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Published by sean_tubbs

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Published by: sean_tubbs on Feb 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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City Council Agenda Memo RE: New Sidewalk Priorities
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Date: February 8, 2011To: Planning CommissionFrom: Jim Tolbert, AICPRe: Proposed Sidewalk Priorities
In 1997 the Planning Commission and City Council approved aSidewalk Priority list from which to construct new sidewalks. The starting point forthis list was a compilation of numerous locations collected over time from unsolicitedcitizen requests. Over the past 10 years, approximately one third of the 1997 list hasbeen constructed and support for the outdated remainder is limited.Throughout last year, staff met with various stakeholder groups, the PlanningCommission, and City Council to review a new list of sidewalk priorities. This list hasbeen generated with the intent to provide safe accommodations and promote thehealthy habit of walking to school for our local youth.As opposed to the previous list which essentially just ranked those sidewalks requestedthrough no process, staff is proposing a proactive approach. We suggest a set of priority criteria be developed and these criteria should point to the sidewalks that aremost needed. The priority criteria developed and adjusted after public input are asfollows:
Commercial and Residential Connections
Connected Streets
Functional Roadway Classification
Low Income Areas
Overlap of School Areas
Park Access
School Proximity
Sidewalk exist on one side of the road
Transit Stop AccessThis process led to the list of twenty-five proposed projects that are shown in the tablebelow. These are proposed to be the first set of sidewalks built using the new process.
City Council Agenda Memo RE: New Sidewalk Priorities
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1st St SE South St Garrett St 300 No L250 EB Off Ramp SouthSt. CharlesAve Locust Ave 500 Burnley-Moran No PA7th Street West 8th Street Page Street 300 No L9 1/2 Street East E.Jefferson St. High Street 135 No LAllen Dr North Willard Dr Moseley Dr 500 Jackson-VIA No LBelleview Avenue SW #1304 River Rd 550 Burnley-Moran No LBlenheim Avenue North Meridian St Castalia St 500 Clark No LBriarcliff Ave North Rockcreek Rd 1412 880 Buford No LBriarcliff Ave South Rockcreek Rd 1409 880 Buford No LBroad Avenue East #1524CherryAvenue 650 Johnson/Buford No LCabell Avenue NW Burnley Ave #823 450 Venable No LChancellor Street SW #167 Rugby Road 400 Venable No LEast High Street Eastat telephoneco 150 Yes PAForest RidgeRoad East Briarcliff Ave Forest Hill 300(Forest HillsPark) No LFranklin Street West Market StreetCarltonAvenue 365 No LHarris Rd North 121 Harris Rd Moseley Dr 825 Jackson-VIA Yes CKenwood Ln North Concord Dr Galloway Dr 100 CHS No CMeadowbrookHeights NW #1609 #1713 840 Walker/CHS No CMeridian Street East Montrose AveMonticelloAve 800 Clark No LMeridian Street West Montrose AveMonticelloAve 650 Clark No LMontrose Avenue North Rialto St Meridian St 450 Clark No L
City Council Agenda Memo RE: New Sidewalk Priorities
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Montrose Avenue South Monticello AveMonticelloRd 450 Clark No LMoore Street East Hazel Street Grace Street 350 Burnley-Moran No LShamrock Road East Thomas Dr Broad Ave 300 Johnson Yes CTarleton Drive SW Greenbrier Dr Banbury St 900 Greenbrier/CHS No L
During last year’s work session review and discussion, the followingquestions were posed:How can low income areas be addressed? Following the work session, the mapof sidewalk priorities was compared to maps that designate the low to moderateincome areas of the City as defined by HUD. It was determined that twelve of the twenty-five priorities will serve those in low to moderate income eligibleareas as well as within the school walking circles. The following locations fallwithin the City’s eligible CDBG areas as shown on the following map:
Street from 8
Street o Page Street
9 ½ Street from E. Jefferson to High Street
Blenheim Avenue from Meridian Street to Castalia Street
Briarcliff Avenue from Rockcreek Road to #1412
Cabell Avenue from Burnley Avenue to #823
Chancellor Street from Rugby Road to #167
Forest Ridge Road from Briarcliff Avenue to Forest Hill
Franklin Street from Market Street to Carlton Avenue
Meridian Street from Montrose Avenue to Monticello Avenue
Montrose Avenue from Rialto Street to Meridian Street
Montrose Avenue from Monticello Avenue to Monticello Road
Moore Street from Hazel Street to Grace Street

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