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Health Part 2

Health Part 2

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Feb 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Health Part 2
One of the most important and fascinating topics in human life is health. Life or a person’sstandard of living relate to the concept of health.
Health being greatly enhanced can develop aperson in efficient ways. An improved health yields higher confidence, an improvedcirculatory system, and an advanced immune system. Years have passed in my life andnow it's 2011
. The truth is never eliminated in my mind. The truth will flow worldwide like thenecessary air that we breathe. The upper body and the lower body are vital parts of the humananatomy that enable us to live. Exercise and stress relievers are legitimate activities (especially ifdone in authentic, beneficial ways) that can manifest into a stable human lifestyle. Just because aperson is overweight though, doesn't mean that person is less than a person or is worth less thanany human being. There is equality in all humans. We shouldn't be ashamed of what we look likedespite the pain in life. That is why I rather go out with a woman (that is a sister) that is a littleoverweight with a heart of gold than an extremely skinny woman that is stuck up, bourgie (that'sshort for
bourgeoisie) and fake. Being bourgie has nothing to do with how someone talkslike. It deals with how someone performs their own conscious behavior.A bourgie personacts arrogant, say disrespectful commentaries behind someone’s back instead of in frontof someone’s face like a man or a woman, acts like that they are superior to someone, etc.
They shift personalities & accents when they feel it’s convenient. They acquire thenegative qualities of embracing obscene materialism & arrogance. Also, they look down
upon the poor or anyone not looking like a so-called model. That’s bourgie.
I judge a
human being on their conscious behavior not on how they speak or what
they look like as God intended
. Folks know what I’m talking about. That is why realpeople exist in the globe who are skinny, medium sized, and those who are bigger human beings.As for the bigger sisters in the world, you know I’ve always have respect and love for you.
Thisis all the more reason for us to always have a personal mentality of tolerance,love for all of the human race (regardless of their backgrounds), and a dedicatedpromotion of pure human rights among all of humanity.
Fake people want us to have anegative and apathetic attitude about life. On other hand, we should have seriousness in our life,including joy, humor, fun, and a purpose to do the right thing.There are tons of stories with my health. People love to see my write about stories pertaining tomy life. So, I have no problem being honest with folks about my life. My family on my mother’sside has a history with diabetes, so I definitely need to be careful with my health. I don’t havediabetes now, but it’s a real problem in America plus the world. I’m taking precautions now toimprove my basic health lifestyle. I do this in order for me to live a long life expectancy. Myfather’s side has people living to their 80’s and 90’s, so that is interesting. I’m nearly 30, sogetting my body in the focused fashion is a determined action to go along with. I don’t haveserious diseases now. In the past, I had a bad immune system. When I became older andlearned health techniques, my immune system has strengthened. Now, I eat healthier foods.Back in the day, I could eat tons of foods and not gain much weight, because my metabolism washigh. I wasn’t that big back then. I was 165 pounds when I graduated from high school. Later, incollege I gained weight to 185 pounds. For a time in the mid part of the first decade of the 21
 century, I rapidly gained weight. I was at one point almost 220 pounds. I had a fast metabolismback in the day. I could eat a lot of food and not gain that much weight. Now, a lot of peopleespecially in their mid to late 20s lose a lot of that metabolism, so it’s reasonable for me toperform some exercises to keep my weight into check.Then, in that time in 2008, I’ve decided to exercise seriously.I first came to a gym in early 2008. Iwas aching at first since I wasn’t used to the routines and muscle development. Later on, I wasused to it. I’ve performed exercises on bicycle machines, and treadmills. I performed weightlifting, doing exercises on weight machines, and I utilized other devices. I’ve learned
 to grow my strength naturally as well.
Some famous
include pushups that candevelop your chest and triceps. To increase strength, there ought to be some resistancelike a back pack on your back to do the pushups.
Then, my weight decreased to about 210pounds with strong muscle (especially in my biceps and triceps.
Naturally then and now, I havestrong shoulders. I’m diesel with my strength
). Calcium, proteins, nuts, and other foods arekey foods to develop physical strength. Also, eating cereal with milk has radically increased mystrength too since about 2008. Today, my weight is about 210 pounds. I don’t have to do thatmuch with my legs since I have naturally strong legs. I just perform walking and running and mylegs are fine. My height is the regular height of 6 feet tall. I’m not short and I’m not that tall either.Bicycle crunches, windshield wipers workouts (
You simply need to lay down on the floor oran exercise mat, and support your body with your arms outstretched on your sides. Liftyour legs straight pointing towards the ceiling and bring them together. Move them in amotion as you are using them to wipe a gigantic windshield. It does wonders for yourlower abs because these twists and not only doing the crunches but also burn theunnecessary body fat around your abs), and transverse abdominus have reduced mystomach. Other exercises that I have reduced my stomach include the following: sidecrunches,
oblique crunches, a push up to a sideplane (to increase the strength of shoulders & triceps),
and reverse crunches have reduced my stomach as well. Theseactions are done to lower my lower abs. Aerobic exercises are a great way to lose bodyfat in our system (like swimming, running,
doing outdoor sports, athletics, etc.). Drinkingwater can improve our backs and reduce weight as well. A good diet (that includes more fiber andless carborhydrates) can lower abs as well.
Our lower abs is the hardest to develop because
most activities hardly use them, nevertheless they support your core and they are veryimportant to maintain your bodyline. I’ve done these lower abs workouts and my abs improvedin about 1-2 months.
One secret to get lower abs are to do cardio, muscle confusion, anda great diet.
Push up can increase your triceps, chests, and shoulders naturallyanyway. Pushups determine how much muscle endurance that a human beingpossesses in their body. The more practice you do in pushups, the better you becomeat it. Pushups don’t necessarily determine your bulk strength since many peoplewith strong bulk strength struggle to do even 20 pushups at one time (withoutstopping). Again, push ups can strengthen your triceps and pectoral or chest
muscles though. Once, I could barely do 25. Since April of 2011, I can do over 30
pushups without stopping. I’m getting better with it as times goes on with anincrease of better cardio.
There are other ways to increase muscle endurance. You can swim for long periods of time. Youcan hold weights on your arms for a long time. There are lateral lifts, bicep curls, hamstringscurls, the combination of strength & cardio training, squats, running, dips, etc. Strength trainingcan help to prevent muscle loss and osteoporosis. A wide spectrum of exercises with cardio canimprove muscle endurance as well.Now, I have more endurance, more strength, more speed, and more quickness. My reaction timewith my hands is really fast now. I always had fast reflections anyway. Cardio is something thatnecessary in exercising to get your wind going. Cardio will make sure that your blood flow isefficient in order to decrease the chance of heart disease. Cardio is definitely a must when youget older in order to have that endurance to live a longer life expectancy. Cardio is different fromweight exercises in that some people need to leave a day off from strength training to allow yourmuscles to rest.
 Allow your muscles to rest can strengthen your muscles naturallyin a long term fashion. Muscles are created at rest after you eat protein inorder to rebuild themselves in layers (so, your muscles can be stronger in lateror subsequent exercising). You need rest like sleep for your body to rebuilditself. Muscle confusion or allowing the human body to do unique exercisesconstantly can grow muscles and lower fat in hard to reach places as well
Onthe other hand, you can do cardio every single day and it’s easy to do. Cardio can involvejust long walking, running, jogging, and a wide spectrum of exercise techniques. Cardio isanother easy way to decrease the stomach to get more refined abs (along with eatinghealthy foods plus drinking plenty of water). There is the abdominal vacuum exercise thatcan help maintain power in the abs. Some do cardio first and then muscle workout later orvice versa. Each person is different. Some believe that if your want to build muscle, it’sfine to do muscles first then cardio (if you want to burn fat, then it would be wise to docardio first then muscle training second). Some people run or exercise on an empty. Iwouldn’t do that. I would eat a small amount of food and drink plenty of water first andthen exercise.
I’m still here living my life and I am all man. I’ll let that be
known too straight up
. My hand speed is very fast. I’m stronger and faster now than I
ever been in my life. Let’s put it out there like that. You don’t beg for respect, etc.
Youdemand freedom and justice in an indignant fashion like a human being.Also, just because you lack money, doesn’t mean you’re worth nothing(despite what the mainstream culture says).
I find it very hypocritical for some in the West to criticize Muslim nations for anti-women policieswhen it has a culture that objectifies women more so overtly than anytime in human history. Idon’t agree with anti-women policies in mostly Muslim nations. I’m not a Muslim, but many

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