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Selangor Times 18 Feb 2011

Selangor Times 18 Feb 2011

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Published by uppercaise
The weekly free community newspaper for Selangor state
The weekly free community newspaper for Selangor state

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Published by: uppercaise on Feb 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial No-derivs


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February 18 — 20, 2011
issue 12
Sweatingfor Orang Asli
TempleTo servecommuniTy 
16 – 17
no grafTin Tenderprocess
Security barriers stay for now 
 Alvin Yap
peTaling Jaya:
Te Petaling JayaCity Council’s (MBPJ) move to dismantleunauthorised security barriers in neighbour-hoods is on hold until public concerns areaddressed.“Local authorities must know that peopleare worried about their security. Tey are notbreaking the law because they want to. Teissue is physical saety,” said state executivecouncillor Ronnie Liu in an interview on Wednesday.Liu, who is in charge o local government,said the state understands that residents havetaken their own measures to saeguard securityout o ear and as such, it was unair to penalisethem.MBPJ’s move to strictly enorce the Street,Drainage and Building Act which makes it anoence to block access roads has caused uproaramong residents’associations (RAs) andlocal leaders in the city.he city council hadinitially set March 31 asthe deadline or the re-moval o permanentstructures guarding resi-dential streets. While the move totear down the barriers isnow on hold indenitely, Liu said that resi-dents still needed to get approval rom thelocal authorities beore taking matters intotheir own hands.“Local authorities must get a proposal[rom RAs] and know how [the barriers andsecurity measures] it will be carried out,” hesaid. Proposed plans must include thespecications o the barriers and must ensureree movement o emergency and trash collec-tion vehicles.Tis MBPJ policy shifcomes in the wake o atown hall meeting onSunday in SS22 Daman-sara Jaya between some100 irate ratepayers,councillors and electedleaders who lashed out atthe city council’s directive.Former MBPJcouncillor Michael Soon, who chaired themeeting, had to keep reminding residents tomaintain their cool. He reiterated that thetown hall-styled meeting was an avenue orresidents to air their views, and not to pointngers or single out parties or blame. It wasalso not the venue or issued to be resolved.However, residents had a hard timeollowing Soon’s plea as they took apart MBPJon a host o issues related to residentialsecurity at the Sunday meeting.From the start, residents ticked o the citycouncil or not being urnished with minuteso the council meetings on the issue.“his is about making the councillorsaccountable. We don’t know what has beensaid or done. Councillors, get this right. Don’t waste our time,” Lim Jiran said at the meeting.Lim, representing Damansara UtamaResidents and Owners Association (DUROA)said he wanted to know what local councillors were saying and doing on the issue o gatedcommunities.Residents lambasted the city council ornot sending sta to attend the town hallmeeting.“MBPJ should have sent their sta tocorrectly represent the city council, to listento us. We are the grassroots,” said Johan ung Abdullah.
Forrest Medical Centreradiographer Elly Nadia Che Afzar demonstrates how anultrasound examination is doneon a patient during breast cancerscreening. Selangor sponsors1,000 breast cancer detectionsper constituency per year.
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February 18 — 20, 2011
(603) 5523 2288
(603) 5523 1188
KL Chan
Neville Spykerman
Tang Hui Koon, Chong Loo Wah, Gan Pei Ling, BasilFoo, Yasleh Hani Mat Yassin, Alvin Yap
James Ang, Deborah Loh
 Jimmy C. S. Lim
Victor Chong
Timothy Loh, Ivan Looi
Faekah Husin, Arfa’eza Abdul Aziz
MogFriday Saturday Sundayafeoongh
Selangor WeaTHer
Malaysian meteorological department
The single mother (right) and Lee at the press conference.
Gan Pei Ling
Factory owners in elok Going are being urged to legalise their operations and contribute towardsimproving the condition o roads.Klang Member o Parliament Charles Santiago, who visitedthe area yesterday, pointed out that more than three quarterso the actories here are illegal and contribute nothing toimproving surrounding roads.“Tey do not contribute to the road-maintenance und setup by legal actory owners and villagers have been complaining to me about bad road conditions,said Santiago.Roads in the industrial area are in deplorable condition andriddled with potholes. Villagers say they are ortunate that therehas been no accident so ar.However, they have appealed to Santiago to resolve thelong-standing problem.Klang councillor Ismail Arsat, who was present yesterday,also urged illegal actory owners to legalise their operations.He said the state had extended the discount provided orthese actories to change their land status rom agricultural toindustrial till year’s end.He added that only 20 per cent o the illegal actory ownershad taken advantage o the oer.
 Villagers seered over illegalfactories
Girl, 12, molestedon way to school
 Alvin Yap
A single mother whose 12-year-old daughter was molestedhere while on the way to school onMonday yesterday came out to warn other parents to saeguard their loved ones.Although the culprit was caught byneighbours and handed over to police thesame day, the hawker is coming out toraise awareness o the scourge.“I want to speak out now so that thisdoesn’t happen to anyone else,” said the36-year-old mother o two.Te woman, who runs a ood stall, wasspeaking at a press conerence at the oceo eratai assemblywoman Jenice Lee. Shesaid she wanted other parents to keep a watchul eye on their children.On Feb 14, her daughter was on her way to buy exercise books at a stationeryshop beore going to school when she wassexually assaulted.“My daughter usually had lunch at mystall beore going to school, but that dayshe was almost 15 minutes late,she said.he woman, suspecting something amiss, went to look or her, only to ndher daughter crying as she came out o thealley behind the hawker area.Te girl, who recounted the incident,told her mother and people having lunchin the stalls that she had been molested inthe alley.She also described her assailant as male, wearing a brown t shirt and aged about 20.As soon as my daughter described thesuspect, I immediately realised that I hadactually seen him 30 minutes beore that,”
To place your
Timothy Loh
at 019-267 4488or
Ivan Looi
at 014-936 6698
 Alvin Yap
Te Klang member o Parliament isurging authorities ence up the Muslim cemetery in elukGong here, to prevent dogs rom digging up graves.“I hope the Selangor Islamic Aairs Department(JAIS) can act immediately,” said Charles Charles Santiago yesterday.During the visit, Santiago listened to grouses o the resi-dents who were concerned about the situation. Village chie Abdul Razak Karim said they had appealedto JAIS in 2005 but nothing had been done.“Sometimes even the bodies can be seen,” he told the press,adding that the villagers have been covering up the disturbedgraves.Abdul Razak hopes JAIS will act ast to prevent the straysrom entering the cemetery.Used by six villages in eluk Gong, villagers have caughtaround 20 stray dogs this year in order to reduce the numbero graves disturbed.
Strays desecrating graves
the woman said.Outraged neighbours nally caughtthe suspect afer a struggle.Lee said there were cases o delin-quents extorting schoolchildren romthe nearby secondary school.“I have written a letter to the head-master o the school to inorm him thathis students have been extorted andalso bullied by delinquents in the area,”she added.Residents have also ound evidenceo glue-sning in the parks and alleysin the area, Lee said.Lee has appealed to the state to provide more nancial assistance tound youth civic programmes in herconstituency.
 Villagers showing Santiago a pothole in this road.The Muslim cemetery in Teluk Gongwhich is being threatened by strays.
 ⁄ February 18 – 20, 2011

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