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3rd Periodical Test for Grade 4 B

3rd Periodical Test for Grade 4 B

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Published by lilytabili

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Published by: lilytabili on Feb 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 NAME:_____________________________________Score: ______ Direction: read the questions carefully. Write the letter of the correct answer on the blanks.
 ______1. _______ possess potential energy.a.Things at rest b. things in motion c. all things ______2. ______ possess kinetic energy.a.All things b. things at rest c. things in motion ______3. When things move, _____________.a.Their potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy b.They have all the energyc.Their kinetic energy is transformed into potential energy ______4. Which of the following activity shows potential energy?a. Washing a dishes b. sitting on a chair c. skipping rope ______5. When a ball rolls, ___________ is being used.a.Potential energy b. no energy c. kinetic energy ______6. Which activity describes frictions?a.Lighting a candle b. Rubbing two stones together to produce fire c. Flying a kite ______7. Which condition proves that friction resist movements?a.Sliding on a shiny surface is easy b.Pulling a heavy objects on a rough surface is very hardc.Pulling heavy objects on a polished surface is easier. ______8. Because of less friction, it is easier to cut meat with _______________.a.A sharp knife b. a dull knife c. a long knife ______9. What helps the cars move on a road?a.Friction between the car tires and the ground b.Force coming from the wheelsc.Wind that blows pushes the car. ______10. Which moves fasters on a flat surface?a.Ball b. block of woods c. sheet of papers ______11. Why can’t a ball roll continuously on a rough or stony surface?a.The force which enables the ball to move is released. b.The rough surface is not made fro ball to rollc.Through texture of the surface blocks he movement of the ball. ______12. Why do people slide on wet floors?a.Because friction on wet floors is too much rather than a dry one.
 b.Because people are carelessc.Because there is very little friction on wet floors.Indicate whether the following activities require (I) increasing friction / (D) decreasing frictionor (N) no friction. ______13. Climbing a tree _____ 14. Using slide equipment in the playground _____15. Wiping dust off thetable
Which of the following illustrate heat moving from a hot to a cold body?
 ______16. a. Blowing of the wind b. Feeling heat from the handle of a spoon over a lighted candle c. Riding a bicycle ______17. a. heating left-over foods from the refrigerator b. Pushing a cart c. Taking a bath ______18. There should be source of energy and energy transformation for heat to ____________.a.Disappearb. be reduced c. be produced ______19. What is spontaneous combustion?a.It is the slow movement of the heat in an object until it reaches its igniting temperature and burnsnaturally. b. Spontaneous combustion is the condition of the air around us.c. It is the energy produced e in heating. ______20. _____________ is the transfer or passage of heart from a hot to cold body.a.Radiation b. convection c. conduction ______21. ________ is the passage of heat through liquid or gas.a.Convection b. radiation c. conduction ______22. An erupting volcano illustrates how heat travels through _______________.a.Radiationb. conduction c. convection ______23. Identify how heat travels by convection from the following:a.Putting an aluminum pot over the burning stove b. Boiling water c. lighting a matchstic ______24. Which materials are good conductors f heat?a.Paper b. wood c. metal, aluminum ______25. How do we prevent fire?a.Identify the fire hazards in the surroundings before proceeding with some preventive measures. b. Always have a bucket of water prepared around the house or school.c.Do not use matches. ______26. Store flammable materials ____________.a. anywhere b. in safe and cool place c. where children could reach and play with them ______27. Fire caused by kerosene or gas can be put out by throwing sand or flour on burning objects toa.Continue oxygen supply b. cut-out carbon monoxide c. cut-off oxygen supply ______28. In case of fire, _____. Instead, call the nearest fire station and move quickly to save other’s lives.
a. It’s okay to panic b. do not panic c. pack all your things ______29. Which activity show how man causes soil to erode?a.Burring of trees or kaingin b. watering plants c. building big dikes ______30. The process of washing away soil is called ________________.a.Cleaning b. soil erosion c. pollution ______31. From the following, identify how the wind causes soil erosion.a. As strong winds blow, it carries away dust and soil particles to different places. b.As the wind blows, the surface of the earth softens causing soil to erode.c.Strong winds create cold temperature that causes soil erosion. ______32. How do we people and animals become s agents of soil erosion?a.When people and animals eat plants – foods. b.When they move about from place to place, they loosen soil.c. When people build houses on soil and animals create their habitats in forests ______33. How does soil erosion affect farmers?a.When topsoil is eroded, farms become unsuitable for farming and farmers will not gain anythingfrom farming. b.Soil erosion makes soil fertile and crops healthyc.When soil erodes, farmers harvest abundantly ______34. Erosion changes the surface of the land. Highlands _____________.a. May be flattened and become lowlands b. may become higher c. Become suitable for farming. ______35. How does contour plowing prevent soil erosion?a.Farmers make flat areas on the mountainside and plants there, preventing soil from going down themountain slopes. b.Plowing in curved lines prevent water from easily going down the hill, thus preventing water fromremoving the topsoil.c.Farmers plant crops alternately on the hillside. Grasses prevent the soil from going the downhill. ______36. _____ prevents soil from being washed away because in between bare soil, crops like corn cover smallcrops like beans, which slows down any run-off water that may have started from the exposed soil. a.Terracing b. crop Rotation c. Strip Cropping ______37. _____ is done in steep slopes where level steps are built with stones to protect the soil from run-offs whenheavy rains fall. a. Contour plowing b. terracing c. crop rotation ______38. Which of these forests prevent soil erosion?a.Denuded forest b. dense forests c. both kinds of forest
 ______39. How do trees prevent soil erosion ?a. Their roots absorb great amount of water during floods, thus helping in the conservation of soil b. Trees consume the soil c. trees gives shade to soil

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