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Daddy's Acceptance - Chapter 12

Daddy's Acceptance - Chapter 12

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Published by JemGirl
A son tries to get his dad to accept something that he hasn't thought about for a long time. The story is about a group of men/boys who find who they should be with.
A son tries to get his dad to accept something that he hasn't thought about for a long time. The story is about a group of men/boys who find who they should be with.

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Published by: JemGirl on Feb 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This story is completely and utterly fictional. No one I know is depicted in this story,and no one, living or dead was used to create this story.This is a gay, bxb, boy love, yaoi, whatever you call it, story.No one in my whole story is under 15 years of age and that person is with anotherteenager.Also the age of consent on average in the US is 17.Now, if you still feel like reading on, enjoy, and leave a comment if you actually like it.I will be repeating this warning for every chapter of this story.
-12--Jeffery's POV-
I've never seen anything like this before, in person anyway.
I walked around the table with my hand on the glassas I looked up and watched the tent as it moved with the wind as it kept us shaded. I walked over to the couchand was about to touch it when I stepped back and placed both my hands in my pockets. I suddenly felt like Ishouldn't be here. I turned and looked back at Henry who was talking with the waitress."I'm sorry that I misunderstood sir. I'll walk you back to the front of the restaurant," she said before walking outin front of Henry. I jogged over to the almost hidden exit and caught up to them while they were still walkingdown the stone path that lead us back inside. It felt dark, which I'm sure wasn't true since we just came fromoutside and all that sun, but it still felt too dark.The restaurant didn't seem as big this time as was we walked through it. On the way to the table she was takingus to the waitress picked up two menus and handed them to us once we were seated under the awning andoutside again."What kind of beer would you like?" she asked us. They looked at me at the same time as if to call me on thefact that I didn't drink. I thought of something and it came out my mouth before I could tell myself that it wasn'tthat great of an idea."Mike's Hard Lemonade," I said. Henry continued to look at as the waitress turned to him. "I know it's notbeer," I told him in my defense."What ever you have on tap," he told her with a smile. She smiled too before leaving us. I picked up my menuand started to look it over. I thought I heard him laugh, but when I looked up he was looking at his menu also. Iwent back to looking at the appetizers. If he was going to pay, I might as well get something good."Why did you say that you were going home to a beer when you don't drink beer?" he asked as I kinda heardhim as he put his menu down. When I looked up at him, he was leaning back in his chair with his arms crossedover his chest. "Do you even drink?" he asked me."No," I confessed as I closed my own menu and leaning on the table. I might as well tell him now. He wouldwant to know why I wasn't drinking when the waitress brought us the drinks anyway."Ok, so you don't drink. What was the lie earlier about then?" he asked again."It's what normal people do isn't it? Go home, have a beer and watch tv?" I asked him in return."Yeah, most of us," he agreed. "But you don't," he said. "Was the whole thing made up and why?" he asked menow."Half of it just came out before I could stop myself and," I paused."And what?" Henry asked as he uncrossed his arms and now leaned forward.
"And I didn't want you to take me to your house," 
I confessed to myself. The minute I thought of it I swallowedit. I wouldn't be able to take it back. I would have to tell him I don't know why I thought he would take me to hishouse, but that it just came to me and that I knew his kid hated me. I wanted to say that I didn't want to soundlame by saying what I really would have done once I got home. Or I could tell him...
Pull yourself together!
I toldmyself before I lifted my eyes back up to meet his."Your invite just threw me," I told him."It seems like it threw you a lot," he commented."Yeah," I said as I saw movement in the corner of my eye. As I straightened up the waitress put down the drinkswe had asked for. Henry took both of them, then looked at me as he drank the lemonade. "I think I'll have aginger ale instead," I told her."Ok, would you like to order now or would you like some more time to think about it?" she asked both of us asshe pulled out her pen and pad just in case."I'm fine with a burger and some onion rings," I told Henry."So am I," he answered. "But what kind do you want?" he asked as the waitress stood by and waited for us totell her something."I think I'll try the Chipotle Honey one," I said as I remembered reading it in the menu. I smiled up at thewaitress as she wrote it down."And you said that you wanted onion rings with that right?" she asked."Yes," I answered before feeling better and looking towards Henry as he now talked to her."I'll have the Hawaiian burger with stake fries," he said before taking another drink from what use to be mylemonade."Ahm," I said as she started to leave. "Can I have some water please?" I asked her."Of course," she said before she walked over to a side table that was in the shade. She picked up a glass andadded some ice to it from a bucket that was next to a pitcher. It was half full before she added the water andbrought it to the table. "I'll be right back with your drink sir," she told me. "Your burgers should be ready inabout ten minutes," she said to both of us before leaving with the menus."So what were you going to do when you got home today if your car was working?" Henry asked me."The tivo thing was true," I started. "I was just going to have some V8 while I watched it instead of the beer." Iwatched him as he nodded his head."What did you record?" he asked before he took another swing and that was how we spent the the next hourand half. He asked me questions and I answered them honestly and I assumed he answered mine honestly alsowhen I asked him a question or two before we just talked over our very good burgers. And true to his word, wenever once talked about work.He was trying to convince me of my lack of pride at being a man for not backing the state's football team or any

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