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Blake Ledden the Perfect World

Blake Ledden the Perfect World

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Published by BlakeLedden

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: BlakeLedden on Feb 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ledden1Blake LeddenMrs. WeaverLNG 33211 March, 2011 The “Perfect” worldWhat is your favorite trait about yourself? How about your best feature? Whatis your worst flaw? What if your best trait and worst flaw determined your wholelife? How would you feel? How would you react? Vonnegut, Rand, and Niccol,creators of the stories Harrison Bergeron, Anthem, and Gattaca, showcase thesame concept, you can do anything once you find who you are, and how muchyou’d do, and how far you’d go, to keep that certain individuality. All togetherVonnegut, Rand, and Niccol create environments in which the characters mustovercome the barriers placed by their society to find themselves, what they carefor, and the risks that they must and will have to take to discover themselves. Thisshows that individuality is an essential part of living, because otherwise we would just be stuck, have nothing to compete and thrive for.For Harrison Bergeron, overcoming his barriers was difficult andgroundbreaking for those who also wish to break their barriers. Even at age 14, hehad been thrown in prison for being a threat to the “equal” society that had beenplaced on him. Harrison was too strong, too tall, and too good looking to exist in thesociety which has physical barriers like headphones to block all mental thoughts,and neck weights to hunch him over. It shows the symbol of strength, for it showshis ripping off the barriers that barred him down for all those years. “The rest of 
Ledden2Harrison was Halloween and hardware.” (4) Harrison was made to put on masksugly clothes and random junk for him to look ugly. “Instead of a little ear radio for amental handicap, he wore tremendous headphones.” (4) Harrison was so intelligentthat the government forced him to put on massive headphones to interrupt any andevery thought that Harrison had, so he wouldn’t get any ideas. “… and spectacleswith thick, wavy lens.” (4) Harrison’s eyesight was better then everyone else’s, sothe forced him to wear heavy duty glasses to not only impair his vision, but to alsogive him often headaches. “She fired two shots, and the Emperor and Empress weredead.” (6) This just goes to show that the stricter the laws, and more the power, theworse the consequences. This barrier was shortly overcome by Harrison Bergeron. The world of Anthem is put to together so that nobody could act different,think different, or speak different than any other person. “Our brothers…” (71) InEquality’s world, the idea is that everyone is the same in every way possible.“Everything is to be done collectively…” (71) Anything invented, thought of, written,or spoken must be done collectively (as a group) or it isn’t good or doesn’t exist. The world of anthem, the way they do things must follow the concept of “we”. Thereis no I, me, myself, you, me, only because “we” are one. No mirrors, no makeup, noaccessories at all. Everyone must look the same and have the same stuff so thatnobody is jealous of some other person’s stuff or looks. The no difference is soeveryone is equal in every which way. Nobody is allowed the conveniences thatthey are allowed today. Individuality must be with a person for society to thrive, forsuccess, for perseverance, for that drive to do better, for that society to thrive in thepositive direction.In the word of Gattaca, your life partner and job all depend on your genes. The parents use geneticists to change traits of babies still in the womb to change

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