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The Psychology of Climate Change Communication

The Psychology of Climate Change Communication

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Published by hrhr99

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: hrhr99 on Feb 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Te Psycgy Ciate CageCicati
 A Gie r Scietists, Jraists,Ecatrs, Pitica Aies,a te Itereste Pbic
Te Psycgy Ciate CageCicati
 A Gie r Scietists, Jraists,Ecatrs, Pitica Aies,a te Itereste Pbic
Debika Shome and Sabine Marx
 wit ctribtis rte ig ebers  CREd
Kirstin Appelt, Poonam Arora, Roberta Balstad, KennyBroad, Andrew Freedman, Michel Handgraa, DavidHardisty, David Krantz, Anthony Leiserowitz, MassimoLoBuglio, Jenn Logg, Anna Mazhirov, Kerry Milch, NancyNawi, Nicole Peterson, Adrian Soghoian, Elke Weber
Mary-Elena Carr, Kelly Hayes-Raitt, Betsy Ness-Edelstein,Clare Oh, Gavin Schmidt, Renzo Taddei, Bud Ward
Andria Cimino, Leaprog Communications
Ian Webster, Hazard County Illustration
Grapic desiger
Erich Nagler, Design Means
Specia Tas
The Earth Institute, Columbia Climate Center, The Har-mony Institute, the Leonard and Jayne Abess Center orEcosystem Science and Policy, Rosenstiel School o Ma-rine and Atmospheric Science, University o Miami, andNational Geographic Society.
This guide was made possible by the generous support o:
The Charles Evans Hughes Memorial FoundationNational Science Foundation SES-0345840Copyright © October 2009 by The Trustees o Columbia University in the City o New YorkThe Psychology o Climate Change Communication wascreated by the Center or Research on EnvironmentalDecisions (CRED) at Columbia University. This docu-ment was made possible through the generous supporto the Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Foundation andthe National Science Foundation cooperative agreementSES-0345840. This material is protected by copyright.You may download and print one copy or your ownreerence or research purposes. The material may be dis-tributed to other not-or-prot educational institutionsor their own use, as long as this notice is kept intact andattached to the material. Any other distribution or use isexpressly prohibited without prior written consent o Columbia University.
Center or Research on Environmental Deci-sions. (2009).
The Psychology o Climate Change Communica-tion: A Guide or Scientists, Journalists, Educators, Political Aides, andthe Interested Public
. New York.For an online version o this guide,visitcred.columbia.edu/guide.
 Abt te Ceter r Researc Eireta decisis
CRED is an interdisciplinary center that studies individ-ual and group decision making under climate uncer-tainty and decision making in the ace o environmentalrisk. CRED’s objectives address the human responses toclimate change and climate variability as well as im-proved communication and increased use o scienticinormation on climate variability and change. Locatedat Columbia University, CRED is aliated with The EarthInstitute and the Institute or Social and Economic Re-search and Policy (ISERP). For more inormation, visit
.We welcome eedback on this guide. Please send emailstocred@columbia.edu.This book was printed witha Certied Green Partner, en-suring that the paper containsibers rom sustainable andwell-managed orests, and theuse o vegetable-based inks.

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