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Isn't 'Excessive Force' a Relative Term_ 7 Hours 10 Minutes After

Isn't 'Excessive Force' a Relative Term_ 7 Hours 10 Minutes After

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Published by silkcottonjumbie

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Published by: silkcottonjumbie on Feb 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Isn't 'excessiveforce' a relativeterm?
Story Created: Feb 18, 2011 at 12:39 AM ECT
(Story Updated: Feb 18, 2011 at 12:39 AM ECT )
Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs has come under heat recently for comments concerning the useof excessive force in resisting criminal attacks.Much of the criticism against him has stemmed from emotive reactions and from the hopelessnessand helplessness which has gripped the nation in the fight against crime.However, Mr Gibbs has done no more than to state the legal position as it applies in Trinidad andTobago.Any criticism against him on this basis therefore is not only unfounded but also unresearched.What his comments have done, however, is to bring the debate concerning this matter back into thepublic domain.Recent events of retribution have the population cheering; perhaps it is time for the authorities torevisit the issue and educate the public on the matter.Surely if one's toe is stepped on in a Carnival fete, an appropriate response would not be to kill theperpetrator and so it is from this perspective that reasonable force and reasonable response must beviewed.If one's life, security and family are under serious threat of personal violence, then that is another matter that justifies reasonable response. As to the running down of a bandit and running him over witha vehicle, this scenario is fraught with difficulties since the driver assumes the role of judge, jury andexecutioner.The need for justice must not give way to false judgment since no one can ask any questions of theperpetrator after the deed is done.If the bandit is guilty, then by all means I have no difficulty with the death penalty, but I fear thatvigilante justice may open up a veritable can of mayhem.Has the time come for the authorities to review the legal position?Surely!Should one be allowed to kill or seriously wound a person who illegally and unlawfully enters one'spremises?Should firearms be more readily available?
Isn't 'excessive force' a relative term? | Trinidad Express...http://www.trinidadexpress.com/letters/Isn_t__excessiv...1 of 318/02/2011 14:28
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 9 hours ago
WHO DONT HEAR HAVE TO FEEL,those two COCKROACHES gotexactly what they deserved and not one second too late
 9 hours ago
I agree with you writer Mr. Gibbs did state the legal side of thisstory. The question is does a man have the right after the crime havebeen committed, to run or drive down the bandit running him over with his car? This cannot be, and Mr. Ali, though i sympathize withhim, yet i cannot condone his actions. The laws needs revisionotherwise what we will have is men and women going - seeking theperpetrators of crimes and delivering their brand of justice, a la trinistyle.
1 reply
 active 4 hours ago 4 hours ago
If the bandit just chopped one of my family members and beatthem then bet your bottom dollar I would not be in a state of mindto be philosophising about whether or not I should let the law takeits course. I would be in such a rage that I would seek out and doserious harm to these vermin who just committed acts of violenceagainst me and my family. Could I live with myself knowing thatthese two vermin had escaped to return again to my family attheir convenience because it was so easy the first time?Order cannot be restored in this country until the police start doingtheir jobs. As long as that does not happen people are going to beforced to do it for them.
 8 hours ago
Granny and her Bible'Safe' sex with condomsuntrueSave us from noisy SocaChutney showSound of shootingThe problem with housingrelief 
All these issues and more have been brought to the fore and require full public consultation and candiddiscussion.Imran S Khanvia e-mail
Isn't 'excessive force' a relative term? | Trinidad Express...http://www.trinidadexpress.com/letters/Isn_t__excessiv...2 of 318/02/2011 14:28

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