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(Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association) Corporate Thug John Engler

(Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association) Corporate Thug John Engler

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Published by NewThorHino

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Published by: NewThorHino on Feb 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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uring the 1990s, MichiganGovernor
 John Engler
sultra-conservative policiesmade him one of the dar-lings of the RepublicanRight. Today, Engler is pushing similarpolicies as president of the
National As-sociation of Manufacturers
(NAM), acorporate lobby with a controversial andsordid past.So it comes as no surprise that he sitson the board of directors of 
Northwest  Airlines
, which is engaged in a ruthlesscampaign to get rid of its unionized em-ployees. Northwest forced 4,400 mechan-ics, custodians and cleaners to go on strikein August by demanding a 25% cut inpay and the outsourcing of thousands of their jobs to non-union, low-wage outfitsin the U.S. and abroad. e airline has al-ready permanently replaced 600 custodi-ans and cleaners and is replacing the me-chanics with underqualified, non-uniontechnicians. is shows a shocking lack of concern for the safety of passengers.Reports of serious maintenance problemsat Northwest are currently being investi-gated by Government agencies.Engler is no stranger to such reck-less tactics. After becoming governor, hepushed an aggressive agenda of cuts insocial spending, slashing public schoolfunding and attacking public employeeunions. While decimating welfare pro-grams for the poor, he made sure thestate dished out vast amounts of corpo-rate welfare.Given his promotion of corporateinterests while Governor, Engler was aperfect candidate for the presidency of NAM. Established in 1895, NAM be-came the most fanatically anti-union em-ployer association in the United States.Samuel Prescott Bush, great-grandfatherof President George W. Bush, was one of its early leaders.NAM actively sought to undermineunions, even creating strikebreaker em-ployment agencies all over the country.It opposed many of the reforms of theNew Deal, including Social Security, un-employment insurance and the Wagner Act, which established the right to col-lective bargaining. After World War II,NAM played a major role in enacting theTaft-Hartley law, which seriously weak-ened unions.During the 1950s, NAM leaders sup-ported Sen. Joe McCarthy and the far-right John Birch Society. Later in that de-cade, large corporations replaced family businesses as the predominant influencein the association and NAM continuedits assault on workers and the public in-terest. NAM, for instance, opposed thecreation of the Occupational Safety andHealth Administration established dur-ing the Nixon Administration to protect American workers — and when it failedin that effort, it sought to weaken the fed-eral agency.Since assuming the NAM presidency (with a salary reported to be about $1million), Engler has continued its rigidfree-market ideology. He has promotedthe Bush Administration’s Social Security privatization scheme. At the same time,he ignores the concerns of smaller manu-facturing companies whose existence isthreatened by the Bush trade policies. With such credentials, it appearsthat Engler — who receives substantialcompensation from Northwest, Dow Jones (parent of the
Wall Street Journal 
),Munder Capital Management (a subsid-iary of the banking company Comerica)and Universal Forest Products, on whoseboards he sits — has no problem withNorthwest Airlines’ union-busting poli-cies. Why should the leader of NAM, amajor non-profit organization, be plan-ning and executing corporate decisionsthat violate labor rights and destroy the jobs of American workers? We say Englershould resign from Northwest’s board of directors — the sooner, the better.
Tell Engler and NAM that their primitivestyle of labor relations has no place in the21st century. Call him at: (800) 248-6626or (202) 637-3000; or write him at:NAM, 1331 Pennsylvania Ave., NW,Washington, DC 20004 Fax: (202) 637-3182E-mail: manufacturing@nam.org
Campaign to Protect Airline Safety & Jobs
67 Water Street, Suite 208 A, Laconia, NH 03246www.amfanatl.orgamfanatldir@aol.com
From Slashing Social Programs to Busting Unions

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