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3rd Periodical Test for Grade 4

3rd Periodical Test for Grade 4



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Published by lilytabili

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Published by: lilytabili on Feb 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pangalan:___________________________________ I. Panuto: Basahing mabuti ang mga tanong at bilugan ang titik ng tamang sagot.1.Ang mga Mangyan ay nagmula sa mga pangkat ng ____________.a.Ita b. Malay c. Indones2. Ang paninirahan at pakikipagkalakalan ng mga unang Pilipino ay malapit sa mga___.a.Tubigan b. bukirin c. kagubatan3. Naniniwala ang mga unang Pilipino sa isang maykapal. Tinatawag ito ng mga Cebuano na ______.a.Bathala b. Diyos c. Abba4. Ang mga unang tao sa Pilipinas ay nanirahan sa ____.a.Mindoro b. Palawan c. Panay5. Ang mga dayuhang unang nakarating sa Pilipinas ay ang mga _______.a.Orang Bandjar b. Buranon c. Orang Dampuan6. Isa sa mga pulo sa karagatang pasipiko na natulungan ng mga unang Pilipino na mapaunlad ang kulturanito ay ___. A. Indonesia b. Micronesia c. Borneo7. Sa pulo ng ____ unang dumaong ang pangkat ni Magellan.a.Homonhon b. Mactan c. Cebu8. Ang pakikipagkalakalan ng mga Muslim sa mga Espanyol ay umabot ng _______taon.a.Sampung b. limampung c. libong9. Ang mga salitang luksa, lakambini, hari ay galling sa mga dayuhang ______.a.Intsik b. Hindu c. Arabe10. Ang matapang na pinunong Muslim na kinatakutan ng mga Espanyol ay si _________.a.Lapu Lapu b. Dagohoy c. KudaratII. Panuto. Isulat kung materyal o d- materyal na bahagi ng kultura ang mga sumusunod.1.________________ pana at sumpit2.________________ Hagdang-hagdang taniman sa bundo3.________________ sistema ng pamahalaan4.________________ babasahing panrelihiyon5.________________ alpabeto6.________________ sistema ng edukasyon7.________________ wika8.________________ paniniwala sa maykapal9.________________ sayaw na Kuratsa10.________________ tatu sa katawanIII. Panuto. Ipaliwanag (5 points each1.Ibigay ang mga impluwensiya ng mga dayuhan sa ating kultura sa ating bansa?a.Arabe b.Tsinoc.Hapon
 NAME:______________________________________________________ I. Direction. Read carefully. Encircle the letter of the correct answer 1.The teacher called Mara. She told _______ to go to the library.a.Herb. him c. us2. Andre has a pet bird. He feeds __ with rice and corn.a.it b. her c. me3. I met my friend Ana at the park. She invited ___________ to go with her.a.me b. her c. his4. The pupils went to a filed trip. The teacher told ____ to be careful in crossing the street.a.You b. them c. us5.My sister is excited. My aunt us inviting ___ to see a movie.a.Her b. me c. us6.El Niño brings drought to most parts of the country. This will surely cause ______.a.Palay to dry up b. palay to grow healthy c. palay to drown7. Farmers work almost the whole day under the sun. At the end of the day, they feel __________.a.Very happy b. exhausted and tired c. very relaxed8. Raul and Dunato are playing guitar. Mother called ______.a.Them b. us c. him9. While working under the heat of the noontime sun, they wish they could have ___________.a.Hot coffee b. newly cooked rice c. cold drinks10. There are no big roads leading to some farmlands so the farmers _______.a.Go there by foot b. here a banca c. take an airplaneII. Direction. Read carefully and encircle the object pronoun.A. 1. The children found it under a tree.2. A dog chased them in the yard.3. The noise disturbed them.4.He gathered them from the garden because they were ripe.B. Encircle the correct verb in the parenthesis to complete the sentences.1.Tina (sell, sells) fruits everyday.2.The children (buy, buys) different kinds of fruits.3.Rogelyn (choose, chooses) two big papayas for her mother.4.I (eat, eats) a big red apple.5.We (need, needs) to eat fruit everyday.III. Choose the correct word in the parenthesis to complete the sentences.A. 1. The birds (lie, lay) eggs in their nest.2. Jhun (lies, lay) her things on the floor.3. The butterfly (lies, lay) their eggs on the leaves.4. The baby (lies, lay) in the crib.5. The fish (lies, lay) eggs in the water.B. Write
if the sentence is true and
if it is make-believe.1.___________ Firefighters rescue people from a burning house.2.___________ A talking mouse tricks a curious cat.3.___________ Elves help a shoemaker finish new work.4.___________ A girl takes her first boat ride.5.___________ A duck teaches a fish how to fly.IV. Write a letter inviting your friends, classmates or relatives to attend of the follwing.1.Christmas party2.A birthday party3.A town fiesta
 NAME: _______________________________________ I.Direction. Read carefully. Encircle the letter of the correct answer.1.Which of the following will you do to separate tiny solid particles from your drinking water?a.Filter the water b. pick up the solid particles c. throw the water 2.Which of the following is true about a mixture of solids?a.Each solid loses its own characteristics. b.Each solid keeps its won characteristic.c.Each solid gets its won characteristic.3. Salt is mixed with water. How can you get back the salt?a.Let the salt settle and scoop it up b.Let the water boil and evaporatec.Stir the wate4. Which of the following substances pollute air?a.Smoke b. water c. oxygen5. What is solvent?a.A substance that is hard b. a substance that is dissolved c. a substance that dissolves6. Which of the following will not dissolve in water?a.Oil b. sugar cubes c. table salt7.Why is water called the universal solvent?a.It is colorless b. it can dissolve many substance c. it is odorless8.What is the most common cause of fire?a.Use of chemicals b. carelessness c. use of firewood9. What kind of energy does the wind have?a.Potential b. chemical c. kinetic10. How does heat transfer from an electric stove to a person near it?a.By convection b. by conduction c. by radiationII.Put check (/) to the materials that burn easily and cross (x) if not.1._____ wood 6. _____ paper 2._____ iron 7. _____ sawdust3._____ brass 8. _____ gasoline4._____ oil 9. _____ twigs5._____ charcoal 10. _____ methaneIII.Enumeration. List five sources of fuels uses in industry.A. Identify whether the change is physical or chemical.1. ____________ melting candle2. ____________ burning wood3. ____________ naphthalene ball getting smaller 4. ____________ burning of sugar 5. ____________ rusting ironIV.Explain (5 points)
What is heat?

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