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Living the Dream p4

Living the Dream p4

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Published by Jeremy Jones
Part 4 of the Living the Dream Book
Part 4 of the Living the Dream Book

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Published by: Jeremy Jones on Feb 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Featured Post: 5 Egypt Site Seeing Dosand Donts
Egypt is an amazing country to visit, and one of the top spots for everyone to seesometime in their lives. When traveling the country in your next tr ip, besure to take these 5 tips into account for a much better experience!
MAY 6, 2010
5 Egypt Site Seeing Dos and Donts
The Do and Don't listing is something that I have always enjoyedwatching on travel specials and am throwing my hand into the style with this newfeature! While some of these features are often in the style of "you must do this"and "you might as well miss that," this version will be formatted in a different wayand in no way tell you not to do something major, as my misfortune might besomeone else's highlight. Instead, the "Do" will feature a specific place or thing to doin the destination that are great sites and experiences, and the "Don't" will spotlightthings to keep in mind during that activity that are not well known and publicizedwhen planning the trip.For all posts in this feature, check out the Do and Dont link in the category list onthe side bar in the future for countries, cities, and regions! Now, onward to 5 EgyptDo's and Don'ts!Read more »
MAY 3, 2010
Destination Planning: India - So MuchMore Than The Taj Mahal
I am not entirely sure what to think when posed with the idea of traveling India for amonth. On one hand, the country of over a billion people is also home to some of the most fascinating temples, forts, and monuments anywhere in the world. Of Search 
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 Amount Saved: $21,302Goal: $25,000Dollars Spent: $16,635Money Remaining: $4,667Student Discounts: $247Days on RTW Adventure: 152Pictures Taken: 12,071Countries Visited: 9 RTW - 34totalMiles Flown: 20,096Miles Overland: 9,62810 planes, 26 trains19 buses, 12 ferriesNationalities Met: 46Days of Rain: 11Cold Shower Count: 5Squat Toilets: 13Sick Days: 2Itinerary Changes: 9Comments on Blog: 804No. of Posts to Date: 302Tally Last Update: 2/15/2011Click here for an explanationon the tally
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Luxury trips to India
Private luxury trips to India Tailor-madeIndia trips.
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course, what is India without the Taj Mahal, which is a must see in my book - but Ihope to get a bit more out of the country than just that one iconic experience. Onthe other hand, however, I have read numerous accounts of people getting horriblecases of "Delhi Belly" and having a hard time dealing with the cramped cities.Hopefully my previous experiences in Cairo and my upcoming ones in Tokyo andBeijing will have conditioned me enough, but judging from my previous experiences, Isee a point for valid concerns.Still, India is going to be my second longest stop on the entire trip, tied for #2 withneighboring Nepal, which will break up my overall experience into two halves betweenvisiting Varanasi and Agra. Unlike all my previous stops, where my entry point isfairly set from overland progression, India is a bit different. As of the time of writingthis post, my entry point will be the city of Mumbai, purely from being cheapest onairfare from Indonesia (with layovers in SE.Asia). If by some slight chance it ischeaper to fly into Delhi or Calcutta, then I may change my itinerary to reflect that.Who knows, maybe i'll make it to Kathmandu cheaper first! (Doubtful but possible).Either way, it looks like the trip in India is going to be one worth remembering.Read more »
MAY 2, 2010
Oscar the Roaming Gnome at TitouGorge, Dominica
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Joana Andreia Lili
Living theDream - RTWOn A Budget
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Living theDream - RTW On A Budget
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Christy @ Ordinary Traveler 
Collection shot glasses is my th
Christy @ Ordinary Traveler 
It's funny that when I'Continue >>
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Golden Triangle Tour 
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You think I'm going in there?!?
APRIL 29, 2
My 5 Goals From Extended Travel
Its easy to go on and on about places to see while traveling, foods thatlook absolutely insatiable and must be eaten, and sites that must be experienced.One topic that is rarely touched upon regards the personal benefits that long termtravel can bring. Sure, wandering around the temples of Angkor Wat, riding anElephant in the jungle, hiking to Everest, and hang gliding off a mountain are someamazing activities that warrant the entire trip, but goodtravel tipsallow for thesegoals to be achieved. However, on a personal level there are so many benefits that gopast the realm of immediate satisfaction and a good photo op. With my upcomingRTW trip being roughly 100 days away, I've been thinking of some of these personalgoals that I am hoping to accomplish through the duration of my trip and have comeup with 5 that best represent what extended travel will help achieve!Read more »
APRIL 28, 2
Carnival Victory Cruise Review - BestWay to See the Southern Caribbean!
Since going on a cruiseto the SouthernCaribbean this pastMarch, I've receivedmany comments frombackpackers and other travel bloggers thatwere skeptical on thewhole cruise cultureand if the entireexperience is worth it.While some of theseconcerns are valid,there are many reasonsthat a cruise is a great way to see the world, most particularly island nations, if youare fast paced or want to see a lot in a quick period of time. From the cost aspect,cruising itself for seven days with airfare to the port is often cheaper than flying toone of the destinations alone as wasshown in my prior analysis. Within that costyou would additionally get 7 nights accommodation, meals, and island to islandtransportation that you would otherwise have to pay for doing it on your own! Butthere is more than just the purchase cost that should influence whether or not a
Sarah Melissa HongFacebook social plugin
eue cesSouthwest Tickets$500 Disney Gift CardFree Disney Package for 4
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2-for-1 Caribbean Voyage
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