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Ready for CAE Ss p 76. Useful Language for Reviews

Ready for CAE Ss p 76. Useful Language for Reviews

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Published by tomeualoy

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Published by: tomeualoy on Feb 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ready for CAE p 76. Reviews. VocabularyUseful language for reviews
The real-life
(a hard fight in which people try to obtain or achieve sth,especially sth that sb else does not want them to have. Lucha) of brilliant minds with
/sktsəfriniə/ and
ˌ ɪ ʊˈ ː
/æltshaməz/ disease may not
ˈ ɪ
 sound like the ingredients of 
an entertaining afternoon's viewing.
Russell Crowe's
stunning performance
as mathematical genius John Nash and JudiDench's
moving portrayal
of novelist Iris Murdoch will have you
rushing out
to buy
the books on which these two films are based.It is in their thematic content that the two films
resemble each other most
Bothfocus on
(the act of moving or taking sth away or back. Retirada) of the protagonists into their own
inner world
and the
effect this has on
long-suffering but devoted marital partners. Also common to both
films is the fact thatwe witness the two academics in their youth and old age.
Hats off here
to Crowe'smake up team- he is
remarkably convincing
as the sixty-six-year-old Nash receivinghis Nobel Prize.
differs from
 A Beautiful Mind 
in this respect
relying instead on
other actors toplay the
(having a lively, attractive personality) young Iris - a
very credible
Kate Winslet- and her 
(having difficulty speaking because he cannot stophimself from repeating the first sound of some words several times; stammering)companion.
In addition
unlike the more linear 
American film, flashbacks
are used togood effect to switch
(change from one thing to another) backwards and forwardsbetween the two contrasting stages of Murdoch's life.The
strength of 
lies in
powerful acting
(ordinary) realism, withthe novelist seen in her 
(full of a lot of things and untidy) Oxford house.
However, if, as I do
you favour 
more visually appealing, but no lessplausible
, then
 A Beautiful Mind 
a definite must-see.Other expressionsI would highly recommend it to
anyone who is interested in the human mind.
One particular strength/ weakness
of the film isThe design/production
is second to none
(the best).The characterization is
not its best feature
.I would
strongly advise
you (not) to go out and buy/see it.
Do not be put off 
(to make sb lose interest in or enthusiasm for sth. Desanimar)by thetitle/critics/cover.It will have you
roaring with laughter 
(laugh very loudly).I would definitely
give it a miss
(decide not to do sth.)
Positive AdjectivesAction-packed
: full of exciting events and activity: e.g. an action-packed weekend.
: creating an exciting or emotional mood: e.g. atmospheric music
: that makes you pay attention to it because it is so interesting and exciting:e.g. Her latest book makes compelling reading. A compelling film. She gives a
performance as a village doctor.
: The acting is very convincing
Enthusiastic and vivid
descriptions of the sceneryIt's an
excellent read. It is both entertaining and educational.Exhilarating
: /zretŋ/ very exciting and enjoyable. Emocionante: e.g. My first
ɪɡˈ ɪ ɪ ɪ
 parachute jump was an exhilarating experience.
Provides a fascinating/valuable/revealing insight into
: e.g.
the novel provides afascinating insight (understanding,visión) into the customs in Mexico.
: exciting or interesting in a way that keeps your attention. Emocionante,

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