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Class War Issue 82

Class War Issue 82

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Published by couchtripper

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Published by: couchtripper on Aug 20, 2008
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Issue 82
Winter 2001
News, views, war, sex, hospitalised coppers and much, much more!
2Class War Issue 82
The USAs Frankstein’s Monster 
The scenes as they emerged in New Yorkwere literally unbelievable, they lookedlike scenes from a fiction, from a bloodand gore Hollywood spectacular. It tooktime for the realisation that within theseburning collapsing buildings and aroundthe surrounding streets, ordinary peoplewere being crushed and burned andsuffocated in their thousands. The attackshad been planned to coincide at 0900 atime when the maximum number of people would be at the centres and thestreets would be grid locked withmorning traffic. The building’s ascentres of administration of the Statemachine, as symbols of AmericanImperialism were strategic but theAmerican people themselves en-masswere equally the intended target.the ones in New York.Closer to home Belgrade was devastateduntil the Serbian people came en masseto stand on their own bridges daring theBritish and Americans to bomb them.More than
2 million
Iraqi people, mainlywomen and children have died in recentyears as a result of bombs, disease andstarvation caused by the US imposedsanctions. American foreign policy (andtherefore most of Britain’s) in the Islamicworld has centred around support for Saudi Arabia, whose ruling class is anIslamic totalitarian royal dictatorship - aswell as support for Pakistan’s governmentwhich at present is an Islamified militarydictatorship - both these reigns haveused the most backward elements of Islam for social control. It's nocoincidence that Saudi Arabia is whereAl Quada gets most of it's money andrecruits.Double standards everywhere abound,Israel is given an exemption to carry onthe most vulgar forms of imperialism andgenocide, whilst the United Nations isrendered impotent by the veto of the USand Britain every time the subject israised. Racism, apartheid and slaverycan bediscussedglobally butwhen Israel isagendered theUS walks out.The USA hasn'tchampioneddemocracyeven on itsterms and atevery hand hasvetoed thewhole of theUnited Nationsin defence of the terroriststate of Israel.Whatever America and her British supporterslaunch it will not be a war againstterrorism, only the particular terroriststhey do not like.It will not be a war in defence of ‘democracy’ except the sort that ignoresthe views of Asians, Africans,Arabs and Latin Americans. Americadoes not represent ‘civilisation’ if by thatit is meant people of differentsocial and political and religioustraditions who reject ‘the American way’are ipso facto ‘uncivilised’. The genuinehorror of people world wide, against massmurder must not be itself high jacked bypublic relations departments cheer leading US Foreign Policy.Perhaps the powers that be in the USstate have become so gorged on their own apparent unmatchable power, sounquestionably superior now that the socalled SovietUnion hascollapsed thatthey are
themarch of God through theworld.
Perhapsin their arrogance theythought thesesituations wouldcarry on withoutmassivereaction. For solong they have scared themselves withnightmares of one of many third worldcountries or resistance groups gainingsome weapons of mass destruction, thatthey scoured the world looking for atombombs and germ war capacities,forgetting the first rule of guerrillastrategy, to use
the enemies
weapons.It has long been a fact that it would notbe some cruse missile which would hitAmerica, but a man carrying a smallsuitcase with a high explosive device. If one could crash even a small plane intoa nuclear power station it isunnecessary to develop a nuclear strikecapacity of your own, America is full of them.In this context just how can Blare andBush root out ‘terrorism’ so this cannever happen again? The truth is whilethere is injustice and oppression andpeople are denied basic rights to beheard, and without that, injustice isorganised into a political and socialmovement, someone somewhere willalways be capable of striking back, andfrequently as we have seen here and inIreland often without thought for innocentcausalities or fear of killing ordinarypeople.The only way tostop terrorismis to end
of terrorism.So who did thedeed? Almostcertainly it isrelated to theMiddle East for the reasonsoutlined aboveand manymore unstated.The spectre of Afghanistanand the Saudidissident Bin Laden raises still more glutsof hypocrisy, these “extremistfundamentalists” were trained, armed,equipped and funded by the AmericanCIA and British special forces.They were hailed as “freedom fighters”in the 1980s as they attacked themodest social and sexual progressbeing made by the left leaning Afghanmilitary government. They were portrayedas the David fighting the Russian Goliathas they decapitated and tortured Sovietsoldiers. These were at that time Britain’s“democrats” they were on “our side” atthat time. Most despicable of all was thedirect manipulation of the British mediato reinforce this message.The ITN newscaster Sandy Gall livedamongst the Afghan mujhaadeen for months at a time and filed glowingreports for British television (andprobably MI6).The evil Sovietswere defeatedand the westernmedia wenthome. The cureturned out to beworse than thedisease.Millionsof people havesince voted withtheir feet,desperate toescape from theGeorge W and Mr TonyIn the 1960s Muhammed Ali said that the(black) people of America had noargument with the Vietcong as
“No Viet Cong ever called me a nigger” 
- Islamicfundamentalism has murdered sixthousand Americans. No state, nosociety - imperialistic or peoples’republic - could ignore such attacks. Our answer is the only answer possible -international Class War.We are revolted by the loss of the life,unequivocally and unconditionallyrevolted and appalled. However thisincident cannot be staged managed byBlair and Bush into some kind of imperialist bandwagon, which can nowroll on through the world enforcing their equally horrific agenda on the back of the carnage, and sowing still more seedsof destruction, which like September’sattack will have the potential of reapingwhirlwinds of still more death and devas-tation in return.Blair’s absurd attempt to gather “theBritish people” into the conflict and tryand send throughout the country afeeling of fear and involvement by flightbans and travel blocks, tear jerking phonein’s, sombre faced minute by minutenews reports etc. are preparation for awidespread and probable indiscriminaterevenge attack involving British forces.Blair’s attempt to make this a war between “democrats versus terrorists” ig-nores the fact that these attacks
indiscriminate, they could not just aswell have been made against NewZealand or Oslo, they were tightlytargeted on the USA (and may yet alsobe targeted on Britain.) Why? Cananyone say they don’t know
Americaand possibly in future Britain?Despite the horror of the attack it mustbe said that this was
,bloodthirsty and disproportionate, butretaliation and revenge for decades of American (and British) bombing of cities around the world, and in particular the Muslim world. Libya, Sudan, and of course almost daily Iraq, have seen USand British bombers with untouchableunstoppable fire power devastate citiesand massacre innocent civilians just likeSupport for the Palestinians is worldwideIslamic regimes in Iran, Afghanistan andother countries, yet ITN and others backedup and went home. That Islamicfundamentalism has even less to offer theworld than its Christian counterparts canbe seen on the desperate faces of the men,women and children trying to get out of these countries in recent years and live indignity elsewhere.Odd, isn’t it. Now all over the world littlechickens are flapping their wings andlooking to come home to roost. Thepotential to ratchet this whole nightmareup another few notches and take the worldnearer the edge is very close. If Bush goeson some “take no prisoners”crusade and launches a blood bath againstthe whole Arab and Muslim world, with Blair and Israel baying at his side, we canexpect decades of similar attacks andcounter attacks. This will end uppervading more and more levels of society and dividing countries andpeople globally on religious and ethnicgrounds in a way never seen before.The alternative, short of a socialist world -and that is the only real tangiblealternative - is for the US to reassess itsrole in the Middle East and seek anhonourable and just settlement. It requiresactually listening to the Arab world. Thatwould require a major shift in US foreignpolicy which is probably outwith thecapacity of George W. That being the casethe storm clouds are likely to get muchdarker in the coming days and years.Once that happens the actual issues andcauses of the problem will get lost in thepolitics of the last bullet bomb or atrocity.We must be clear not to get drawn intothis, these wars are not in the interest of the working class. The working class worldwide are brother and sisters, we have aworld to share in equality. mutual respectand justice.It will require the citizens of the UnitedStates themselves tearing down thePentagon and centres of internationalcapitalism and imperialism. It will requirethe Jewish and Palestinian working classstanding
against racist,supremacist, and fundamentalistideologies. It requires those crushed bythe Taleban to rise up.Most importantly it requires us all to standaside from state manipulation andhypocrisy.Yesterdays bogeyman - Colonel Gaddafi
Class War Issue 823
Two HospitalisedCoppers For ThePrice Of One!
If They Had Brains They WouldBe Dangerous!
Welcome to the easiest column to writein the whole paper, our regular round upof police intelligence!
City of London Police
Let’s start with the lions of J18, CityPolice. Our commiseration’s go out toPC Norman Ladzrie, who is suing hisformer employers after an unfortunateincident on a self-defence course. Whilstwell trained in the art of defence againstknife attacks, PC Ladzrie was not soaccustomed to having a 17 stoneinstructor fall on him whilst armed with arubber knife, and has been invalided outof the force with spinal injuries. Lookslike we will all have to fatten up a bit intheir act together. What better way toreport the scenes after officers in twopatrol cars opened fire on each other whilst searching for a stolen patrol car.Only after 20 rounds had been fired didthey stop. Now that’s what we call friendlyfire!
Proof that it is tough at the top comesfrom
Sussex where the race to replacedisgraced Chief Constable PaulWhitehouse has got off to a somewhatsluggish start. Despite offering £105,000per annum only one officer returned acompleted application form to replace thetrigger happy Mr Whitehouse. As 16
"Piss off, copper"...
time for the next May Daydemonstrations.
Fife Constabulary
After a hard day shuffling paper in theoffice what better for a senior policeoffice to do than pursue his hobby. Oneperson who pursues his hobby withvigour is Chief Inspector Robin Lumsden,who is well known in Fife for havingpublished 14 books on Nazi uniforms andregalia. Before slipping out of oneuniform and into another, CI Lumsdencan be spotted driving home with his ownpersonalised number plate on his car -N5DAP - about as close as you can getto the initials of Hitler’s party the NSDAP.Could we invite CI Lumsden to follow hishero all the way by hiding in the coalbunker for a few weeks before blowinghis brains out?
British Transport Police
We were sorry to read of theprosecution of Inspector Stephen Craske,head of the Criminal Justice Unit of theBTP. Upon being handed over 700 fileson London Underground fare dodgers,Inspector Jaske was allegedly heard toannounce
“What’s this crap and how dowe get rid of it?” 
Mr Craske admitted ripping up 727 filespassed to him by London Undergroundrevenue protection officers, but denied acharge of perverting the course of jus-tice. Well done Mr Jaske!
Following their humiliation at 1999’santi-capitalist protest, we are pleased toreport that Seattle police have now gotforms had been sent to senior policeofficers who had expressed an interest,this leads to the obvious conclusion that15 out of the 16 changed their minds. Or alternatively that they could not fill out theform. We know which we suspect.
Thames Valley
Congratulations to the bank robbers inThame who before attempting to drag acash machine from the HSBC, took theprecaution of locking the gates of thelocal police station. It was over an hour before Thames Valley’s finest escapedfrom their own station, prompting a“security review” to prevent futurereoccurrences. Perhaps next time theycould use the large wooden thing in themiddle of the wall that opens outwards?Finally, we return across the Atlantic for our winner this issue
You could not makeup the
organisation formed by
Officer Jack McLamb
Police AgainstThe New World Order.
could bespotted in Jon Ronson’s Channel 4series “
” and also in The Universityof East Anglia’s book on the US militiamovement
“Homegrown Revolutionaries: An American Militia Reader”.
The basic grist of PANW’s gripe appearsto be that the police should not be goinground shooting militia members,confiscating guns or burning to deathmembers of religious cults. We couldpossibly recognise this position asprincipled if the US police had not done just that to groups like the Black Panthers,the American Indian Movement or goingfurther back the American Anarchistmovement. Either way, if there is a newworld order Mr Lamb, you and your members appear to be very much part of it!
I Could N’t
In yet another vain attempt to increaserecruitment to the police, variouscelebrities and sports stars have beenrecruited to the televised “I Could N’t”adverts. When it comes to police careers,its not surprising that the cops prefer toturn to celebrities rather than theexamples provided by their own officers.Whilst media attention was focused onthe plight of the anti-capitalistdemonstrators returning from Genoa, theDaily Mail (!) published video stillsshowing police brutality alive and kickingin Wakefield, Yorkshire, after a localresident filmed a police officer kickingand punching a man before arresting him.The class war does not just happen atevery summit of world leaders and their authoritarian travelling circus. The enemyis with us every breathing day, and a lotcloser to home than Genoa! Class War is pleased to report that the clobberingbobby of Clavendon Street has beenmoved to a safe house after some classconscious soul with a strong sense of  justice smashed the windows on hishouse!
Not So Canny
Our favourite poster of the 2001 electionhas to be the Conservative’s “You PaidThe Tax - Where Are The Police?” InLiverpool, not an area the Tories knowwell, this was placed in a prominentlocation where it could be seen in all itssplendour by thousands of people everyday - directly opposite MerseysideConstabulary Headquarters in CanningPlace. As the building is only eightstorey’s high, it was perhaps easy for the Tories to miss!
United Nations?
Anyone wondering whether racism servedany ideological purpose for thechampions of capital in our “globalised”world should have been left in little doubtafter the farce of the UN worldconference on racism. The idea of theconference was, straightforwardly, todeliver a bland statement, agreed by allparticipating states, to the effect thatracism was an “evil” which all “worldleaders” unequivocally denounced.Logically, therefore, racism would nolonger be the property of those “worldleaders” - all now self-declared antiracists - but only now the currency of athuggish minority outside the ambit of “civil society”. The problem for the UNthough was, that, come the day, thereliance of the major players upon either direct oppression or racist manipulationto secure their rule was such that thedeclaration was effectively scuppered.The European states would not play ballif Zionism was equated with racism.India too if casteism was so compared.The US would allow no discussion of reparations for US profit from slavery.China would allow no discussion of itsrole in Tibet. The “rainbow coalition”collapsed.
In Class War 81 we reviewed the excel-lent
Coal Was Our Life
by Royce Turner.We should have said that the book is pub-lished by Sheffield Hallam University NOTSheffield University Press. Whoops.
Now that’s what we call a glorioustwelfth!
This issues first hospitalised cop-per comes from across the water in NorthBelfast. Rioting flared against the RUC inRepublican areas after the usual loyalistmarches on July 12th, and this little piggiewalked head first into a rock. Talk aboutsleeping on the job!Our second bloodied bobby is PC JohnTait who get a broken nose, black eyeand smashed teeth in Glsagow, after police evicted protestors from theGovanhill baths. Police took control of thebaths after a 141 day protest by localcampaigners trying to keep it open. PCTait described the violence as the worsthe had seen in 23 years as a policeman.Lets hope he does not have to waitanother 23 years to see its like again!
“All the police, armies, secret services, prisons and executions in the world cannot buck a market where the tax free profit on a kilo of cocaine is 20,000%” 
Phillip Knightley
at a debate ondrugs at the Sunday Times Hay festivalin May. In each of the tree years the drugsczar Keith Helliwell has been in office thestreet prices of all drugs has fallen!
“ They (the BNP) are a democratic party and in that regard they have my sympathy. The two parties are almost the same in terms of long-term plans.In terms of manifestos of the Tories and the BNP, you can hardly tell thedifference” 
Edgar Griffin
, sacked Conservativeactivist and father of BNP leader NickGriffin, in The Times (24th August 2001)

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