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The Extraordinary Case of Death

The Extraordinary Case of Death

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Published by Ashley Adams
This was a project for Pre-AP Biology. The purpose was to better understand the function of organelles inside either an animal or a plant cell. Some things aren't as correct as they could be, but that would've ruined the whole story... :D It's a cellular space adventure to obtain new evolutionary parts for an animal cells. It has it all! Organellic romance, plasmic goo, space ships... :D
This was a project for Pre-AP Biology. The purpose was to better understand the function of organelles inside either an animal or a plant cell. Some things aren't as correct as they could be, but that would've ruined the whole story... :D It's a cellular space adventure to obtain new evolutionary parts for an animal cells. It has it all! Organellic romance, plasmic goo, space ships... :D

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Published by: Ashley Adams on Feb 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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³Turn to page 54 in your textbooks.´ The quiet room rang with silent desperation from thestudents as they flipped through the pages on the first day of school.The teacher looked up and smiled with sympathy toward her pupils. She then looked to the leftwall of her classroom and there proudly hung a cytonaut¶s helmet. She looks back at her students who arestaring at her inquisitively.³Oh! Sorry. I¶m not in school mode yet.´ She lightly laughed, a few students agreeing with her.³So page 54. Do I have anyone who wants to read it?´ No hands rose unsurprisingly. ³Ok« Then let¶stry this. Everyone look at that helmet.´ The class all shifted their heads to the ancient looking helmet.³Why do you have that?´³Todd, who cares why?! Mrs. Montgomery,
did you get that?´³Well this helmet is part of the chapter, no. This helmet is the reason for most of your history books, but this helmet will tell you so much more than anything on those pages. The story begins with aDr. Charlie Chondia ironically named since he was a ribosome. It was the year 5001 the whole city in afrenzy of the New Year.´Mrs. Montgomery¶s words began unweaving the fabric of time enough to allow the classroom totransform into the past. Dr. Chondia and his lifetime revealing themselves to the young organelles and thetale began to spin.³Dr. Chondia was the most renowned scientist in the whole cell. He was a ribosome of allknowledgeable trades, but favored health care the most above all. He even tended to the mayor¶s health.He was well respected as were his friends who included civilians just as much as professionals makinghim the most sociable organelle of the cell also.His world was very different to ours. Back then the Nucleus wasn¶t even a school. It was acommand center for outer space travel that we have now converted into this learning facility. From herecytonaut¶s would train to be able to travel outside the cell to visit other cells, or gather supplies, or for other reasons. The cytonaut¶s were the ever energized mitochondria. They were the only ones in those primitive years that could survive the trip. As for the other changes throughout the times there was a cellmembrane, or a postal service, or our taxi system yet, hence the reason for cytonauts.´Mrs. Montgomery looked one last time before diving fully into the story once again to see thechildren for once actually engaged to something at school. She smiled and continued speaking until her voice faded away from the students¶ ears and the sounds of the ancient cell replaced it.³Hey Doc, wait up!´
Dr. Chondia turned to see his old time friend Kyle Lyse running towards him. The ribosomestopped and let his friend catch up to him and they began to talk.³Nice to see you out and about Kyle. I see you are feeling better.´³Yeah! Thanks so much for that medicine! Worked like a charm.´³Anytime I can help.´³So the wife was wondering if you¶d like to come over for dinner this Friday night.´³Hmm« I may just take that up.´³I¶m also thinking about inviting a lady friend and well maybe« You know.´ The lysosomechuckled toward his friend¶s dead love life.³You¶re not going to hook me up with anyone Kyle! That¶s final.´³Okay, okay she¶s not invited. Calm down.´³Thank you. So how-´ A voice rang Dr. Chondia¶s name through the cytoplasmic air and took hold of both their ears. They spun around and saw well-dressed gentlemen rushing towards them with acrazed look on his membrane face.When he reached them he spoke while also catching his breath begging, ³Dr« Dr. Chondia«you have to« to come with me´!³What is it Professor? What¶s going on?´³I don¶t know, but« you do.´ Charlie¶s eyes went large. He looked at Kyle and Kyle simplynodded understanding the problem. ³Come on!´ The Professor urged and grabbed the doctor¶s arm andyanked him away and lead them to the Nucleus.³So what exactly is going on Brendan?´³One of the cytonauts is down and they think it¶s fatigue or an overdose, but we need to makesure.´They ran through the cellular fluid until they finally reached the Nucleus. They scanned their  badges at the front door and the giant door lifted and they ran to the Outer Space Travel site. Once therethey saw a crowd surrounding the dying mitochondria.The doctors working on him looked up behind them to investigate the gasps they heard andmoved out of the way for Dr. Chondia. Charlie came closer to the cytonaut and knelt down beside him.He studied the instruments going in and out of him. He pulled out his mini flashlight and did his ownevaluation.³We already did the tests sir.´ One of the doctors stated and made Dr. Chondia look at him with astern face.
 He can¶t be m
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enty-five nan
 ying t 
eally diagn
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³I know you did, but I must also do them to make my own diagnosis.´ The outspoken doctor hung his head in shame for his attitude against his elder peer. Charlie continued and tested the organelles pupils and found them unresponsive, his pulse was slow and unsteady. ³Send this organelle to theisolation ward at Peron Hospital.´ The doctor rose up to let the ambulance doctors load the mitochondriaonto a gurney. ³He¶s suffering from necrosis. Everyone with contact and all other cytonauts need to betested for it.´ The crowd groaned and protested.³We need to launch! This ship is to retrieve parts for a new fuel supplier! If you make us gettested now and it becomes too late the whole cell will die´! The flight coordinator shouted.³I¶m sorry sir, but it¶s for the safety of the lives of everyone here.´ The doctor challenged back.³We need to launch by Friday and we can¶t train another cytonaut quick enough. Let¶s be menand compromise. I know that you are trained in Cellular travel. You send the peroxisomes here to tend tous while we work and you go out.´³Are you seriously suggesting that I go out and help retrieve these parts for this«? What is it thatyou need to retrieve anyway´?!³We need to evolve. We¶re getting parts to build new function centers. Please follow me and letme explain my plan.´The doctor stood fixed in doubts and questions. He looked around at all the faces that could beeither sick or dead. He felt that was his decision. He¶d rather have them sick. He faced back toward theflights man. ³Fine,´ he agreed then looked back at the surrounding organelles and continued, ³But no oneis to leave or they will be found guilty for being an endangerment to themselves and others around themand will be arrested.´ The citizens faced were struck with terror and they all tacitly agreed. The doctor was satisfied and followed the flights men.³What¶s your name?´³Brendan Some. Twenty years here and finally I get to command it all. I schedule flights, whowill go on µem, where they¶ll go, and what they¶ll get.´³Very impressive, I¶m surprised I never heard about a new flight coordinator.´³Don¶t like media attention. Makes the job stressful and tenser.´They were quiet for the rest of the way, hall after hall, until finally they reached the launchcontrol site. Rows and rows of computers lining the floor. Brendan led them to a computer in the front of the rows. He sat down and his fingers went flying, typing in codes to relinquish the plans for the nextflight. Dr. Chondia looked in awe at the screens popping up showing what all Brendan expected him todo. Big bold words saying
Rough and Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum Part Retrieval Plans
flashedlast and Brendan turned around and looked up at the doctor. ³We need to evolve.´ He pleaded.³You want me to go and help get these.´

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