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Published by Zubin Cooper

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Published by: Zubin Cooper on Feb 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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: the Doctrine of 
. Why? How? What?A definitive exposition of a Liberian Socio-political phenomenon
Capitalism! Socialism! Communism!
These are all socio-political systems of varied origins that espouse different methodologiespracticed in nations the world over. In Liberia we have our own unique system, 
.Me what? you may ask; 
, I reply! the socio-political methodology of the almighty
.All Liberians are to some extent practitioners of this doctrine; this is easy to understandconsidering that we are brainwashed, excuse me, educated in its tenets from an early age (from cradleto grave actually!). We learn at home, in our schools and in everyday interaction; from city to village,literate and illiterate Liberians learn and practice
.Just imagine a mealtime in a typical Liberian home. When the food is dished out (serve ordistribute food after cooking, for our foreign friends), PAPA has a special set of dishes, BreakingPlates. Mama and everyone else make do with a set of cheap plastic bowls. That is the first clue to theessential tenets of 
, PAPA first always. Lets continue our investigation by looking into thecontents of the two sets of dishes.
Papas Bowls
: Spare ribs, pigs feet, three fleshy pieces of chicken, a ¼ pound of beef, dried bush meat,cow tongue and skin, fish, crabs, crawfish, rice, fufu and some plantain.
Mamas Bowl
: 1 fish head, two chickens feet and a ratty tattered looking piece of cowskin
Everybody else
: Chicken feet (chicken toes more likely) and some watery soup or gravyYou name it Papas got it MEISMYou (Mama and everybody else) basically hope that PAPA (the glutton) a.k.a. MR. Me, doesnteat all of his food; so that you can eat his take-plate or have something for a cold-bowl breakfast.For a young child that is the first application of the principles of MEISM in his or her life; PAPA,Mr. ME, always comes first, especially when its time to eat.The second application usually comes when you are old enough to be sent on various errands orcan do certain chores. A true African child will remember, John come take off your PAPAs shoes, orMusu come scratch your PAPAs head.

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