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Rewind -The Final Song. Part Two

Rewind -The Final Song. Part Two

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Published by BCameronLee
The follow up to the mayhem in The Final Song but the Devil has found a new way to take your soul.
The follow up to the mayhem in The Final Song but the Devil has found a new way to take your soul.

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Published by: BCameronLee on Feb 18, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 © B. Cameron Lee Website www.wordsmorph.com1
 © B. Cameron Lee Website www.wordsmorph.com2
Bruce Cameron Lee December 2005
The Final Song. Part two.
B. Cameron Lee
Ruth lay back on the hot sand of the Fijian beach. A thin towel was all thatseparated her magnificent, scantily clad body from the sticky grains beneath her.It allowed all the heat through, heat that she enjoyed soaking up. It recharged thebatteries in her demon body. Ah, holidays. A short time, once a year, when shecould escape the City and travel to a foreign destination. There she could be byherself and relive the memories of the evil committed during the past year. Itwas difficult when the Devil was your old man. He could appear anywhere, atany time but they had an unwritten agreement that holidays were ‘private’. Sheclosed her eyes and listened to the Pacific Ocean, lapping the coral sand at thehigh tide line as the breeze soughed through the fronds of the palm trees furtherup the beach behind her. She was aware of the gaze of some of the boys from theresort who had wandered down the seafront to ogle her. Let them look, shedidn’t care. She was here to relax.The Halloween Party at ‘Satans’ nightclub, ten days ago, had gone well. She hadreturned there after taking Chris’ soul when he died in the car crash and thenight had been a big success. For her, the biggest success had been the Devilagreeing to give her Chris’ soul for her very own. It was her first one. There wassomething about Chris that attracted her. Yeah, he was easily duped and ledastray but he had an intensity of emotion that was directed at her. She couldn’tunderstand it but liked the adulation though demons were not supposed to haveemotions, that’s what her Dad had told her on many occasions. However, themore she dealt with Chris, the more she felt something strange but interestinghappening within her. An unspoken bond. He had gotten over the transitionfrom death to being a soul inside of her pretty quickly, all things considered. HerDad had told her it sometimes took years for spirits to regain their sanity butChris had clung to her like a limpet and adjusted rapidly to his circumstances.The heat from the sun was delicious; she stretched languorously as her palewhite skin soaked up the energy of its rays. She could not burn, she was ademon.As she drifted off to sleep, her hand unconsciously wandered to the moundbetween her legs, her fingers idly massaging that special spot. Chris’ spirit wasreleased.“Leave me alone,” it wailed inside her.
 © B. Cameron Lee Website www.wordsmorph.com3
“Don’t you love me?” she asked.“Yes but now that I know you are a demon, it doesn’t feel right. You arededicated to evil. You conned me. All I did was love you.”This was not going well; she wasn’t supposed to feel guilty about such things.“Chris. I, we are on holiday. I don’t have to be evil on holiday. If I agree to be‘good’ will you be nice to me?”“You’re a demon, you tell lies. How can I believe you?”“Look into my dark soul if you want the truth. I’ll open it up to you.” Ruth didthe necessary mental adjustment and waited.After a while Chris spoke within her again. This time, he sounded gentler andmore than a little incredulous as he delved deeper.“You had a normal childhood.Your mother was a nun!You didn’t become evil until the Devil came for you at puberty.The bastard! What he did to you! Ruth, I am truly sorry. I didn’t realize thatbeing a demon meant that you had a human mother. Why can’t you stop being ademon?”“To tell you the truth, I’ve never thought about it. Being bad is its own drug.Now, will you be nice to me?”Chris’ spirit interleaved with Ruth’s mind and his undying love for her washedover Ruth as he gently titillated the pleasure centres of her brain. At the sametime, her own fingers were moving in ever decreasing circles under the tinythong of her bikini. She opened her eyes but the pleasure continued to build,until it burst in a shattering crescendo which tore a cry from her lips. After, shelay on the sand thinking about some of the things that had occurred during thelast sixty years of her being alive. Nothing could match the feeling that she hadwhen she was with Chris. What was going on? This was not right.The heart of stone was developing cracks.

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