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Miss Dial - shooting script

Miss Dial - shooting script

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Published by dhsteinberg1842

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Published by: dhsteinberg1842 on Feb 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MISS DIAL written byDavid H. SteinbergIron Triangle Productions, Inc.WHITE PAGES - 8/23/10477 Hillside LaneBLUE PAGES - 11/11/10Santa Monica, CA 90402PINK PAGES - 12/1/10(310) 454-7946YELLOW PAGES - 1/2/11GREEN PAGES - 1/9/11No portion of this script may be performed, reproduced, or used byany means, or quoted or published in any medium, without the prior written consent of Iron Triangle Productions, Inc.© 2011, Iron Triangle Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.
FADE IN:OMITTED11INT. ERICA'S APARTMENT - DAY22ERICA DAWSON is an attractive woman sitting in her sweatpantsat her desk in her small apartment. She's wearing a headsetand reading from a script on her laptop computer screen.ERICA Welcome to CPI Consumer Affairs, myname is Erica, which one of ourfabulous products are you callingabout today?SOUP CALLER (V.O.)I just opened a can of your tomatosoup and there is a big fat ratturd right in the middle of thesoup.ERICA Well, I am very sorry to hear that,sir. I can help you with thattoday. But first, I just need toverify a few things...Erica is not the least bit fazed by discussing rat poop--she's dealt with a lot worse.ERICA (CONT'D)First, are you sure the foreignparticle in question is a ratdropping? While rare, sometimesbits of meat can contaminate ourvegetarian soup products--INT. SOUP CALLER'S APARTMENT - DAY33The soup complainer sits at the kitchen table in front of abowl of tomato soup.SOUP CALLERIt's a rat turd. Do you want me tosend it to you? You want to eat itand see if it's a stray piece ofprime rib? Or do you want to goahead and trust me that there is infact rodent shit in my soup?
INTERCUT:Erica smiles, amused, but keeps to the script:ERICA That won't be necessary. There isno need to preserve the soup inquestion. You can go ahead anddispose of it and I can send you acoupon for a free replacement canof soup. How does that sound?SOUP CALLERThat sounds pretty goddamn weak.Rats caused the plague you know. Icould sue you--ERICA That won't be necessary, sir, andI'm sorry for your inconvenience.She taps something else into her computer and reads theresponse.ERICA (CONT'D)Because of your extremecircumstances, I can offer you acoupon for a dozen cans of soup,one each month for a year. Wouldthat be satisfactory?The guy thinks it over. He's calmed down.SOUP CALLERYeah, I guess so. Fine. Whatever.ERICA Great. Let me just take down yourinformation and we can get thatright out to you.Erica's expression belies her chipper voice. This is not along-term career choice for her.OMITTED3A3- Erica fields another call.4A4GREEN PAGES - 1/9/11 2.

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