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Published by pam911
There is a movement in present day Christendom called power evangelism. Is title suggest that the way God is saving souls today is through the manifestation of healings, miracles, signs and wonders.
There is a movement in present day Christendom called power evangelism. Is title suggest that the way God is saving souls today is through the manifestation of healings, miracles, signs and wonders.

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Published by: pam911 on Feb 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PowerEvangelism...Is this God?!
"Power Evangelism" is the title of a book by aChristian Charismatic leader named John Wimber.The term is also applied to the movement and theprocess described in his book.
Power Evangelism is a form of ministry which reliesprimarily on what is believed to be the supernaturalpower and gifts of the Holy Ghost. Although theword of God teaches that a person is brought tofaith solely through the active choice of God in theperson of the Holy Spirit, in power evangelism,supernatural events such as healings and miraclesare a demonstration of the power, and therefore
 If you feel in any way "out ofcontrol," you may needcounseling. If so, send an
the reality, of God.
Wimber took an approach to the charismatic whichwas somewhat different from that of peers andpredecessors. This new approach led hisfriend, Peter Wagner to coin the phrase "the ThirdWave." The Third Wave differed from classicPentecostalism and the Charismatic movement,foremost, in their approach to speaking in tongues.Whereas the previous groups had emphasized thegift of tongues as the only evidence for the baptismof the Holy Ghost, Wimber and those he influencedemphasized that tongues was just one of the manyspiritual gifts taught in the Bible.With Wember, of the nine gifts of the Holy Ghost,healing and miracles was at the forefront of powerevangelism. As for Wimber, he died of a brainhemmorage on November 17, 1997 at the age of 63.Just before he died, he had also sustained acoronary by pass operation. It is ironic thatsomeone as heavy into healing and miracles shoulddie as the result of serious illnesses.When I myself was a strong believer in healing andmiracles, I had never heard of Wimber. In fact, Iwas into healing and miracles as an atheist,psychic medium, steeped in the occult. Once Ibecame born again, demons spoke to me directlyabout miracles and healing with dreams, visions,prophetic words and various counterfeitrevelations and manifestations about my ownhealing and miracles ministry. It took 25 years, butthe Lord lifted the veil of deception from me about5 years ago.The Bible warns that in the last days, the enemy'smanifestations of healing and miracles are going to
appear to be so authentic, that they may even foolthe elect. Well, I've been at this too long to beallow myself to be fooled AGAIN!.Do I believe that God will also manifest healing andmiracles in the last days? Yes, I do. I do not believein a pre-tribulation rapture. I believe that the saintswho are alive shall go through endtime tribulation.When the plagues fall and the judgment vials havebeen completely poured out, I believe that God willmake a provision for His people. For example,when danger is all around us and there are nomaterial provisions for those who refuse the markof the beast, God will supernaturally provide for us.For example, the book of Revelation points out thathow two martyrs called "the two witnesses" shalldie in the streets for ALL to see. They shall beraised up from death to life, probably on satellitetelevision. The variety and and extent of God'sendtime miracles are beyond my finiteimagination.Of one thing, I am sure. Pure evangelism targetsthe salvation of souls. We are saved by faiththrough grace, and not by signs and wonders,miracles and healings. Jesus said that it is aperverse nation that seeks after signs. Just as wedid not choose when we were born, we cannotchoose when we are born again. If any one choosesChrist because he or she saw or experienced amiracle or a healing, then their salvation is suspect,to say the least.In the excerpt in purple quoted below, --- takenfrom an Internet Christian News Report,--- you willsee for yourself the impact Wimber and his

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