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The Senior Still Loves The Freshman Chapters 25 - 30

The Senior Still Loves The Freshman Chapters 25 - 30

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Published by Taylor

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Published by: Taylor on Feb 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Derek and I sat down near the front of the stage and waited for the play to start.Moments later the lights dimmed and a young man took the stage.*Finn’s Point Of View*I was working late at the office trying to win my clients case.He was being charged for first degree murder of his roommate slash lover.I heard his case and I went over it a million times, I know his not guilty but how do I prove it.There has to be something that I’m missing.I looked threw his file again then his roommates file.“Hey,” I looked up at Kate and smiled a little.“Hey,”“Coffee?” she asked handing me a cup. “I know your working late,”“Thanks,” I said taking the cup.“No problem, so, about us…”“There is no us, Kate. I told you, we’re over,”“I know, but, the heart wants what the heart wants,”“Kate,”“We’ll talk, over dinner?”“Maybe,” I said looking back at my papers.“So, did your guy do it?”“No, I just need proof or a good bluff,”“How are you going to get that?”“By reading this over and over again,”Kate sat with me as I read.*Alexandra’s Point Of View*The play was amazing. I didn’t want to admit it but it was pretty good.Lydia was great in it. She was born for the spot light.Derek seemed really into it.Every time Lydia took the stage he seemed to light up.*Finn’s Point Of View*I found it!I know how to prove my point!I grinned and looked over at Kate.“I’ll be there for dinner if you can find someway to get Mark West to come to curt tomorrow,”She grinned and picked up the phone and started to make phone calls.Ten minutes later I was at Kate’s house talking and joking around.It was almost like we never broke up.*Alexandra’s Point Of View*Derek, Lydia and I were at the Little Café after the play.Derek and Lydia were doing most of the talking. Joking around about the past andhow great she was.Derek seemed to remember some of the funny one liners from the play.I sat there in silence and smiled and laughed when needed. After a while I realized that it didn’t matter, they were too engrossed with each other to notice me.I excused myself and went to the bathroom.I looked in the mirror and sighed.My life was a mess right now.Finn and his little girlfriend are all happy and shit and Derek and his ex are reconnecting in front of me.I’m not sure which one I hate the most.
I screamed then quickly left the bathroom.Derek and Lydia were holding hands and staring into each others eyes.“I think it’s time to go,” I said with my hands on my hips. “Nice meeting you,” I said walking away.Derek ran after me. “Alex,” he called.I ignored him and got into the car.He sat next to me and I looked away.“It’s not like that,”“Drive,” I said threw my teeth.*Finn’s Point Of View*I pulled away from Kate and sighed. “I can’t. We shouldn’t,”“Why?” she asked.“Because, I don’t love you,”“I don’t care,”“Kate, I love some else,”“Why is she so special?”“You’ll have to meet her,”She rolled her eyes. “Can’t I just be your friends with benefits?”“No,”Kate got off of me. “Fine,”“Thank you for understanding,”“Whatever,” she said getting dressed.I dressed too and left.*Alexandra’s Point Of View*Derek tried and tried all night to get me to talk to him but I refused.He was being an ass worse he was pulling a Finn.I got in bed and rolled over so my back was facing him.“Babe,”“Go to bed!” I turned off the light and forgot about Derek.“Good morning my love,” Derek whispered in my ear.I slowly opened my eyes and saw his handsome face inches away from mine.“Hi,” I said tiredly. I sat up slowly and looked at the food in from of me. Heart shaped pancakes with ‘I’m sorry’ written in whipped cream.I sighed and looked up at Derek.“I’m good with cereal,”“Alex,” Derek said pushing me back down. “What is up?”“You tell me. What was with you last night?”“I’m sorry, it was just good to sit and talk with her again. It’s been a while since we’ve chatted like that,”“Then do that on your own time and not with me around. I hate feeling like a thirdwheel. You didn’t even notice me,”“You’re sounding like a child! It’s not like I’m cheating on you,”“Well, you might as well, because you and Lydia seemed pretty into each other lastnight,”“You’re being ridiculous,”“Of course I am! I’m a child remember!” I yelled getting dressed.“Alex, don’t do this,”“Do what? Act like a spoiled child?”“Yes!”“Too bad! Maybe you should go on a date with Lydia. You two are so cute together!” Isaid storming out of the room.“Alex, will you stop!”“No!”“Alexandra! Where are you going?”I grabbed the car keys and walked out the door. “Out!”
He sighed and watched me hop in the car and drive off.I headed to the Little Café and ordered my breakfast there.I quickly went to the bathroom to try and look presentable.As I walked out I saw Finn standing in line.“Hey,” he said when he saw me.“Hi,” I said sitting down at my table.My food had arrived and was waited for me.I slowly began to pick at my muffin.Finn sat down across from me and smiled slightly. “What’s wrong?”“Derek and I had a right,”“Why?”“I was jealous,”“Of?”“His ex invited us to her play and dinner after. The whole night Derek acted likeI wasn’t even there. It was all about her,”“He’s a keeper,”“Look if you’re going to be an ass leave,”“Sorry,” he said taking my hand. “I just hate seeing you like this,”I removed my hand from his and sighed. “Thanks for caring,”“What did he say?”“I don’t know, something about me being a child and Lydia and him haven’t talked in years,”“Bull?”“A whole lot of it,”“I’m sorry, Al,”“It’s whatever and don’t call me Al,”Finn chuckled and looked at his watch.“Wow, look at you mister lawyer,”“Yeah,” he said grinning.I laughed. “How’s it going so far?”“Good. I have my first winning case in an hour and I can not be late. The judge hates me,”“Why?”“My dad, anyway, I got to run. We’ll talk later,”“Yeah,”“Oh, and I have a little surprise for you,”“What?” I asked.“You’ll see in a few months or so,” he winked.“What are you up too, Johnson?”“You’ll see, Oz,”I smiled as he walked out of the café.I sank lower in my sit and sighed. I was going to have to go back home eventually.Once I was done breakfast, I headed to my studio and headed to my office.I closed the door and stripped into my underwear. I took out the paints and began to draw.Hours later my cell phone rang.I took it out of my jeans pocket and looked at the caller ID.Derek.I sighed and thought about ignoring it.I rolled my eyes, a minute later and pressed talk. “What?”“Please, come home!” he begged.“Why should I?”“Because, I love you and I hate you being mad at me,”“You should have thought about that before you yelled at me,”“I know, I’m a dick and really sorry. Please come home,”“I’ll think about it,” I said hanging up.I finished up my picture and pulled on my clothes.I waved good bye to my workers and hopped into my car and took the long way home.

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