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Fashionable Interview: Garmz Co-Founder Andreas Klinger

Fashionable Interview: Garmz Co-Founder Andreas Klinger

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Published by Crowdsourcing.org

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on Feb 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fashionable Interview: Garmz Co-Founder Andreas Klinger
Submitted byKrista Peck on 02/15/2011 ± 5:15 amWe¶ve had our eye on
, acrowdsourcede-commerce fashion sitethat helps up-and-coming designers turn their visions into realizations,for awhile.  Garmz also helps style savvy shoppers by offering uniqueindie fashion designs at reasonable prices.  Any site that helpsindependent designers and our mission to stand out from the rest of thefashion crowd is amazing in our book.Steadily growing since 2010, Garmz has bigger things planned for 2011.  Busy, but not too busy to discuss Garmz and what it has to offer emerging fashion designers and fashion enthusiasts, co-founder AndreasKlinger sat down with us for an interview.
FMM: As one of the co-founders of Garmz, what inspired you tocreate a crowdsourced fashion ecommerce business?
We have seen the Internet have a huge impact on other areasincluding music and media. We felt that it was time to use these tools tohelp emerging designers grow their business. The more we looked intothe way the industry works, the more frustrated we got with howdifficult it is for young designers to break into the consumer market.Given that fashion is a very social industry, we felt that connecting thedesigners directly with their consumer would be an excellent way for them to promote themselves and build a loyal following.
FMM: What makes Garmz different from other crowdsourcedfashion ecommerce sites?
We do not want to label ourselves to be in the space of ³crowdsourced fashion´. Our ambitions are different: We want to enabletalent to showcase their work, letting them engage with people who lovewhat they do and help the best of them to get to the market. Currentlywe focus on fashion sketches, but in the near future we will offer morepossibilities for designers. Garmz allows for the community to influencefashion design and interact with fashion designers in a way that hasn¶tbeen done before ² from start to finish.
FMM: Could you give us an example of a designer who has movedforward due his or her partnership with Garmz?  Where did he orshe start and how has that changed?
Lauren Reeser (aka American Duchess), who was responsible for our sell out jacket µOctober Foxhunt,¶ has said:³Garmz was an outlet that allowed me to see my drawing become areality.  Developing your first samples for clothing is very timeconsuming, difficult, and expensive.  There are so many aspects that gointo it, and maybe you are good at one, like patterning, but don¶t have
much skill in pattern grading or sewing.  It¶s very prohibitive, so to beable to take the concept and create the jacket from it is incredible.  Thischanged my life because it¶s given me real-world experience withgarment development, without throwing me into the fire, so to speak.  Iwanted to have a style of shoes made and I sourced the manufacturer myself, and we have been working on the prototype.  It¶s a fascinatingexperience to be working one-on-one with someone all the way acrossthe world.  This could be the beginning of my career in fashion, but Ilike to go about things my own way, on my own terms, so doing it for myself allows me to sort of ³break the rules´ of the fashion industry, justlike Garmz does!´
FMM: What do you think keeps the Garmz community activelyparticipating in the process?
The Garmz community has the unique opportunity to influencefashion design. I think they continually participate because they areinvolved from the very early stages of the creative process, and when thefinal product is realized, they feel a certain connection and attachment toit.
FMM: What role does social media play at Garmz?
Social media is used to market designers and their designs, and tohelp designers build up a following. Without Facebook and especiallyfashion blogs, our project would not be possible. We especially lovefashion bloggers for the support they are giving to our little venture. Lotsof love to Bloggers like Isabella of Repeat&Repertoireand Jasmin of Tea & Twigs² among many, many others of course!
FMM: What does Garmz have planned for 2011?

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