmm well, what is unique selling point then? It is emotion my friend. You are creatingemotion in the minds of your customers to dine at your restaurant. As far as I haveobserved over the years of my service in this restaurant industry, customers carry emotionalong with them and they keep it in their minds for long time. They may forget about the
food and the service and also they may forget that they had to wait for many hours to get their food on their table but, they will always carry the emotion that you created.Your menu is lengthy and confusing to your customersThis is a cyanide my friend. You have a lengthy menu than, you lack focus. You think it’sgreat to have lengthy menu than you are completely wrong. You think you are giving morechoices to your customers than, you are wrong again my friend but, you are confusing yourcustomers. You think you need to cater to everyone and you add all the things which willruin your business in matter of time. You cannot please every one. Common, Please do not try to please everyone. You are not creating more reason for your customers to come back.You need to create a simple menu where your customers can explain their friends andfamily more easily and that will create a fantastic marketing called “word of mouth”. Do not waste your time and also your customers’ time as the customers will take more time tochoose and order thus reducing your cover turnover. For every minute they are NOTordering, you are NOT making money for the seat they are occupying. Take my advice if you want to be successful in your restaurant business and take this advice more seriously.You will make the maximum revenue only at your peak hours and do not expect any minormistakes to steal that opportunity away. You will make up to 100% of your returns in yourpeak hour than the lazy hours for a week. If your customers are not ordering quickly andfood is not served quickly than you are not making enough on your return.Bigger your menu, bigger will be responsibilities. A responsibility comes through painfulinventories, more ingredients, more preparation time and more to stock. More of unusedstocks will surely bring you to a loss, sometimes you can expect theft as you are not able tokeep an account of your painful purchase, receive, store and issue process. I have seensituations where they care little for storage rooms and improper storage will lead tospoilage, spillage and even food poisoning. Lesser the items in the Menu than, lesser theinventories and lesser stock to be maintained. As a chef I have always absorbed that eventhe chefs’ risk themselves as they have to prepare multiple items at the same time.Sometimes they will pass on the food without tasting and it may end up with not comingback customers. Please keep your menu simple, easy to understand and focused!!!You are hardworking but not smart so, you think you can cook very good dish? You feel that you have all the world knowledgeabout the food? You think just because your father used to run a restaurant and you feel

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