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Page.tpl.php Variableshttp://api.drupal.org/api/file/modules/syst 
General utility variables
$base_path The base URL path of theAt the very least, this will$css An array of CSS files for t$directory The directory the theme isthemes/garland or themes$is_front TRUE if the current page iUsed to toggle the mission$logged_in TRUE if the user is registe$is_admin TRUE if the user has permadministration pages.
Page metadata
 $language (object) The language thedisplayed in. $language->its textual representation.contains the language direbe 'ltr' or 'rtl'.$head_title A modified version of thethe TITLE tag.$head Markup for the HEAD sectitags, keyword tags, and s$styles Style tags necessary to imthe page.$scripts Script tags necessary to lofiles and settings for the p$body_classes A set of CSS classes for thcontains flags indicating t(multiple columns, singlepath, whether the user is lon.
Site identity
 $front_page The URL of the front page.$base_path, when linkingThis includes the language$logo The path to the logo imagtheme configuration.$site_name The name of the site, empbeen disabled in theme se$site_slogan The slogan of the site, emhas been disabled in them$mission The text of the site missiodisplay has been disabled
 $search_box HTML to display the searcsearch has been disabled.$primary_links(array)An array containing primafor the site, if they have b$secondary_links(array)An array containing seconfor the site, if they have b
Page content (in order of occurrence in the dpage.tpl.php)
$left The HTML for the left side$breadcrumb The breadcrumb trail for t$title The page title, for use in tcontent.$help Dynamic help text, mostly$messages HTML for status and errorbe displayed prominently.$tabs Tabs linking to any sub-pacurrent page (e.g., the viewhen displaying a node).$content The main content of the c$right The HTML for the right sid
Footer/closing data
$feed_icons A string of all feed icons $footer_message The footer message as desettings.$footer  The footer region.$closure Final closing markup fromhave altered the page. Thialways be output last, aftcontent.
 2009-01-31Available From: http://www.minezone.org/tive Commons License, Attribution-ShareAlike2.0
Drupal installation.always default to /.e current page.located in, e.g./garland/minelli.the front page.statement.ed and signed in.ission to accesssite is beinglanguage contains$language->dirction. It will eitherage title, for use inon (including metaon).port all CSS files forad the JavaScriptage.e BODY tag. Thise current layoutolumn), the currentogged in, and soUse this instead of to the front page.domain or prefix., as defined inty when display hastings.pty when displaye settings.n, empty whenin theme settings.box, empty if  ry navigation linkseen configured.ary navigation linkseen configured.
ar.e current page.he actual HTMLfor admin pages.messages. Should ges beneath thew and edit tabs rrent Drupal page.ebar.r the current page.ined in the adminany modules thats variable shouldr all other dynamic
Node.tpl.php Variableshttp://api.drupal.org/api/
Available variables
 $title the (san$content Node bo$picture The auttheme_$date Formattreforma$links Themedcommen$name Themedtheme_$node_url Direct u$terms the thefrom th$submitted themedtheme_
Other variables
$node Full nodsafe.$type Node ty$comment_count Number$uid User ID$created Time thtimesta$zebra Outputsstriping i$id Positionoutput.
Node status variables
$teaser Flag for$page Flag for$promote Flag for$sticky Flags for$status Flag for$comment State of $readmore Flags trcannot$is_front Flags tr$logged_in Flags trmember$is_admin Flags tradminist
Comment.tpl.php Variableshttp://api.drupal.org/api/l.php/6
Available variables
 $author Com$content Body$date Date$links Vario$new New$picture Autho$signature Autho$status Comcomcom$submitted By lin$title Linke
These two variables are pr
$comment Full c$node Node
Box.tpl.php Variableshttp://api.drupal.org/api/
Available variables
$title Box ti$content Box c
itized) title of the node.dy or teaser depending on $teaser flag.ors picture of the node output fromser_picture().d creation date (use $created towith format_date()).links like "Read more", "Add newt
", etc. output from theme_links().username of node author output fromser().l of the current node.ed list of taxonomy term links outputme_links().submission information output fromode_submitted().object. Contains data that may not bee, i.e. story, page, blog, etc.of comments attached to the node.of the node author.node was published formatted in Unixp.either "even" or "odd". Useful for zebrain teaser listings.of the node. Increments each time it's the teaser state.the full page state.front page promotion state.sticky post setting.published status.comment settings for the node.e if the teaser content of the nodeold the main body content.e when presented in the front page.e when the current user is a logged-in.e when the current user is anrator.
ent author. Can be link or plain text.of the post.and time of posting.s operational links.omment marker.rs picture.rs signature.ent status. Possible values areent-unpublished, comment-published orent-preview.e with date and time.title.
vided for context.
mment object.object the comments are attached to.

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