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Volume 7 Military Operations of the American Expeditionary Forces

Volume 7 Military Operations of the American Expeditionary Forces

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Published by Paul D Carrier

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Published by: Paul D Carrier on Feb 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE SOMME OFFENSIVE OPERATIONAugust 8 - November 11, 1918
This volume presents records pertaining to participation of the II Corps, A. E. F.,in the Somme offensive and operations preliminary thereto.The II Corps, A, E. F.. was formally organized by G. 0. No. 102, G. H. 9.. A. E. F..dated June 25. 1918. Lieut. Cal. George S. Simonds had previously been appointed aschief of staff by letter of instructions from G. H. 9.. A. E. F.. dated Feb. 22, 1918.Subsequent instructions from the same source added G- 1, G-4, Ordnance Officer, Quarter-master and Chief Surgeon. With this personnel, Headquarters II Corps conducted prelimi-nary negotiations with G. H. Q. British Expeditionary Forces and carried on its otherduties until the official announcement of organization.The successive locations of Headquarters II Corps, with dates are given below:LOCATIONMONTREUIL(PAS-de-CALAIS)Chateau BRYAS(St-POL, PAS-de-CALAIS)FRUGES(PAS-de-CALAIS)HOUTKERQUE(NORB)BEAUVAL(SOMME)MERICOURT-sur-SOMME(SOMME)BELLGY Wood(Near ASSEVILLERS. SOMME)BUIRE Wood(Near TINCOURT. SOMME)WIANcouRr(AISNE)FROMTO19181918Feb. 24Mar. 9Mar. 9 Apr. 1Apr. 1Aug. 30Aug. 30Sept. 3Sept. 3Sept. 22 Sept. 26Sept. 26
Oct. 5
Oct. 5Oct. 12Oct. 25Sept. 22Oct. 12-l-
BEHTANGLES(SOMME)Oct. 25Nov. 27BONNETABLE(SAHTHE)Nov. 27Feb. 1 (1919)BattIe engagements of the II Corps, A. E. F.I.ENGAGEMENTS IN BELGIUM1.East Poperinghe Line2.Ypres3.Dickebusch Lake4.Dickebusch Lake5. Voormezeele6.Voormezeele7.Lankhof Farm8.Vierstraat RidgeII.BATTLE OF BELLICOURT (Aisne)September 27-30, 1918.July g-August 20.July 17-August 9.August a-August 8.August 2 1 August 30.August g-September 2.August 3 1 September 2.August 3 1 September 2.August 3 1 September 2.(a) Preparatory Engagements.1. The KnollSeptember 27.2.GuiIlemont Farm September 27.3. Quennemont FarmSeptember 27.(b) Final Attack, September 29-30. 19181.Canal Tunnel [St-Quentin] September 29-30.2.BellicourtSeptember 29-30.3. NauroySeptember 29-30.4.Cabaret Wood FarmSeptember 29-30.5. BonySeptember 29-30.III. BATTLE OF MONTBREHAIN (Aisne)October 6-17. 1918.1.MontbrehainOctober 6-7.2.PonchauxOctober 7.3.GeneveOctober 7.4.Vaux-le-PretreOctober 8.5. BrancourtOctober 8-9.6.PremontOctober 8-9.7.BusignyOctober 9.8.BecquignyOctober 9.9.BohainOctober 9.10. Vaux-AndignyOctober lo- 11.11. EscaufourtOctober 10.12. La Haie-MenneresseOctober 11.13. St-BeninOctober 11-17.14. St-SoupletOctober 1 - 17.-2-
October 17-21. 1918.1. St-SoupletOctober 17.2. St-Martin-RiviereOctober 17.3.l’A.rbre-de-Guise October 17.4.RibeauvilleOctober 17.5. Molain October 17.6. Jonc-de-Mer Ridge October 18.7. Arbre-Guemon October 18.8.MazinghienOctober 18-19.9. St-Maurice River October 19-20.10. Heights of Catillon October 19-20The II Corps participated in these battles with the 27th and 30th Divisions, the33d. 78th and 80th Divisions having been sent elsewhere late in August, 19 18. On August27. II Corps was directed to take over on August 30 command of the Dickebusch and Canalsectors, where the 27th and 30th Divisions were in the line abreast: but this order wasrevoked.On September 2 orders were issued to withdraw the 27th and 30th Divisions fromthe Iine.From September 3 to September 20, the II Corps, composed of the American 27thand 30th Divisions, formed part of the
. Q. reserve, B. E. F.; then it was assigned tothe British Fourth Army, which was operating against the Hindenburg Line east of Peronne.The 27th and 30th Divisions moved into front line positions west and northwest of BelIi-court on the nights of September 23/24 and 24/25. At this time, the II Corps was &iIi-ated with the Australian corps and operated under its orders. The II Corps took over,from the Australian corps, command of the front held by the 30th Division on October 6,and began to operate as a tactical unit.It remained constantly in action until October19. after which it passed to army reserve and resumed intensive training. The Armisticecame before the II Corps couid again go into action. The strength of the 27th and 36thDivisions at the start and finish of their Somme operations were:Date 27th Division 30th DivisionOff. EM OK EMSept. 26,19 1849315,643574 18.448Oct. 24.19184589.917452 12,638[Memorandum C. of S.. II Corps to G-5, G. H. 9.. A. E. F.. dated Oct. 28. 19181This compilation of documents starts with movement orders for the 27th and 30thDivisions on September 2. It ends with a series of reports written some time after theII Corps was withdrawn from the front line.The attention of the student of the operations of the II Corps during the period ofSeptember 22-October 1. 1918, is invited to the Report on Operations of AustraIianCorps, 20 September to 6 October” which will be found in Appendix I.This is a briefand succinct account of the preliminary and main operations with outline plans therefor.The action of the various divisions is briefly covered and perusal of this report isdeemed essential to a clear understanding of the operations of this period.In this samereport of the Australian Corps are also explained the relations existing between theAustraIian and II Corps during the period of affiliation (September 22-October 6, 1918).during which time the II Corps operated under the orders of the former. This report alsoserves to cover the operations of the Australian Corps from the time the 27th and 30th-3-