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Table Of Contents

Getting Started
System requirements
Installing Director
What’s new in Director 8
Resources for learning Director
Keyboard shortcuts
Director Support Center
Conventions used in Director Help and printed books
Director 8 Tutorial
View the completed Shockwave version of GardenChat
View the completed DIR version of GardenChat
Set up the movie
Create media in Director
Import cast members
Create sprites from cast members
Create simple tweening animation
Blend sprites
Create frame-by-frame animation
Attach behaviors to sprites
Add sound
Control streaming
Publish your movie for the Web in one step
Add multiuser chat functionality to GardenChat
Create a Shockwave chat movie
Continue learning about Director
Director basics
Creating a new movie
Introducing the Director workspace
The Control Panel
Using many Score windows
Changing Score settings
Using markers
Selecting and editing frames in the Score
About adding interactivity with Lingo
Converting movies created in previous versions of Director
Managing the Director authoring environment
Choosing Internet connection settings
Printing movies
About using Xtras to extend Director functionality
About distributing movies
Cast members and Cast windows
Internal casts
Creating new casts
Creating cast members
Using the Cast window
New Cast Member button
Copying cast members
Naming cast members
Using Cast List view
Using Cast Thumbnail view
Moving cast members within the Cast window
Organizing cast members within the Cast window
Setting Cast window preferences
To set Cast window preferences:
Changing Cast properties
Viewing and setting cast member properties
Finding cast members
Importing cast members
Setting import options for PICS and Scrapbook files
Launching external editors
Managing external casts
Creating libraries
Setting cast member properties using Lingo
Setting Xtra cast member properties
Creating sprites
Changing sprite preferences
Selecting sprites
Layering sprites
Displaying and editing sprite properties
Displaying and editing sprite properties in the Property Inspector
Locking and unlocking sprites
Positioning sprites
Positioning sprites using guides, the grid, or the Align window
Changing the appearance of sprites
Using sprite inks
Assigning a cast member to a sprite with Lingo
Attaching behaviors
Changing the order of attached behaviors
Getting information about behaviors
Creating and modifying behaviors
Writing behaviors with Lingo
Setting up a Parameters dialog box
Setting behavior properties with Lingo
Customizing a behavior’s property
Creating an on getPropertyDescriptionList handler
on getPropertyDescriptionList
Including a description for the Behavior Inspector
Example of a complete behavior
Sending messages to behaviors attached to sprites
Using inheritance in behaviors
Writing Scripts with Lingo
Scripting basics
Writing Lingo statements
Using handlers
Using lists
About variables
Expressing literal values
Using operators to manipulate values
Arithmetic operators
Comparison operators
Controlling flow in scripts
Repeating an action
Creating and attaching scripts with the Script window
Setting Script window preferences
To set Script window preferences:
Changing the color depth of a movie
Changing colors in a color palette
About tempo
Using transitions
About tweening in Director
Tweening the path of a sprite
To tween the path of a sprite:
Accelerating and decelerating sprites
Tweening other sprite properties
Suggestions and shortcuts for tweening
Changing tweening settings
Switching a sprite’s cast members
Editing sprite frames
Frame-by-frame animation
Shortcuts for animating with multiple cast members
Animating sprites with Lingo
Navigation and User Interaction
Creating basic navigation controls with behaviors
Jumping to locations with Lingo
Detecting mouse clicks with Lingo
Making sprites editable and draggable
Making sprites editable or moveable with Lingo
Checking which text is under the pointer with Lingo
Responding to rollovers with Lingo
Finding mouse pointer locations with Lingo
Checking keys with Lingo
Equivalent cross-platform keys
Identifying keys on different keyboards
About animated color cursors
Creating an animated color cursor cast member
To create an animated color cursor cast member:
Using an animated color cursor in a movie
Movies in a Window
Creating a MIAW using Lingo
Opening and closing a MIAW
Setting the window type for a MIAW
Setting the window size and location for a MIAW
Cropping and scaling a MIAW
Controlling the appearance of a MIAW
Listing the current movies in windows
Controlling interaction between MIAWs
Controlling events involving MIAWs
Parent Scripts
Similarity with other object-oriented languages
Parent script and child object basics
Ancestor basics
Writing a parent script
Creating a child object
Removing a child object
Using scriptInstanceList
Using actorList
Creating timeout objects
Vector Shapes and Bitmaps
Drawing vector shapes
Editing vector shapes
Defining gradients for vector shapes
Controlling vector shapes with Lingo
Changing registration points
Changing size, color depth, and color palette for bitmaps
Controlling bitmap images with Lingo
Using gradients
Using patterns
Creating a custom tile
Using onion skinning
Using shapes
Compressing bitmaps
Embedding fonts in movies
Creating text cast members
Editing and formatting text
Selecting and editing text on the Stage
To search and replace text:
Creating a hyperlink
Using editable text
Converting text to a bitmap
To convert text to a bitmap:
Mapping fonts between platforms for field cast members
Setting text or field cast member properties
Formatting chunks of text with Lingo
Formatting text or field cast members with Lingo
Controlling scrolling text with Lingo
Checking for specific text with Lingo
Modifying strings with Lingo
Sound, Video, and Synchronization
Importing internal and linked sounds
Setting sound cast member properties
To set sound cast member properties:
Controlling sound in the Score
Looping a sound
Using sound in Windows
Playing sounds with Lingo
About Shockwave Audio
Compressing internal sounds with Shockwave Audio
Streaming linked Shockwave Audio and MP3 audio files
Playing Shockwave Audio and MP3 audio with Lingo
Importing digital video
Using the Video window
Setting digital video cast member properties
To set digital video cast member properties:
Playing digital video direct-to-Stage
Controlling digital video in the Score
Playing digital video with Lingo
Controlling QuickTime with Lingo
Panning QuickTime VR
Cropping digital video
About using digital video on the Internet
Preloading digital video
Synchronizing media
Synchronizing media with Lingo
Using Interactive Media Types
Using Flash Movies
Controlling a Flash movie with Lingo
Controlling a Flash movies’s appearance with Lingo
Streaming Flash movies with Lingo
Playing back Flash movies with Lingo
Sending Lingo from Flash movies
Using Lingo to set and test Flash 4 variables
Playback performance tips for Flash movies
Using Director movies within Director movies
Using PowerPoint presentations
Using ActiveX controls
Playing Movies over the Internet
About streaming movies
About network operations
Setting movie playback options
To set movie playback options:
Setting Shockwave playback options
To set Shockwave playback options:
About creating multiuser applications
Connecting users to the Multiuser Server
About streaming with the Score and behaviors
Checking whether media elements are loaded with Lingo
Downloading files from the Internet with Lingo
Retrieving network operation results with Lingo
Using Lingo in different Internet environments
Testing your movie
About downloading speed
Packaging Movies for Distribution
Shockwave browser compatibility
Previewing a movie in a browser
To preview a movie in a browser:
About Xtras
Managing Xtras for distributed movies
About distribution formats
Distributing movies on a disk
Creating Shockwave movies
Setting movie options for browser resizing
To set movie options for browser resizing:
About projectors
Creating projectors
Processing movies with Update Movies
Exporting digital video and frame-by-frame bitmaps
Setting QuickTime export options
To set QuickTime export options:
About organizing movie files
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Director 8

Director 8

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