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Photo Drama of Creation 1914 No Photos

Photo Drama of Creation 1914 No Photos

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Published by Kingdom Witness
Text only version of the original, no photos
Text only version of the original, no photos

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Published by: Kingdom Witness on Feb 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Photo-dramahe Photo-dramaoffCreationreation
The Photo-dramahe Photo-dramaof Creationf Creation
A note to the careful student of the Bible
This book consists of the same text of the original
Photo-drama of Creation 
, published by the IBSA in 1914, without photos. Thematerial presented within this publication should be viewed in thelight of the fact it was written many years ago. One should bearthis in mind when reading certain reference to science, history,chronology and certain individuals mentioned in the book. It isrepublished for historical and archive purposes only.
Photo-drama of Creation 
– English
God's Glory in the Heavens
"The reverence of Jehovah is thebeginning of wisdom." Only thefoolish say in their heart, "Thereis no God." "Day unto dauttereth speech, and night untonight showeth knowledge." "Theheavens declare the glory of God."--Psalms 111:10; 14:1;19:1,2An appreciation of the infinitePower of the Creator and of ourown littleness should make usteachable. The study of Creationis the "Key of Knowledge." Usingthis Key we begin to realize thatthe only worthy ambition is toco-operate with our Creator'sbeneficient designs respectingHis Creation.The planets of our Systemcompared with our Sun are asnothing. Imagine the Sun'sdiameter that of a large flourbarrel: Jupiter would compareas a small orange, Earth andVenus as peas, and Mercury andMars as raspberry seeds.The Sun is three hundredthousand times the size of ourEarth. A train at thirty miles anhour could go around the Earthin one month, but threehundred and forty years wouldbe required for it to travel thecircumference of the Sun.Our day and night are the resultof the Earth's rotation on itsown axis, while its motionaround the Sun marks our year.Planets nearer the Sun haveshorter orbits, and hence,shorter years, while remote oneshave longer years. A year on theplanet Mercury would equalthree of our months. OnNeptune, farthest off, a yearequals 164 of Earth's years.

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