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Savage 2010

Savage 2010

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Published by the_fralics9349

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: the_fralics9349 on Feb 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Behind every truly great and lasting thing are certain ele-ments...art, science and culture. look at any of the ancients whohave left their mark. greeks, romans, egyptians. without tryingto come off as too self important, we truly Believe those things exist at savage. Behind the most accurate rifles made you’ll findart, science and a culture of accuracy.
1Savage Accuracy6Precision Target Series8Varmint Series12Lightweight Varmint Series14Weather Warrior Series16Classic Series20Hunter Series23Predator Series24Law Enorcement Series30Slug Gun Series31Centerire Package Series34Muzzleloader Series36Precision Actions37Rimire Series38Single Shot Rimire Series40Mark II Rimire Series44Magnum Series4817 Series52Semi-Auto Rimire Series54Rimire Package Series58Stevens Riles62Stevens Shotguns64Knives65SavageArmscom66Speciications72Savage Range73BowTech
Last year was a big year or the Savage amily We sponsored our shooters to compete in the F ClassWorld Championships in Bisley, England, with high hopes that they would are well with the SavageModel 12 riles we provided them When the competition was over, Team Savage had exceeded notonly our expectations, but the loty objectives they had set or themselves as well Shooting standardactory riles, they literally out-shot the best long-range shooters in the world, most o whom wereshooting expensive custom guns costing thousands o dollars moreWhile we only sent our actual shooters to that event, it must be said that there were more than 300proud Savage employees who were with them in spirit – dedicated employees who can take pridein making a product that is world class In act, Team Captain Stan Pate shot the whole event with arile personally signed by nearly every employee at our Westield centerire acility There is no betterrile to display on the cover o a catalog than this “Signature Rile” – it speaks volumes about thiscompany and the people who work hereWe have a culture o accuracy here that you will ind in no other large manuacturer o riles It’s hardto quantiy, but you can’t orce it or ake it I assure you that you don’t have to be an F Class shooterto be obsessed with accuracy Our customers demand more and our employees have risen to thechallenge You can be assured that the same components, technology and attention to detail that gointo a Team Savage Rile go into your rile as well — without compromiseAnd just as Stan’s rile bears the signatures o those who built it, so does yours Each criticalcomponent o a Savage irearm carries a unique stamp that identiies the individual who deemed itworthy o the Savage name These code-like stamps are oten placed in obscure areas o your gun,but they tell the story o a sequence o events More importantly, these marks proclaim a belie – thatYOUR Savage is as reliable and accurate as any irearm made — at any priceRonald CoburnChairman and CEO
There is a science to building an accurate barrel The bulk o that science leans on machineryand experienced operators The straightness o the bore, the uniormity o the riling geometry,the concentricity o the chamber and the exactness o the crown all rely on consistent, dependableand specialized machinery Equally important are experienced, trusted and specialized operatorsSavage proudly employs bothFor this reason, each and every Savage centerire barrel — rom the one going on a Team Savagecompetitor’s F Class rile to the one going on your kid’s irst deer rile — is checked and i needed,hand straightened by the same person and with the same commitment to perectionThat’s consistency And what is accuracy i not consistency?The accuracy o a rile can be looked at like a complex equation The sum o the parts determines theoverall accuracy No single element o the equation is independent o another The most accuratebarrel in the world is nothing more than a metal pipe i it’s not properly married to the action anda perectly joined barrel and action depend on proper bedding (see page 5 or details) to deliverpinpoint accuracyTypically, headspace (the distance rom the ace o the closed bolt o a irearm to the surace in thebarrel chamber on which the cartridge case seats) is discussed in terms o what is acceptable inorder to maintain saety in the ace o insuicient or excessive headspace and the resulting pres-sures Industry standards (SAAMI) or irearms and ammunition are set within acceptable toleranceranges or saety and, clearly, Savage is committed to saety However, our commitment to accuracyhas caused us to look at headspace in another lightRather than working to all within an acceptable range, Savage engineered a lock-nut system thatallows each and every single action to attach to its speciic barrel with absolute zero tolerance or un-paralleled accuracy While each barrel-to-action union is 100% precise, Savage went one step urtherto assure 100-percent locking lug engagement A loating bolt head enables complete engagement othe bolt ace with the cartridge
Because the Savage loating bolthead is designed to allow a ewthousandths o an inch o move-ment, it can adjust itsel or aperect it only typically oundwith hand-lapped locking lugsEvery barrel is ully threaded intoits action then locked in placewith a locknut The resultingdead-nuts tolerance deliversdead-nuts accuracy
floating bolt head
For more inormation seevideo at savagearmscom

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