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Accent Study

Accent Study

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Published by srikanth_g_5

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: srikanth_g_5 on Feb 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In linguistics, an accent is a pronunciation characteristic of a particular group of  people relative to another group.Accent should not be confused with dialect (q.v.), which is a variety of languagediffering in vocabulary and syntax as well as pronunciation.Dialects are usually spoken by a group united by geography or class.
Clarity in speech
achieved through Accent Reduction is actually the first stepto reducing a foreign accent. An important part of clarity is to make sure
thesyllable count
of each word is accurate.For example, the word "cooperation" consists of 5 syllables: co-o-pe-ra-tion.Most non-native speakers of English who have a heavy accent and who havenot taken Accent Modification, say only 4 syllables, which makes the wordsound like cor-po-ra-tion. Obviously this mispronunciation leads to distortionand mis-understandings
English is a musical language, as is Italian, Chinese, Portuguese,and many other languages.
The trick to speaking English with clarity and impact, isunderstanding the melody and rhythm that is specific to English, butdiffers in other languages.
Therefore, without the music of the English language, pronunciation is a mistake.
Firstly, English is a swinging language, more like a jazz or rock group than a classical orchestra.
English sounds are big, loud, and emphatic, and our melody is boldand dance-worthy.

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