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Revelation of Mystery 2

Revelation of Mystery 2

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Published by Muhammad Usman Khan
Revelation of Mystery 1, Ali, Hajveri, Data Sahab
Revelation of Mystery 1, Ali, Hajveri, Data Sahab

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: Muhammad Usman Khan on Feb 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ءااو ءا  اًد ا د ﻡ ﻥا
 “Among the servants of Allah there are some whom theprophets and martyrs envy.” He was asked: “Who are they?Describe them to us that perchance we may love them.” Hereplied:
فﺥ ادا ﻥی ﺭ ﻡ ﻡ ﺭ هﺝو بآا و لاﻡا  ﻡ ا حو اﺕ م سا ﻥ اذا ﻥی و سا
 “Those who love one another, through Allah’s mercy, withoutwealth and without seeking a livelihood: their faces areluminous, and they sit on thrones of light; they are not afraid,nor do they grieve when men grieve.” Then he recited, “
ﻥِإ َأ َﻥُَْَی ْُه ََو ْِْََٌفْَﺥ َِّا ءَِْوَأ
Behold! Verily, on the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve;
(Q 10:62).
 Furthermore, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that Allahcommanded:
ﺭﻡ ﺱا  و  يذا ﻡ 
 “He who hurts a
(saint) has allowed himself to makewar on Me.” The object of this discussion is to make it amply clear that
(saints) of Allah are those to whom He has speciallydistinguished by His friendship and
(sainthood).They are His deputies in His kingdom and have been markedout to manifest His actions. They have been blessed withdiverse kinds of virtues and
(miracles). Allahhas purged them of their natural corruptions and has deliveredthem from subjugation to their lower soul and passion, andnow their liberality and thoughts are only of Him and theirintimacy is with Him alone. Such friends of Allah have been inthe past; they are now also and shall be hereafter until theDay of Resurrection.Allah has exalted the
of Muhammad (peace be uponhim) above all others and has promised to preserve thereligion of Muhammad by Himself. Therefore, through Divineplan for the perseverance of 
as the traditional andintellectual proofs of this religion are to be found among the
, similarly the visible proofs and evidences are to befound among the Saints and Elects of Allah.
Here we have dispute with two groups, namely, the
 and the rank and file of the
sect. The
 deny the superiority of any Muslim over other Muslim. But if you deny the peculiarity of a saint, then particularization of the Prophets is also denied and this is infidelity. As regards tothe common
,they agree on the peculiarity of the saints, but assert that such elects no longer exist, althoughthey did exist in the past. To deny either past or future is thedenial of both since one side of denial is no better thananother.Allah has kept the prophetic evidence alive to the present day,and has made the Saints the means whereby it is manifested,in order that the signs of the Truth and the proof of Muhammad’s veracity may continue to be clearly seen. He hasmade the Saints ruler of the universe and now they havebecome entirely devoted to His business, and have ceased tofollow their sensual affections. Through their blessing the rainfalls from heaven, and through the purity of their lives theplants spring up from the earth, and through their spiritualinfluence the Muslims gain victories over the unbelievers.Among them there are four thousand who remain hidden frommankind and even do not recognize each other and are notaware of the excellence of their states. They under allcircumstances remain hidden from themselves and frommankind. The traditions and the sayings of the Saints areevidence and proclaim the truth to this fact, and I myself (Allah be praised!) have had ocular experience of this matter.But of those who have absolute power to loose and bind andthe chosen of the Divine Court are:
three hundredAll of them know each other and cannot act save by mutualconsent. The traditions are evident to this fact and
 (orthodox Muslims) agree on their validity. The further detailis not the object here.
Here the people may object on that they know each other tobe saints, therefore if such is the case, they must be secure asto their fate in the next world. It is absurd to suppose thatknowledge of saintship involves peace and security. It is arecognized fact that a true believer may have knowledge of hisfaith and yet not be secure, similarly why should not the samehold good to a saint who has knowledge of his saintship? Thisis also possible that Allah, because of the state of spiritualsoundness, refraining from disobedience and detestation of 
(lower soul), cause the saint to know his security andpeace in regard to the life of next world. The Sheikhs differ onthis question for the reason which I have explained. Aboutthose four thousands saints who remain hidden, some havethe view that they do not know about their sainthood butsome have the contrary view. Similar view is held by thetheologians also.Abu Ishaq Isfrahani and some of the ancients hold that a saintis ignorant of his saintship, while Abu Bake b. Furaq andothers among the ancients hold that he is conscious of hissainthood. I say what loss or evil a saint suffers by knowinghis own state. Such people think that if one knows about hissainthood he might get indulged into self-conceit andarrogance. I answer that Divine protection is a necessarycondition of saintship, and one who is protected from evilcannot fall into self-conceit. It is an absurd and bizarre notionthat a saint to whom extraordinary
(miracles) arecontinually vouchsafed, does not know himself to be a saint orthese
to be miracles.Some people are the followers of later and some of former,but their opinion is of no account. The
totally denypeculiarity and miracles, which constitute the essence of saintship. They affirm that all Muslims when they are obedientto Allah are
(friends) of Him. And that anyone whofulfils the ordinances of the faith and denies the attributes andvision of Allah and have faith that believers to be eternallydamned in Hell and acknowledges only such obligations as areimposed by reason, without regard to Revelation of DivineBooks and arrival of Prophets, is a
(friend). No doubtpeople also acknowledge him
, but
(friend) of 
also maintain that, if saintship involvesmiracles, all believers must have miracles vouchsafed to them,as both are at par in faith and when they share the

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