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Creative Writing Syllabus NCHS

Creative Writing Syllabus NCHS

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Published by Bri Whitten
Syllabus for Creative Writing, Supplies needed and Validation Slip.
Syllabus for Creative Writing, Supplies needed and Validation Slip.

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Published by: Bri Whitten on Aug 21, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“One of the gifts of being a writer is that itgives you an excuse to do things, to go placesand explore. Another is that writing motivates you to look closely at life, as it lurches andtramps around”-Anne Lamott,
Bird by Bird 
Creative Writing Syllabus
Mrs. Brianna WhittenRoom 017859-289-3780 extension: 3137brianna.whitten@nicholas.kyschools.us
Course Description
This course is designed to teach and enhance students’ creative writing skills. Wewill read a variety of materials including (but not limited to) novels, drama, poetry,short stories, and non-fiction. We will continually study the process of writing andbegin to read as writers. We will practice the skills we learn as writers andproduce various pieces throughout the year. We will publish these pieces in avariety of ways; including our in class share time, school publications, contests,literary magazines, local publications, etc. Students will be expected to publishsome of their pieces in order to pass this class. This success of this class and thestudent is dependent on student’s participation both in reading literature, writingpieces, and sharing pieces.
Grading Policy
Students’ notebooks will be collected periodically (bi-weekly first semester) andgraded for completion of entries. Students will also receive a grade for writing
publishing the assigned pieces throughout the course of the year. The grade forwriting
publishing is a significant grade and it is imperative that studentscomplete the writing
participate in the publishing in order to pass the class.Students in my class will be assessed on a points accumulated system. Students willthen be given a percentage grade based upon the total points they haveaccumulated versus the total points possible those nine weeks. The school-widegrading scale will then be used to determine a student’s grade.
Textbooks/Materials Needed
Students will be assigned a textbook, The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr.and E.B. White, which must be brought to class every day as well as the Writer’sNotebook (which may be kept in class). Students
also have the followingmaterials:-1 three-ring binder with loose-leaf paper;-1 package of 5 tab dividers-blue or black ink pens, a highlighter; and
-1 Disk/CD/Jump drive
Classroom Expectations and Procedures1)Maintain an attitude of courtesy, honor, and respect
a.Do not talk when others are talking.b.No hats, no hair combs, no food or drinks (you may have water), andno use of profanity or slang terms that are derogatory.c.Follow the dress code.
No radios, walkmans, or
cell phones
. If I see these items, I takethem and turn them in to the office. READ YOUR HANDBOOKREGARDING THESE ITEMS!e.No sleeping in class; if you are sick, see me.f.Don’t complain about the temperature of the room-dressappropriately.
2)School Handbook rules are strictly enforced. 3)Be responsible
a.Keep up with your own materials and be responsible for your OWNwork. If you borrow a pencil from me, you must leave collateral.b.Do not “pack up” materials until class is dismissed by ME. Bring allmaterials to every class meeting.
My desk, refrigerator, microwave, etc., is off-limits - NOexceptions
You will receive
three restroom passes per semester
. Use themWisely - I keep a record of them. Use the restroom between classesand this won’t be a problem. Of course, let me know if you are ill.
Do your best-always.Attendance and Tardy Policy
My attendance and tardy policy directly coincides with the policy of Nicholas CountyHigh School. It is very important that students are here for every class. We cover alot of material and take part in many group activities. If you are not here you may find yourself buried under a literal ‘ton” of make-up work. Please see me in advance if youknow that you will be absent and we can make arrangements for your work.
Make-up Work (please read very carefully)
When a student is absent, that student will have the same number of days asthe absence to make up the
daily work
- NO LONGER. A student must also dothe work in the order it was assigned. Once the work is completed, he/she willturn it in the appropriate make-up folder.
I will stay after school on Wednesdays until 4 p.m. to administer make-upquizzes and tests; I do not allow those to be made up during school. Quizzesand tests must be made up within
two weeks
of when they were assigned to the
class. A student that is staying after must sign up according to the day he/sheis coming and list specifically the assignment(s) he/she is making up. If astudent is counted present for any school activity, which includes field trips,and there is work due in class that day, it must be turned in THAT DAY or becounted late.
If a student is absent on the date that paper is due to turn in and/or publish(Best Piece Publishing Day), that student will be expected to turn in and/orpublish the piece on the day the student returns to class. If the absence isunexcused, see policy above.
This policy is firm and will only change as I see necessary.
If I need to change the day I stay after school, I will give students several days’ notice. If a student needs to change the day in which he/she stays after school, I in turn expect several days’ notice.

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