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Published by koryandcara

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Published by: koryandcara on Feb 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lutheran Bible TranslatorsVolume 3, Issue 3 August 2010
   J  o   h  n    1   3  :   1   4  -   1   5
Following the Family
Sam has mas-tered the art of scooterriding this summer andis now learning the artof “wading into verycold water” at a freepool/park nearby. Inthe last few months,he’s added countless words to his vocabulary andlearned to be a caring, sharing big brother (mostdays :)).Lucy is on the go all of the time. She walks/runs everywhere, talking her own little language the whole way. She loves playing chase,dancing, and making friends wherever we go. She is our social butterfly.
Worship in a Second Language
(adapted from our blog)
We are coming up on our one year anniversary of being in France. I was reflect-ing today as I walked home from church how much has changed in that time, in particu-lar at church on Sundays. When we first got here, we couldn't wait to go to a service justso we could be surrounded by a community of believers. We really enjoyed going forthose first few weeks because we knew that while we understood very little, we were sur-rounded by our brothers and sisters.After that first month, if I'm honest, I began to like going to church less. The joyof being surrounded by believers was overshadowed by the frustration of not being ableto understand fully or be understood. Church was not much different than going to class.It was another language learning experience, not really a place where relationships werebeing built. It was a good frustration, though, because of any place or event, that desireto know the language and know it well was urgent when it came to church. We workedhard so that church wouldn't feel like school. By February, instead of just being able topick out individual words, we were able to follow an entire service.Along with the progression in language learning has come a change in how I viewSundays. It is no longer the same as going to school. We have gotten to know people atthe church and enjoy seeing them, conversing with them, and hearing what God is doingin their lives. We don't have to focus quite so hard at pronouncing things correctly andunderstanding words in songs (because, for the most part, the words are very familiarnow) and are therefore beginning to focus just a teeny bit more on the meaning behindthe words and the implications for our lives. In sum, it's becoming more of a worship ex-perience than an intellectual exercise, which is definitely a beautiful thing.HOWEVER. I do believe that no matter how many years we lived here or howwell we knew the language, we would still come home and want to listen to a sermon andread the Word in English. If I read the same passage in French and in English, even thoughI understand both, God speaks much louder through the English. Living here has been ablessing to our ministry in many ways, but I think one of the biggest lessons He has taughtus this year is the urgency of helping others to have the Word in their heart language
.(continued on back)
If I then, your Lord and Teacher,have washed your  feet, you also oughtto wash one an-other’s feet. For have given you anexample, that youalso should do justas I have done to you.
  P  r  a  y  F  o  r  U  s . . .
Pray for the health of Cara and baby #3 com-ing in late November.
Pray for us as we pre-pare to move back to theU.S. for a time and alsowork to learn as muchFrench as we can whilewe have so many re-sources at our fingertips
Pray for Sam and Lucythrough all of the transi-tions to come.
Pray that God wouldcontinue to open thehearts of the Nizaa peo-ple to His Word in theirlanguage.
Pray for increasedmonthly support and afully-funded vehicle fundby January 2011.
We were all blessed to spend timewith Cara’s parents who came tovisit in June.

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